Thursday, December 6, 2007

Early Vacation


Have I gone nuts. NO?

I have decided to take my vacation early. Why? Because I can.
So that's why I have delayed laying out my M2 plans to all of you.
What I plan to do is abort the current M2. Take my vacation and a have complete rest apart from clean eating and some running on the beach and see you all back here on January 7th or the 14th depending on whether I'm ready to go back to work.

I will then sprint headlong into M2 for another fully committed comando style 84 days.

So to all my Shredder "Originals" friends and everyone who visits my blog, please have a safe and joyous Christmas holiday, drive carefully wherever you are, and ....remember the reason for Christmas.

See ya in January 08.

Monday, December 3, 2007

M2 - Week One | day 4-5-6 | week 2 day 1

I have not disapeared off the planet, for those that are interested....I have been moving house.
OMG - what a mission. 4 days of the most strenuous workouts ever.

The warm up is loading boxes and the real thing is moving a too heavy box to a van 50 metres away X 15 sets. Do the same thing at the destination and you have a serious workout.

Add to that unpacking at the other end and then hanging curtain rails, blinds and then the curtains and so on and so on.

I have not been near a computer for 4 days. I was going to blog at my girlfriends house but guess what...her ADSL was down. No surprise there.

Bottom line, I really have been incapacitated as far as communication is concerned but I'm now happily in my brand spanking new fabulous town house...with a connection and so I'm back.

Adam if you read this...I managed to take my pic but just could NOT get it to you. I will get it to you tomorrow when I can find my mobile phone USB cable.

See ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

M2 | Week one | day 3

This is what I love about being a fitness professional

This youngster is one of my clients...He's a 19 yr old professional athlete with aspirations of playing major league international football.

I have no doubts about the fact that he'll make it big. The kid is so passionate about the game and his skill levels are through the roof. What I personally like most is his committment to my strength and conditioning training. He will do whatever training I ask him and will eat whatever I ask him to... and he is getting incredible results.

He was recently runner up player of the year at his club. He has a brilliant future. Why....because he's not out on the street doing drugs and gang banging. He knows what his destiny is, he knows what he wants from life and he visualises it all day. All he thinks about is football.

One day when when he steps onto the podium with his team to collect his Champions league winners medal he won't be surprised and neither will I....he will have done it a thousand times before.

That's the power of visualisation.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Week One, Day 2, Mission TWO

Had a great cardio session today at a new gym. I have membership at all the Virgin Active clubs in South Africa and I love to try out new gyms. They have all been recently re furbished and have new equipment.

The new treadmills are awesome.. although, with TV screens embedded into the console I can't help wondering whether some of the men use them to watch Idols surreptitiously without telling anybody. How come you did 2 kms in 30 minutes? Oh I decided to go a bit slower today. Yeah right, who was voted off?

I love watching some of the ladies who pop in for a quick cycle whilst reading the latest O magazine. You can see when they come to an interesting article....they stop cycling. And then realise what they're doing and start again.

I had a lady client some years ago who sometimes used to stop whilst doing a cycle cardio session. I watched her a couple of times and went over and asked her why she stopped. She looked at me indignantly and said "Why, there are dogs crossing the road".

Of course everybody in the gym just collapsed on the floor. Yep we have fun here. That's what training is supposed to

Learn to make it so and you'll never stop.


Remember that sunday, swimming with my kids....about 2 posts back. In case any of you northern hemisphere types have forgotten what summer looks like, take a look. I've included some pics of my beautiful precious, precious little people to add some realism.

Week One, Day 1, Mission TWO

What are my plans for mission 2? The next 84 days.
This one needs to be thought out carefully since we have the Christmas holidays coming up and there is no gym where I'm going + I want to give my body a short rest from weight training and Hiit cardio.
I will be just as diligent with my eating over the holidays with exception of a couple days over christmas where tradition demands that I eat huge quantities of junk food. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. No guilt. This is a lifestyle after all... YES?
It's also possible that I'll have no connectivity and will not be able to communicate with everybody via the blog.
I've made a start by posting my day 1 pics and will continue with the weekly group shred, and I know that a rest will help and not hinder me, so, that far I have no problems.
Watch out for my mission statement which I'll post within a day or two....I look forward to taking another step of my "Journey" with you.
Thank you for being with me and your amazing support for Mission 1....

