Wednesday, September 30, 2009


A POSITIVE attitude in a negative environment

A comment from a reader, Eric really made me sit up and think and I think it needs repeating in today's post.

From Eric
Live your own reality.

"My fitness challenge has helped so much through this. Although no one is moving away, here in the states. No one is moving. As the owner of a building materials company, makes for a rough go of things. Every day I have started taking my employees (at least the ones at the main branch) for a walk. It is amazing the change in mood from just 20 minutes of movement."

Now, that's what I call a positive attitude in a negative environment. The US is going through maybe the worst time now since the great depression of '29 and when you own as Eric does, what sounds like a fairly large business you CANNOT afford to let your staff get down. Motivating, and keeping them motivated should be very high on your priority list and Eric has done this in brilliant fashion. Joseph Pilatus once said " The pre-requisite for happiness is health and fitness." to paraphrase him, and that is a fact.

If I were Eric I would be instituting a nationwide competition amongst employees in his building materials company to walk every day and I would be PUBLICLY rewarding people in each branch who walked the furthest each month, or the quickest or lost most weight or whatever, you get the picture. I would also reward employees who encouraged other employees to join the "Get Going and Get Fit Club" (You can use that eric :-))and I honestly believe he would have a much healthier (mentally, emotionally, physically, productively and financially) happier business were he to do this.

Why don't we all support Eric by committing to talk to SOMEONE in our circle, be it work social, church, wherever about getting off the couch and onto the road.

C'MON everybody, let's use those NIKE's for the purpose for which they were designed.

Monday, September 28, 2009


The GIFT of adversity

A new week starts and I am fully 'amped' for fantastic progress.

My new training program is taking shape nicely and I am getting my head around less heavy weights now, so...all is good.

My eating is spot on and I'm looking forward to my best ever by christmas.

I am motivated...fully motivated, by accountability clients.. and day by day I am getting better and better.

There is always someone who is worse off than we are....we just don't realise it sometimes.

I heard this weekeend that my neurosurgeon Carle and his partner operated on a 5 year old boy who had a bad fall over the weekend and broke his neck at C1,C2,C3,C4........a hangmans fracture at C2....exactly the same as mine.

They did a full spinal fusion with titanium inserts ...exactly like mine. heart broke for the little guy. At least I had a lifetime of being physically active and playing a lot of sport before I broke mine. This little guy will never turn his head again....neither will I but...he is 5.

I am hopeful that research will find something that will help him as he gets older and I am very grateful that I am able to spend time in the gym and to walk outdoors but until then....he is going to learn how to be a very brave little fellow....and so are his parents and maybe...somewhere in a blessing.

It may sound trite but....learning how to overcome adversity is a gift. I think it is anyway.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Are you HAPPY and at PEACE?

Your level of happiness and peace depends on how much you are prepared to give.

I'm writing this for one person. I have no idea who you are or where on this beautiful planet you live but I know it's for you.

The only way to live your life completely is to take responsibility. A friend of mine has put a media campaign together in an effort to coax South Africans into caring for others and developing a giving attitude.

It's called LOVE and RESPECT and is a contract you sign with yourself to make yourself accountable (that word again) the message goes like this:-

I ............................ promise to love and respect, myself, my loved ones, my family, my friends, my fellow mankind, and all the people who visit our beautiful land.

By starting with myself, I take full responsibility for my actions, my life and my interactions with all living things around me.


It's amazing how your life changes when you decide that from this second on you are not going to blame anyone else, ever again for anything that goes wrong in your life.

"I'm sorry I was late for the meeting the traffic was hectic" Hmmm, perhaps you should have left earlier.

"I am so busy I don't have time to exercise" My diary is always free 45 minutes before I wake up.

"So and so made me do this" No one can make you do anything, you allow them to.

You get the picture.

We cannot control external circumstances like, the weather, the traffic, rude people etc but we can control the one thing that is MOST important in our lives....what's inside our head and what WE CHOOSE to put in there. Guard your mind closely, it's your most important asset.

If YOU, and you know who you are, are having a down day, take responsibility for the way you feel, for there is a very simple foolproof solution. Pick up your mobile, access your contacts list and scroll until a name jumps out at you. Phone that person and tell them you were thinking of them, you care for them and you just wanted them to know that. You will find that it uplifts you instantly but what you don't know is how much it will do for them.

