Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The road less travelled


Before I went on vacation I had been taking two different types of antibiotic in a last ditch attempt at killing the infection in my body.

Well the bad news is that it hasn't worked.

The solution....I'm going in to hospital next week to have all the hardware out of my head and spine. It seems that the infection has found a home at the base of the hardware and clearly does not intend to leave.

OK let it stay there.... the hardware will end up in the trash and the infection along with it.

So I will be scarce for a while until I'm out of hospital and then I can start again with a vengance.

I'm not going to post until I'm out since I have a lot to organise and clearly won't be doing any training.

See you when I get back.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The road less travelled

The powerful motor throbbed, the rope bobbed around in the choppy water, stretched and became taught, the speed boat facing frontward looked like a monster, the pilot looked backward and shouted " are you sure you want to do this".

"Absolutely" I shouted.....the 25o hp motor growled, the front of the big boat lifted towards the sky and surged forward....the rope as taught as a bow string discarded water droplets like a WWF wrestler throwing aside apponents, and I, holding the grip surged out of the water like the loch ness monster.

I WAS WATER SKIING. Wow what a feeling. The water hard underfoot, very bumpy but supportive pulled me like a rocket up the river. Once I had my balance I started planing from side to side....the thrill and the adrenaline rush were something else.

I didn't fall, I didn't injure myself but I did conquer another mountain. Some might say foolish, I say "I'm not on this planet to hide in the closet."

My vacation was fantastic. I arrived at the beach which nearly ended my life. Stood, looked out at the point where I fell.......and felt.......NOTHING. Not a thing. It's only water I realised.

I have to admit though...every day I looked longily at the guys riding the break out past the point. Gliding silently along the face of the wave up and down, and felt envious...yes I did...but
it's one of those things I have to let go of. I havn't quite got to that point yet but I will.

To ALL my friends, hope you all had a fantastic time, I'm back and looking forward to my best year ever.

Carlos, congratulations my friend on your blog...I wish you all success.