Monday, November 26, 2007


here is my original day 84 pic

Mission One - 84 days/12 weeks complete. mon 3rd Sept Sun 25th Nov 07

The day before I started Mission one of my journey I wrote a contract which I made with Adam Waters and you.

Below is how the original contract was written.

So...what's the plan?

The goal. I will be the 2007 international BFL age group champion.

By November 25th 2007 my body fat will be 8% and I will weight 89ks

Where am I now. I weigh 100kg and my body fat is 17.3%

The Plan I commit to completing. 18 upper and 18 lower body sessions using Alwyn Cosgrave's Hypertrophy program.

I commit to completing a minimum of 36 cardio sessions using a variety of Hi intensity interval training sessions of not less than 20 mins duration.

I commit to eating not less than 5 meals per comprising healthy protein carbs and fat and based on Tom Venuto's BFFM.

I commit to spending a minimum of 10 minutes per day visualising my goals and daily action steps.

I commit to blogging my progress at least 5 days per week.

This is my contract with Adam Waters, all of you who read this blog and myself.

See you on day 1
"I believe, I can"

So... How did I do?

1. Age group champion. - I don't stand a chance

2. 8% bf at 89kgs - Not even close

3. 18 upper and 18 lower sessions - Done

4. 36 cardio sessions - Done

5. Not less than 5 meals a day - Done except for saturday where I had 4.

6. Visualising goals and daily actions steps. - 70% done.

7. Blogging 5 days per week. - Done, I've blogged 84 days straight + extra's.

OK so in review, how do I feel?

On a 1-10 basis what do I give myself for my actual goals. 4/10

On a 1-10 basis what do I give myself for my action steps 93/10

So am I upset that I didn't make my goals. HELL NO!

I'm over the moon. I made an outrageous commitment based on my sorry mental state at the time and I came through with more than flying colours.

You see I have no control over whether I hit my goal, but I can and did control my actions steps over an extended period of time and I thrilled because ....I KEPT MY WORD to Adam and all of you...and my integrity is worth a huge amount more to me than winning any awards or making a % body fat.

I'm ecstatic because I can trust myself again. I know that If I tell you I'm going to do something..nothing is going to stop me.

I'm ecstatic because I unconsciously apply that now to every area of my life. In 12 short weeks I have changed who I am. I no longer procrastinate. I take on more than I need to and see it through...I really understand now what committment means. I am happier, I am more in control, I am more relaxed, I am the REAL Dougal who has been struggling to find a way out of the pit I was in. I now have the strength and character to climb any mountain which enables me to look at the beautiful valley below.

I have found fanatstic new friends who's integrity and commitment matches my own. We are part of a new exciting pioneering community commited to giving to others.. how do you put a price on that. You can't the value is immeasurable.

We have all learned to value EFFORT from Adam Waters, who puts so much in for us I think he has managed to find 30 hours in a day by some magic. ..He has given me the tools to make it a real lifestyle.

So as I head gleefully hopping and skipping into my new Mission, Mission 2, I share with you, that I did make some progress.

Starting wt 100kgs Finishing wt 95.2

Starting bf 17.3% Finishing bf 12.3%

Starting LBM 82.7kgs Finishing LBM 83.5

Whilst I built only .8kg in muscle I lost 5.0% body fat and 4.8kgs

and I look and feel a whole lot better. I also learned to be patient. It's not as easy as I thought it would be at 58 years old, but I do know that will I ultimately achieve my goal of clearly defined abs no matter what.

I turn this review over to you....and I'm at peace.

Bring on Mission 2 - I have just begun.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Week Twelve, Day 7

Day 14, DDS (Dougal's different shred)

Spent the day with my precious little people, we had such fun. Swam most of the afternoon in the pool just frolicking and splashing and giggling with them. Had a bit of a workout since they love to be thrown from my shoulders into the water. Half an hour of that with a 10 and 12 yr old and you know you've been physical.