Go on DO IT NOW....No not later NOW.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


What's happening in MY head today

All I know is that life is FANTASTIC. Why because that's what I 've decided. Everything in life is a choice. Take responsibility for everything that happens in your life and make smart choices.

So..I decided long ago that life for me would be made from a rich tapestry of diverse and interesting things. So it has proved. It's that simple.

Your attitude really does determine where you are in life and if you want to be happy and you're not, it's as simple as changing your attitude. Refresh your head, or reboot your mental harddrive with positive happy software.

Your friends and family will love you sooo much more.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It is impossible, I believe to attain and then maintain a lean healthy physique without what Adam Waters calls Powerful Reasons Why (PRW's), which is why I am part of the Shredder network called "The Shreddersphere"

I acknowledge that I need help and support to achieve my health and fitness goals. I therefore need a platform on which I can set down my dreams, bare my soul, be encouraged by others in whom I can place my trust, are of similar mindset, and reciprocate with encouragement and advice, when asked for.


Why # 1 It is critical for me, and I desire, to attain peak physical condition and remain so for the balance of my days on this planet. I have seen first hand the life sustaining value of being strong and healthy.

Why # 2 My body is a temple and it is an insult to my Creator to lay waste and neglect what I have been so lovingly given.

Why # 3 My personal mission is to "empower 5 million people to find and fulfill their purpose through health and fitness. I CANNOT evangalise looking like a schlump.

Why # 4 Being out of condition does my head in and I'm exhausted from fighting myself about what I stick in my mouth.

Why # 5 I want to LIKE the way I look

Why # 6 I've been in peak condition before...I KNOW what it looks like and I want it back.

Why # 7 Because I am a shredder, I have by inference, made a promise to all of you, that my commitment is to attaining peak condition and performance and I will not let you down.

Why # 8 Because personal integrity is paramount to me and this is one of the ways that I will build and keep building it.

dougal macdonald
"work in progress"

Saturday, September 19, 2009


One of the things I love about my business is my work clothes. (as above) Can't remember the last time I wore a suit and/or tie and that suits pun intended....just fine.

The other thing I love...well I have two loves but the one I'm talking about here is the thrill I get watching clients or potential client getting excited about getting into shape.

I have just had a meeting with a potential client and his wife and it just makes my spirit soar when they just ' get it '.

I so look forward to the next 12 weeks with them least.....until christmas and watching the metamorphosis from feeling terrible physically and emotionally to the emergence of confident lean attractive people contributing positively to the eradication of obesity.

That is why I do what I do....and love it.


Friday, September 18, 2009


Found this lying around my blog and thought it would be interesting for you to see where I was in the beginning of this year

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The road less travelled


Before I went on vacation I had been taking two different types of antibiotic in a last ditch attempt at killing the infection in my body.

Well the bad news is that it hasn't worked.

The solution....I'm going in to hospital next week to have all the hardware out of my head and spine. It seems that the infection has found a home at the base of the hardware and clearly does not intend to leave.

OK let it stay there.... the hardware will end up in the trash and the infection along with it.

So I will be scarce for a while until I'm out of hospital and then I can start again with a vengance.

I'm not going to post until I'm out since I have a lot to organise and clearly won't be doing any training.

See you when I get back.

So....obviously things went well and....I am strong healthy and fit....and loving life.

C'mon.....Off the couch and put those new Nike's to work.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Putting things in perspective

There has been a lot in press lately about a young girl called Caster Simenya and if you have never heard of her follow this link. Don't forget to come back, this is important.

We think, well mostly, anyway, that we are the centre of the universe. Now hold on there, before you go looking for a bullwhip, I am not being derogatory so let me explain.

We wake up in the morning....bumble around trying to wake kids up, feed them, get them dressed, and off to school in one piece after picking up pieces of the home work off the kitchen table after cleaning off the ketchup....or, if you are the man, stumbling around trying to shake off the effects of the six martini's thrown down your throat following the successful signing of that new contract, whilst trying to find your tie, that goes with the new Boss suit in your cupboard.

Now if that sounds remotely like you....then you ARE the centre of your could you not don't have time to think about ANYTHING else.

Well....let's put things in perspective.

Castor case you have been living on another a phenominal 18 year old athlete. In fact she is SO phenominal that she is the WORLD 800 metre champion.

