Wednesday, November 28, 2007

M2 | Week one | day 3

This is what I love about being a fitness professional

This youngster is one of my clients...He's a 19 yr old professional athlete with aspirations of playing major league international football.

I have no doubts about the fact that he'll make it big. The kid is so passionate about the game and his skill levels are through the roof. What I personally like most is his committment to my strength and conditioning training. He will do whatever training I ask him and will eat whatever I ask him to... and he is getting incredible results.

He was recently runner up player of the year at his club. He has a brilliant future. Why....because he's not out on the street doing drugs and gang banging. He knows what his destiny is, he knows what he wants from life and he visualises it all day. All he thinks about is football.

One day when when he steps onto the podium with his team to collect his Champions league winners medal he won't be surprised and neither will I....he will have done it a thousand times before.

That's the power of visualisation.


Michael said...

Dougal, I get what you are saying. Lately I've spent alot of time thinking about how I can make a bigger difference in the lives of people and that's when I came up with my idea for my eBook. I can tell you that you, my friend, are a huge inspiration to me and for that I thank you!

dougal said...

Hey Michael, I hope thousands of readers "GET IT" too. Everything starts with a thought. Thoughts translate to pictures. Pictures to reality. I'm grateful that I in a small way have helped you too crystalise your own thinking. Thank you. Look forward to hearing about your idea.

Adam Waters said...

Hi Dougal, awesome to see man, you are an inspiration to me as someday I would love to have a home gym set up training motivated dudes like you are.
Adam Waters

Marbella said...

Hi Dougal,
Am just wondering if all is well there with blog so often, and now quite awhile with zero. Hope you are OK. Take care.