I ate today:- 4 spicy buns/cup coffee.
1 bowl fresh cut fruit
2 bowls rum and raisin ice cream sprinkled with cashew nuts.
1 large bottle sparkling water
oh and 2 small meatballs

All planned for in my free don't give me that accusing look...that's why it's called a free day.

Today is the last day of my first 84 days or 12 weeks and the last day of my personal shred otherwise known as Dougal's Different Shred.

I'm going to post an EXTRA tomorrow outlining my feelings, results etc for my first 12 week challenge...complete today SO LOOK OUT FOR THAT.

"work in progress"

Week Twelve, Day 6

Day 13, DDS

Cardio and abs

Really did something I've never done before. I'll call it t/mill freestyle. I warmed up for about 5 minutes and then just ran/walked as I felt. Some hard some easy, some intermediate speeds. It was really cool and I think I needed it. 20 minutes, done, left the gym.


8.00am Protein/water
11.00am Protein bar
2.00pm Chicken breast/fresh cut fruit
6.00pm chicken breast

3 drafts watching test rugby. (which the Springboks won by the way)

Not a great nutrition day, I'm afraid my head was more into the rugby than what I should have eating.

I'm cool with that, no guilt.

See ya tomorrow

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Week Twelve, Day 5

Day 12 DDS


6.30am Protein/water/oats/yoghurt ff Water

9.30am protein/water water

12.30pm protein/banana/peanut butter smoothy water

4.00pm pre training protein shake water


6.45pm protein/2 bananas/water

8.00pm 2 x cracker bread/ff cottage cheese/sliced beef water


all 3 x 12 supersets with 30 secs rest between both sets


side raises

wide grip pull downs

dumbell Chek press

towel bicep curls.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

week Twelve, Day 4

Day 11 - DDS


Did something a little different today.

Minute 1 - 5 walk
2 -5.5 walk
3 -6 walk
4 -6.5 walk
5 -7 run
6 - 12
7 -6.5 walk
8 -13
9 -6.5 walk
10 -14
11 -6.5 walk
12 -15
13 -6.5 walk
14 -16
15 -6.5 walk
16 -17
17 -6.5 walk
18 -10
19 -12
20 -5 walk

It certainly was not a walk in the park, but I enjoyed doing something different and running at 17kms per hour is pretty quick.


6.30am Protein/water + 2 gl water
9.00am Protein/water/Oats/ff flavoured yoghurt + 2 gl water Cardio + 1 ltr water
12.30pm ff cottage cheese/cucumber on wholewheat + 1 tbspn peanut butter.
4.00pm Protein/water/2 x ff flavoured yoghurt + 1 ltr water
8.00pm Chicken breast/avocado/green salad

Watched a magnificent storm tonight with lots of electricity flying around...thunder and lightening aplenty.

Made me realise something....WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL OF ANYTHING

Week Twelve, Day 3

DAY 10 DDS (Dougal's different Shred)

If any of you are looking for a little philosophy go one blog back for a brief bit about happiness.

Training all 3 x 12. supersets - 1 min rest between all sets.

Snatch grip(wide) deadlift


Steps ups

Brief session (25minutes) but done with heavy works.


6.30am Protein/water/creatine ethel ester

9.30am Protein/water/oats/ff flavoured yoghurt/a few almonds

12.30pm wholewheat sandwich/lots ff cott cheese/tomato

4.00pm pre training protein shake/water

6.00pm TRAIN

6.00pm creatine

6.45pm Protein/water/bowl of low GI Bokomo Maximiser(cereal)

That's all folks, see you tomorrow

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


One of the guys in the gym took this shot for fun and it just reminded me of the importance of being happy. (Yes I know it's hard to recognise me with clothes on LOL)

I am, in this shot, where I am most happy, the gym. I had better be happy since I spend most of my day there.

It also reminds me of my personal mission statement " To empower 5 million people to find and fullfill their purpose through health and fitness."

Doing what I do allows me to help others and the fact is...unless your purpose in life is doing something to help others you are, long term, not going to feel very fullfilled.

Helping people get their lives back feeds my soul and that is what floats my boat.