This is where the problems is a young girl who grew in the middle of nowhere in the middle of darkest Africa.

What made her radically different from the other kids was 1) She could run like the wind and 2) Was she actually a SHE or was she a HE.

But that's getting ahead of things. When she became the world champion people started asking questions about how she could be so far ahead of the game at such a young age. Then that ugly phrase started being bandied about. "GENDER TESTING'.

The Australian press then released a story which illustrates graphically the absolute indignity with which this young woman was treated.....Legs in the air, splayed, photographs taken...I mean WOW.

The reults....She was an 'Hermaphrodite'...or was she? Read the link and you'll find out.

The point of this is not to highlight the desperately sad plight of this remarkable athlete, who's family..back then...probably wouldn't even know the meaning of the word but to ask everyone to WAKE UP.

The next time you stumble out of bed after turning over and going back to sleep when your ' time for gym' alarm goes off, spare a thought for what this amazing person has had to go through to get to the state of health and fitness that she OWNS currently and which made her a world champion.

Her " Triumph over adversity was becoming the world 800 mtr champion.....WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE"

Oh and by the way....what is she doing today....studying at Pretoria university and training like hell.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The Coiled Spring

4.30am on day 25 of my third mission, Shred 2 shred....a mission, together with others and so called, and started out of respect for Adam Waters, the founder of the 'Shreddersphere' and the RTP-Transformation System and I am a coiled spring.

What is a 'coiled spring'? What do you's a coiled spring.

No it isn't....well it is but in this instance it is massive energy under tension, which is the best way to decribe me right now....I am so hyped on LIFE that I have energy to burn.

I have a number of projects on the go but the most exciting and important right now is my book.

Ever since my surfing accident slightly more than a year ago which left me with a badly broken neck

...... and clinging to my life by a tenuous thread, people told me that I should write a book.

I spent a long time thinking about it and continued to blog, but with my passion for writing building and a childhood memory of wanting to write a book emerging, slowly but surely my book took form and started to shape itself from deep in my spirit.

Writing a book is one thing but editing it is quite another and I am very fortunate that my dear friend Saraaaaah in England had the time and the interest in editing my baby for me which she did with remarkable ease ...or so it seemed to me....and professional expertise. Many many hours later the book was ready.

Carlos DeJesus the 1985 World Natural Bodybuilding Champion and Adam Waters the founder of RTP-TS have very kindly agreed to write a foreward for the book and as soon as that happens my book will be available for anyone who wants to read about 'Triumph over Adversity.'

The mind is an amazing 'concept' and we all have one but a lot of us aren't aware of how important it is to us on a daily basis.

Every thing we do...everything, begins with a thought and what follows from that is the way we live our lives.

I have committed mine to helping others get healthy, fit and strong and in that moment of 'thought' my life path was formed.

That was nine years ago and I'm thrilled that at this time my personal mission statement of "empowering 5 million people to find and fullfill their purpose through health and fitness" is about to get a rocket powered kick up the butt with the imminent launch of my book.

Look out for "My triumph over adversity.....what's your excuse."

It's in your neighbourhood......soon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My first day of being extraordinary

Yesterday I spoke about being extraordinary and my desire to achieve extraordinary things.

So this is day ONE of being extraordinary and my affirmation " I am an extraordinary individual and I have been given all the tools necessary to be whatever I want to be... each day I will take a step forward towards fullfilling all my hopes and dreams, for this is MY DESTINY."

How do I know that this is the right affirmation for me, well, because repeating this excites me and I can feel that familiar stirring inside me when I start a new project and this is a biggie.....the re development of me.

As I sit here I think how far down the road, and how different and renewed I will be in a year's time. Just physically, I will be completely different, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually I will be completely renewed, a metamorphises if you will.

Sounds like a huge change to make doesn't it.....well it isn't....if you re - read my affirmation you will see that all it will take is a minimum of ONE STEP a day, that's all....anybody can do that...can't they?

I'm going to set myself a reminder to revisit this post one year from today....and let's see where I am and how far I've come.

Why don't you come with me.

This is also day 84, the final day of my Mission Two and I'm so excited about Mission Three
that I nearly forgot all about it.

Monday, September 14, 2009


From Orinary to EXTRAORDINARY in 61 days

I am one day away from the end of M2 and a day closer to the end of M3

All three shreds have been done back to back...I have taken no time off except for that prescribed by the program I'm on.