I could say I am very lucky...but then you create your own luck. Don't you?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Week Twelve, Day 2

Day 9, DDS

Cardio and abs

1 - 5kms warm up walk
2 same
3,4,5,6, - 7-8-9-10
7,8,9,10 - 7-8-9.5-11
11,12,13,14, - 8-9-10.5-12
15,16,17,18, - 8-10-12-13
19 - 14
20 - 5 walk

Easier day today.


7.15am Protein/water/creatine ethel ester + 2 gl water
10.30am Protein/water + 2 gl water
1.00pm chicken breast
3.30pm FF Cottage cheese
5.00pm Protein/water + 2 gl Water
7.30pm Chicken breast

As you can see this is a 100% protein day. Just experimenting a bit with calorie bouncing or zig zagging if you know it better as that.

That's it for today - not feeling too profound otherwise am feeling fine.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Week Twelve, Day 1

Day 8, DDS

"I'm so fat", "How do you know", "I'm so depressed, I got on the scale and I havn't lost anything in 4 weeks."

"OK, let's check your body fat." "Ooooh no", "why not?", "I'm scared I've put on fat." "Well let's check." "Ummm...ok", says this tiny voice.

We head for my office, do the BF% thing and find she lost 3% BF. I showed her how if you lose BF and you gain muscle your scale weight STAYS THE SAME. No need to find a tall building.

"How do you feel now" "WONDERFUL" she shouts tripping off to find her mobile to tell all her friends.

This is a generic story that I have heard a million times and maybe it will clarify the reality of things FAT and how the only person a scale can benefit is the Trainer...for analytical purposes.

Scales should be banned from homes, they only make people miserable and...they lie.

Fat weighs the same as muscle...Hello!....muscle does NOT weigh more than fat. 1kg muscle weighs exactly the same as 1kg fat.

Now, once you've accepted that, you are weight training to build muscle, let's explode another myth...girls are NOT going to build big muscles...they don't produce enough of the stuff that helps boys build big muscle and even with boys it's not that easy. You don't just grow muscles overnight because you push weights. Doesn't happen...unless of course you are sticking needles with illegal substances into your body, with a main side effect of PREMATURE DEATH. are building muscle and losing fat, now, fat takes up 5 times, let me repeat that, 5 times as much space as muscle so, lose 10lbs fat, build 6lbs've only lost 4lbs scale weight...eeeek.... wrong, I'm not going to insult your intelligence by asking you to imagine what you are going to look like.

All I know is, regardless of what the scale says, you are going to fit very neatly into pants a size smaller.


When guys walk on the beach and they see a "hotty" (that's one of you) lying there in a bikini, they don't whisper "Bet she weighs 11o lbs, " do they. No, you're either hot or you're not.

So girls....moral of the story, DUMP the scale, it's only going to hurt you. Buy some calipers, learn how to use them and measure body fat instead. Calipers I said not a BF% scale, they are NOT reliable.

Go the dumpster...NOW, go on, NOW.

Training today

Reverse grip bent over rows - all 5 sets of 6reps, supersets, 90 secs rest. (heavy day)

Incline bb Bench press

Seated wide grip rows

DB bench press, hands facing


Loved it, felt good, 50 minutes of grunt, aaargghhhh!!!


6.00am - Protein shake/water + more water (creatine ethel ester)

8.30am - Protein shake/water + oats + almonds and raisins + more water

12.00pm - Low Fat cottage cheese + ff yoghurt + almonds + more water

4.00pm - Pre training protein + Glutamine + water

6.15pm- TRAINING - Creatine + lots water

7.15pm- Post workout Protein/water/banana + Water

9.30pm- Chicken Breat + salad + water

That's it sports fans.

Take care,train hard, live with balance.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Week Eleven, Day 7

Decided to do something really different today. Both my girlfriend and I love planes. The power, thrust and roar of a huge jet engine is really something to hear so we went out to a nearby airport for lunch and retreated into childhood.

Sat out on the upstairs deck in the sun, ordered lunch and a beer and watched these incredible machines land and take off.

It was such fun.

Today is my free day and I ate:-

Chelsea bun and cappucino lying in bed early in the am. It's a had to be there.
Lunch...Chicken strips and crispy potato skins washed down with 2 ice cold frosties (beers).

Afternoon tea...small piece of black forest cake.
Dinner...scrambled eggs.

Now before you think WOW...where did he put all that junk, remember that I have a planned free day each week and today I used it because I felt like it. Because it's planned I have absolutely zero guilt feelings about it..In fact it's part of my plan. I know myself and my body and my plan works for me.

Have a wonderful shredding week all y'all.



I wrote about visualisation being an essential tool to reaching your goals. This is critically obviously, because everything starts as a thought. Following on from that, we know that we do not think in linear fashion. In other words, if I think to myself "swimming pool" I do not see the words but I see a swimming pool with sparkling blue water, that makes me want to jump in. OK...the more you visualise that pool the more vivid it becomes until you even start smelling the salt from the salt water chlorinator and being able to feel the texture of the water and you may even see children playing in the water and having a fabulous time.

Now, in that article I wrote about the vision board and how important it is to be able to create that vivid picture of what you want. SUZETTE picked up on that and suggested we all "write" a visualisation of what we want from our transformation, which I think is a great idea..thank you here is mine.

Mine is more short term.

I start packing for december vacation. This year is different, not in the destination...that's always the coast..I cannot imagine december vacation without sea and sun...but this year is different because I am different.

I don't have to pack those huge board shorts that I mistakenly thought hid my expansive girth, until I saw last years photographs. I can dump those xxxxxoversize T shirts that hid a multitude of consistent culinary sins. "Oh I must take a lot of these T's so I don't get sunburnt...and I'll swim in them too.. What a damned LIE.

Nope this year I am packing a new wardrobe. Clothes that fit me properly, that accentuate my new physique...not in a boastful way, but so that I feel really good in them.

Driving down to the coast in the Landrover, a longish drive...I feel full of energy and exitement, none of that lethargy of last year where it was a mission getting in and out of the vehicle which is quite high off the ground.

Somehow my girlfriend and the kids seem more exited, everyone seems happier...hmm, actually it's me. I have a different attitude. I am in great shape, my heart is so strong from all the cardio, I'm not pulling my huge T shirt away from my bulging front all the time, hiding behind sunny's so no one can see me. Yep, it's definately me. I feel great and the journey is going really well.

Hours later we're at our wooden cabin on the mountain overlooking the ocean. I unload the vehicle. Gee baby did we pack less than last year? Are you sure? Again, me..much stronger, much fitter, much less effort.

Standing out on the deck with the wind gently blowing over my solid torso, I smell the salt and look at the ships lights twinkling gently out at sea. "Baby, I'm looking forward to running on the beach at dawn. You?.. Can't wait. You see last year we were down at the beach, but it wasn't dawn and it was more of a plod.

Dawn...fresh sea breeze, great for an early morning run. After 15 minutes we are both covered in a sheen of fine persperation, well I am, my girlfriend is glowing. I look down and see my muscles glistening in the sunlight, I feel like I could run body feels taut, like a spring...I really feel like an athlete. My girlfriend runs smoothly next to me. She's gorgeous, 6ft 1 inch and also in great shape.

Heading back home we discuss breakfast. Fresh cut fruit, scrambled eggs on wholewheat and a skinny cappucino. Mmmm, delicious.

We head down to the beach after carrying umbrellas and cooler bags and stuff (moms you know about this) which is not a problem I am twice as strong as I was last year.
I'm in board shorts and sans T shirt which is in thebag. Why wear one I have abs now, and I certainly don't feel self conscious.

On the beach we get set up and I head into the ocean with the kids. I grab for my T shirt...hang on, don't need that this year. In the sea I'm jumping waves and holding the kids up and frolicking around like a mad man. Feel fantastic about the way I look.. it is second nature to me now and I have trouble remembering what I looked like before. I think about Adam Waters for a while and wonder if he's doing the same thing as me, but in OZ. I offer a silent thanks to him. He's the one that started all this.