Did I achieve my goal for M2. ....N O T .

My M2 was called SIX PACK and as you can see I am still a way off that.

So....Dougs what happened. Well for one thing it shows me that you can take nothing for granted. Am I physically in good health? Limitations excluded...never healthier.

so let's ask again...what happened?

It's pretty obvious I think, that my commitment to my goal of having a full blown six pack was not a priority in my life....and I'm ashamed of that... Why take on something that you are not committed to.

Well, coz, it's easy to drift along in the tide of 'ordinary'....which is what I've done.

I DON'T WANT TO BE ORDINARY....I want to live an EXTRAORDINARY life and right now I am at the crossroads.....things that I want to become and things that will be left behind.

It is a time for courage....a time for far reaching decisions and a time for a fabulous future.

For me to be far as my health and fitness is concerned I need to achieve that ever elusive goal of ..."A FULL BLOWN SIX PACK."

I have 61 days left to achieve that goal and I believe I CAN ACHIEVE it. Step one done...Step 2 reevaluate my eating and training plan...Done....I'm sticking with what I am currently doing as I have faith in it.

ACTION and ACCOUNTABILITY are the two stones left that I might trip over. Action, in that it's easy to sort of eat the right meal and sort of do the right training. That changes now and ACCOUNTABILITY...the big one also changes now.

Who will I be accountable to....who will call me out of the line of 'ordinary's' and drag me into the 'extraordinary's.'

I hope a lot of you will...My friends, special friends and extra special friends, I hope will all contribute positively to my continued journey towards beating the lethargy of the 'ordinary'.

Extraordinary is a word I will silently affirm about 'me' for the rest of my life....and the more I affirm it the close I will get to living it, I am 61 days away.


Friday, September 11, 2009

M2 80 | SHRED2SHRED 20


and if that sounds funny it's because I made it up..I doubt that you've heard it anywhere else so bear with me.

Chatting to client today...this time.. a man who was telling me about his Dad who enjoyed people watching and used to say....."All these people walking past with their heads down celebrating mediocrity."

Now that's a heck of a thing to say without knowing all these people but social stats do bear out the statement to a certain extent.

Point is...what do you want. If excellence is only a few steps away from mediocrity then wouldn't you like to crack 'The big one' instead if being a pretty good also ran.

If you are going to take something on...why not shoot for excellence....and if we do that collectively we can do wonders for 'global warming' 'global obesity'....pretty much anything we want to.

It's really just a new habit...going the extra step...not even...the extra mile...every day and you are heading towards personal greatness.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

M2 79 | SHRED2SHRED 19

How thin is too thin.

I don't often have clients who tell me that they are too thin but I was recently talking to a 'client'
who has made a remarkable transformation and is looking amazing.

She tells me that more and more friends and acquaintences are telling her that she is too thin and she's going to fade away.

I've thought about this quite often and in depth...I even had a client a while ago, who after she got to where she was looking really good...starting putting on weight again..I had coffee with her and what came out was that she was afraid of being approached by men. Something in her childhood.

So I have often thought about the phsycology of telling someone they are too thin.

I mean...How do they know. Well perhaps they may see some before and after photographs or even see the person on the beach but still...what is too thin? Because there is a radical change doesn't necessarily mean that this girl is too just means she is wayyy 'LEANER' than she was before and may not conform to the image of the pefect body of the person dispensing the advice.

I think it is also a way of people saying 'You look great' but in a different way.

This girl is highly intelligent and I know that she knows when to stop. Bodyfat below about 13% on a girl is probably about the limit if she is not competing....I mean Pam Brown competed at 5% which is dangerous for a girl....but this girl is looking phenominal and is not too thin. She is lean and muscular which is where she wanted to be when she started her journey, but she is not quite there yet in her eyes...and after all hers are the most important actually.

She wants to stay the course and continue until she reaches her original goal and it's only going to make her look better...not thinner.

I have advised her to reach her goal first and then re look at what she wants from there.

I think people need to take care with the words they use....that old adage of 'Sticks and stones'
is a lie....and words most certainly CAN hurt you.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

M2 78 | SHRED2SHRED 18

I was in two minds to do this but eventually decided to show it to all of you. My rational for this is...I have a belief that if I come across something of value I have a duty to share it with as many people as possible.