Walking back up the sand I feel the eyes of a whole bunch of middle aged guys with big guts bulging over huge board shorts sitting in the sand, beer in hand, looking at me...and I KNOW they are thinking, man he must have good genetics..or..he must have such a boring life if he looks like that and all I want to do is go to each one of them and tell them that, they can also get their lives back and stop internally feeling terrible about the way they look and blaming everyone and everything but themselves.

I could never look like that, I don't have time..I'm too busy..I don't have the genetics..I'm happy with the way I am..I'm not fat, I'm BIG.

I keep walking hoping that a vacation photo will help them see the truth.

After lunch we go down to the rock pools and look for fish. Looking forward to a barbeque tonight of fresh fish and salads before settling down for the night with the fresh ocean breeze gently caressing my shorts only clad finely toned body. Yup no supersized T shirt for me this year.

Drifting off to sleep with a smile on my face as I think "I look and feel fantastic, I have got my life back..thank you Adam Waters.

Now... By the time we hit the ocean in 6 weeks time I will have visualised that day so many times that my body will find ways to eat cleaner, train harder and think smarter because the mind cannot differentiate between a real and an imagined experience and I will look and feel just like I see it today. WOW, that is powerful.

Write you own script, AND MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Week Eleven, Day 6

Day 6 - DDS

Abs/Cardio all exercises with 15kg/33lbs on my chest
Giant sets (all sets done one after the other )
x 4 sets 12

decline crunches oblique
flat crunches
Hanging leg lifts

Cardio. numbers are speed per km and each one is for 1 minute.

Warm up for 5 minutes
6 Cool down

6am - Protein bar water/creatine ethel ester
8.30am - Protein shake water/coffee
9am - Cardio water
10am - Scrambled eggs, tomato. water, skinny cappucino
12.30 - Protein smoothy with 2 bananas, tbspn peanut butter, teaspoon honey
4.00pm - As above
7.30pm - Sushi

Not really bad eating, just lazy. Hey it's saturday it's been a long week.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Week Eleven, Day 5

Day 5, DDS (Dougal's different Shred)

My girlfriends son looked up at me last night and exclaimed "Dougal do your realise that I will be seven tomorrow." I smiled at him knowing that tomorrow he would have his party at girlfriends country residence, she has a big garden. Jumping castles, water slides....we can do that because it's summer here and a beautiful summer day it is (sorry had to throw that in).

It suddenly occured to me that this precious little boy with exitement shining in his eyes would sleep fitfully and would wish tomorrow would come as soon as possible. The thing was..he was living in the moment. He was so focussed on the fact that this was his time, nothing else mattered.

He could clearly visualise what was going to happen almost as if it was happening right before those shining eyes.

As we grow we tend to lose that skill. It gets knocked out of us at school. Write on the lines. Do not go outside the borders of the page.

What a shame since IMAGINATION is the greatest gift that we have been given and we need to learn how to get it back.

Visualisation is critical for you to get to where you want to go. Those of us on a tranformation journey MUST be able to see ourselves as we want to if it were today.

Once you can do that the subconscious starts it's work and finds ways to get us there.

The great fun though is in the journey.... The highs and lows, the triumphs and the tragedies...for once you get to your destination..... Then what.

That little boy has imagined this day for ages...he has sold his mother on the outline of what he wants to do with his friends on his birthday, for a long time. He has dreamed grand dreams of sailing down a water slide and bouncing off the jumping castle walls. Of eating cake and opening presents, of happy laughter and smiling faces.

And so it will be. He saw it long before it actually happened.

We can learn a lot from Children.