Following that statement, as you all know I am an avid goal setter...have been all my life and during that time I have developed a dream book to remind me and keep me focussed on my goals. I also have a dream board with pictures that I have painstakingly cut out and pasted to give me a visual reminder.

Well...the other day I came across this amazing product and it's one of those times where I feel that I want to pass it on to all of you because I honestly believe that if YOU are a goal setter this will make a tremendous difference to how you visualise your goals.

PLEASE, if any of the above relates to you, click on the banner above and take a look at this great tool. I think it's amazing.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

M2 77 | SHRED2SHRED 17

We only get ONE SHOT at life and.......

I remember thinking about this during the Beijing Olympics but it it nonetheless relevant at any time

What did Olympians do when their race was run and the curtain fell on technically the most advanced games ever.

Hmmm....some would hav taken a break and then continued with their training program. Some would have re set or set new 4 year goals and some...would haven give up the sport they were so talented at and spent time mending a broken heart.

It is so sad to think of, say a hammer thrower who one step away from glory throws the hammer into the cage on his last throw.

Or in the case of our own Nhlapo a talented young BMX rider one fall and that was end for him.. Years of intense training with no social life gone.

Probably some let loose and went on a year long party...the release from training just too much to resist.

We...normal mortals need to guard against that let down or anticlimax of reaching our goals. That is why so many people do not included, the condition attained whilst doing a body for life challenge.

So that is why we need to work on making health and fitness a lifestyle as Adam Waters has done and not a just a competition. There is no end in site with the competition of life, we should embrace the life we have and be the best we can possibly be.

We only have one shot.

Monday, September 7, 2009

M2 76 | SHRED2SHRED 16

I am an undeducated man....that doesn't mean however that I am unintelligent it just means that I failed dismally at school and left at age 15.

I don't consider that a disadvantage and I'm certainly not encouraging anyone to stop studying, it just means that I was not able to concentrate long enough in school to make meaningful inroads into what I needed to know for my written exams.

To my advantage it has forced me to think on my feet and become street wise and the biggest gift of all is my love of books.

I read every night before I go to sleep even if it's a page or two and whatever I know or have learned in the 43 years since I left school is because of...'BOOKS'.

These days learning is even easier with wikipedia and google and I am forever searching Google to understand or verify or learn more about something I have heard and want to learn more about.

No one has any excuse today to be ignorant about 'stuff' especially health and fitness and with RTP and access to Carlos we should all be up to speed about the best we can do for our bodies.

I heard a great expression a while back which has spurred me to learn more about EVERYTHING and that was "EXCELLENCE CAN BE FOUND ON THE TOP SHELF AND TO GET THERE YOU NEED TO STAND ON A STACK OF GOOD BOOKS."

So....this is the long way round for me to say.....learn as much as you can about your it, become familiar with your physiology, learn the basic principles of good nutrition and keep studying for the rest of your life. Teach your children...know what they should be your part in helping to beat obesity.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

M2 75 | SHRED2SHRED 15

Go Bokke......against Australia today in Brisbane....Adam Waters...hope you'll be watching although I know league is your game mate.

Saturday....Life is good....very good in fact....and I know that 2010 is going to be a VERY GOOD year.

You can't want for more than....disgustingly good health, doing something that you love, and people in your life than mean a whole lot to you. That alone drives me to be better every achieve all that I plan to achieve and look forward to milestones with the glee of a small sticky handed child reaching for another fistful of sweets.

I can attest to the fact that age counts for naught when you have health and goals and dreams...why should it.....what is the difference between say...35 and 60 in terms what you can do and what you can't.

And if you find that you think there are some limitations DON'T let me know because, frankly I don't need to hear them.

I AM LOVING LIFE....and if you aren't....CHANGE SOMETHING

Friday, September 4, 2009


It's just after 4am....I am about to head off to the gym....the world is mine at this time of the day. No one is around...people aren't even stirring yet. I love it.

I went to bed around 11.30pm so I havn't had much sleep and no I'm not trying to catch up with Saraaaaah, circumstances just made it so but I feel refreshed and full of energy.

Again, it's a state of mind that makes this a good time day..for me anyway. The weekend is here and my beloved Springboks play Australia again tomorrow to clinch the tri nations rugby trophy.

That really excites me and I can't wait.

I had a really good week of training and eating and as one of my clients says, I am really dialed in to my program now.

I spoke to a body builder in the gym yesterday who was educating me on the merits of changing programs from heavy to lighter higher rep training for a change to give his body a break.

Seems I'm not the only one.

So....enjoy the weekend and plan to have a really great training week.

Peace Out

Thursday, September 3, 2009

M2 73 | SHRED2SHRED 13

I was reading an article yesterday about online business and the value of having a back up plan.

What do you do if things go wrong with you eating or training?

You have set your goals read the RTP program and got are very pleased with yourself, things are going well and all of a sudden you have a major problem.

You expected to go to the gym on the way home and then home for your 5th meal of the day.
The boss calls you in and before you know it your are working late at the office. That's gym gone and the canteen is closed.

You send out for the only food available, since you are now ravenous... a greasy burger, fries and a Coke light. No such thing as a super lean Mickey D's. Not that I know of anyway, havn't been near one of those for years.

I'm sure in one form or another this has happened to all of us.

So....why do you think we carry spare wheels in the trunk of our vehicles......what do you mean, 'Oh is there a spare in there?'

Just my may never need it but at least plan for a back up if it happens.

ALWAYS plan ahead. Where am I going to be tomorrow, what do I need to take in the way of food and the big question..."What will I do if things go wrong."

Food is easy to create a back up for.. Couple of serves of protein powder, a shaker, water and an apple or two will do the trick nicely but you may feel that the training part is not so easy.

Google 'resistance training without equipment' and you'll find you don't need a gym to complete your an emergency. Print out a copy of a suitable program, laminate it and stick it into your gym bag.

THERE ARE NO get off track, there is always a way...just plan ahead each only takes a minute or two.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The Power of the mind is amazing.

Here in South Africa as the seasons turn so arrives 'Spring Day'. Just naming a day has a positive effect, collectively on the populace at large.

Smiles start appearing...jerseys disapearing, attitudes become more cheerful, friendly, kind and generally we humans become better people.

If the simple act of naming a day to coincide with the change of seasons changes lives, albeit until next winter, then how much more can we change our own lives if we simply determine to.

The coming winter in the Northern Hemisphere doesn't have to mean long faces and months of living in limbo until the next summer season arrives.

This season find something positive to do that will keep you occupied for the winter and see how your attitude will change.

Before you know it it'll be summer again and the sun will shine, the flowers will bloom and life will be wonderful.

A lot of things can happen in one season....People get divorced, people fall in love, people get married, children are born, and ALL of those things CAN have a positive spin if you so choose.

Don't let 'situations' get in the way of your happiness this coming season....make it work for you.

I am so greatful for what I have....and I'm grateful for all of you...Thank You

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It is so easy to get sidetracked and off course....for me anyway and I have realised that having a mission does not guarantee getting a result....well it does but it may not be the one you want.

I have learned a few things over the last 155 days of blocking...I am still not and never will be 'superhuman'

If I want to get the results I am looking for I need to focus very clearly on my desired outcome.
And for me...that goes for whatever I am looking to achieve.

I sat with a friend and business partner in a coffee bar meeting after training this morning discussing this very issue. We decided that we needed to try and meet every day if only for the time it takes to drink a double espresso otherwise our acountability tends to slide with all the things that have to be done in a day.

Wow...wonder where I learned that. I have 13 days to run for mission 2 and I have to say I am VERY disapointed with myself.

I actually don't think I have progressed past where I was on the final day of the contest.

Why is that....Because my accountability is not as critical as it was for the contest.

No this may not be you but it is me....and it's time to pull my socks up and get this train moving down the track so hard that the momentum won't allow it to stop.

Fortunately I have not gone backwards so I can legimately claim that I'm still winning the myself of course and I absolutely will not allow myself to backslide.

I am inspired by people like Saraaaaaaah who has made very large strides towards her goal of a six pack since the NYC summit and that impresses and motivates me greatly....and pushes me forward.

Out of respect for Saraaaaaah and Sharon I commit the rest of my M2 and SHRED2SHRED mission to these two girls who have motivated me so much through there own achievement.

My comitment is also to Suzette who kicked this thing off....I owe you my best Suz...and be sure that is what all you girls will get from here on out...

Adam...respect to you too....I took it on...I will finish it.

And to the rest of the 'shreddersphere'....if you are not happy with what you are doing...find a way to fix it.