6.00am Protein/water/creatine ethyl ester + 2 gl water
9.30am Scrambled egg/avocado/red chili sauce/onion... wrap
Beet/cucumber/wheatgrass/carrot/apple smoothy (mmmmm!)
1.00pm Black pepper low fat cottage cheese/ff flavoured yoghurt/almonds
4.00pm Pre training Protein shake/glutamine/water
5.00pm Train water, lots
5.00pm Creatine/water
8.00pm chicken breast/steamed veg

Training. 6 sets x 3 reps all exercises supersets (90 secs rest between each set)
Good form, go heavy

close grip chins (15kg dumbell added to bodyweight)

Side raises (laterals) 15kgs/33lbs each hand

Wide grip pulldowns 97.5kgs/214.5lbs
Dumbell Chek press (complicated to explain)
21kgs/46.2lbs each hand

Towel bicep curls (wrap a hand towel around a dumbell) 19kgs/41.8lbs each hand
Try this one yourself, it's cool
(a fun exercise, easy on the hands and good for stabiliser muscles)


9/11/07 Wt 95.8kgs/210.7 BF 12.3% LBM 84kgs/184.8lbs

16/11/07 exactly the same as above (go figure)
I'm not stressing about it, since I KNOW it will be down next week.


I was in two minds to do this but eventually decided to show it to all of you. My rational for this is...I have a belief that if I come across something of value I have a duty to share it with as many people as possible. Following that statement, as you all know I am an avid goals setter...have been all my life and during that time I have developed a dream book to remind me and keep me focussed on my goals. I also have a dream board with pictures that I have painstakingly cut out and pasted to give me a visual reminder.

Well...the other day I came across this amazing product and it's one of those times where I feel that I want to pass it on to all of you because I honestly believe that if YOU are a goal setter this will make a tremendous difference to how you visualise your goals.

PLEASE, if any of the above relates to you, click on the banner above and take a look at this great tool. I think it's amazing.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Week Eleven, Day 4

Day 4, DDS

Eat your hearts out those with winter creeping up under the door and blowing shivers down your spine.
My day went something like this...Train clients from early morning, meet a friend for Cappucin0, around 10 ish ...yes yes it was froth not cream and no there was no sugar in it, and yes of course the milk was skim milk, at Mugg and Bean (alias Starbucks) head to Virgin Active for my cardio workout, train my butt off, loved it then headed back to my place for a swim and a little suntanning, the water was....swimmalicious. How great does it feel getting a little sun on your back . Warms you right through.

Anyway I digress. Abs today with 3 x 15 of Oblique crunches on a decline board, flat crunches, and hyperextensions done as supersets and all with a 15kg/33lb weight. That'll getting your abs tightening up.

Onto the T/mill for a different routine today. This one is pretty much BFL but it still works for me.

Minute 1 - 5k (walk)
2 -5k
3 -8k (run)
4 -9k
5 -10k
6 -11k
7 -8k
8 -9.5k
9 -11k
20-6 (walk)

It really went smoothly and with some positive self talk I really enjoyed it. Just felt cool today.


5.45am Protein/water/glutamine + 2 glasses water
9.30am Protein/oats/ff flavoured yoghurt + 2 glasses water
11 am cardio 1 ltr water
12.30pm Tuna/black olive low fat yoghurt + 2 glasses water
3.30pm Black pepper low fat cottage cheese/ff flavoured yoghurt + 2 gl water
7.30pm grilled chicken breast/steamed vegetable + 2 gl sparkling water.

I tend to eat less on cardio days and also cut down on carbs. You may have noticed that I do not eat a lot of starchy carbs, there is no reason for this other than I don't really need them. I do well on salads and steamed veggies. I don't restrict them and occasionally I'll eat a baked potato, basmati rice or the like but I'm getting all the nourishment I need from what I'm eating right now's all good.

On my saturday posting I'll include my weight, BF% and lean mass and do a comparison from last saturday so that I can make sure I'm moving forward.

That's my lot all you friendly people....Oh.. and you lurkers who visit quietly and watch from the bleachers...thanks for popping in, but please come in and leave a comment or two. If there is any other information you would like to see on the blog about my "Journey" please include a quick comment and you'll get an answer.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Week Eleven, Day 3

Day 3 - DDS

Hey everybody...heading towards day 4 already and I'm loving it. Another day of clean eating and honest training and I KNOW I'm getting leaner and more muscular.


5.45am 40gms Protein/H2O + 2 glasses water
8.30am 40gsm Protein/Skim Milk over 3 tablespoons oats + ff flavoured yoghurt and handful unsalted raw almonds + water
12.00pm 2 slices wholewheat bread + FF cottage cheese and tomato +water
3.30pm Pre workout Protein 40gms/water
5.45pm Creatine + water
5.45pm TRAIN + water, lots
6.20pm 40gms Protein/water + 2 bananas (ripe) +water
9.00pm 35gms tuna fish + salad + water


Supersets 30 secs rest between each set. 2 sets x 25 reps

Snatch grip deadlifts


Step ups on high box

Again, don't make the mistake of thinking that this is a woosy workout it's not. It takes about 25minutes and you know you have worked your legs when you finish.

The leg workout is however easier than I'm used to since because of my periodisation I have just come off 8 weeks of really hard leg work.


I'm feeling really up about training and I'm feeling really good about my self and that folks is a GOOD thing.

Train hard



I just want to encourage "hardgainers" of which there are a couple in the "originals team". I know how hard it is to train like crazy, eat clean and seem to grow at snail pace.

The pic above is my good friend and training partner Mark. I have been training Mark for about four years now and the 2007 pic is as a result of 100% solid training and clean eating. I have devised many different programes over the years and mostly periodised his training to solely focus on growth. I think I can safely say we achieved that in a big way.

There is no secret here, just hard work and persitant consistency. NO DRUGS were used in the making of this body.

It's hard to see but the man is large. About 6ft 3in and around 100kgs of solid.
I sincerely hope this encourages those who may be feeling a bit down about their progress.
Remember there is no finish line in this game.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Week Eleven, Day 2


Into day 2 and feeling fantastic. Had a wonderful cardio session today preceded by my ab workout.


Giant sets (more than 2 sets one after the other) 4 sets of 12 reps of each exercise, then rest for 30 seconds.

Oblique twists on a decline board

Flat crunches

hanging leg lifts


Cardio (all times are in Kilometres per hour)

Minute 1 - 5 walk

2 - 5.5

3 - 6

4 - 6.5

5 - 7 run

6 - 8

7 - 11

8 - 8

9 - 12











19-6 Walk


This routine is challenging enough for me so as to be effective. My heart rate runs on average about 128 which is about 85% of max. This may seem low but bear in mind my resting HR is 35. So the spread is pretty normal.

As long as I'm losing body fat I'm cool with that.

I do a different routine on thursday so I'll fill you in then.

What has fueled my machine today:-

5.45am - 40gms protein/water + 2 glasses water (creatine ethyl ester)

8.45am - 40gmsprotein + Glutamine/skim milk + 3 tbspns oats + small tub FF flavoured yoghurt + 2 glasses water

11.15am CARDIO/ABS

12.15pm - 2egg, 1 egg white omelette + raw veggie salad with mussels

3.30pm - FF Cottage cheese + 1 apple

7.00pm - 40gms protein shake No carbs (fallback since my eating plans were changed)

and that's my day done.

Oh're obviously wondering what the heck the picture is. This is one of my clients...what makes you think I take them to their limits. LOL (pic with her permission)

See ya tomorrow.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Week Eleven, Day 1

Day 1 - DDS (dougal's different shred)

Most of you who come here regularly will know by now pretty much how my head works, so I thought it may be an idea to talk about my training and what I put into my system to support that. I did a small but HIGH QUALITY survey to see who might be interested. The response was positive so here is day one.

Lest, I get carried away with my own importance, I need to remind myself why I started this. It was to hold myself accountable once and for all, after a long hiatus, whilst stumbling around in the wilderness of, well let's say, something less than mediocrity as far as my own health was concerned.

So here I stand with two weeks to run of my first 12 week transformation plan.

I am glad you, albeit, politely said...yeah go ahead, show us what you are eating... because I am doing it as much for me, actually more for me than for you. Thank you Joni for bringing me back to reality. She actually reminded of this by saying. If it's going to help you, do it.
Well it is and I am.

5.30am - 40gms Protein shake. 2 glasses water (on waking)(creatine ethyl ester )
8.15am - 40gms Protein/200mls skim milk over 3 tablespoons oats. (2 glss H2O)
11.00am - 2 Pieces wholewheat bread spread with cottage cheese ff and tomato
+ raw vegetable salad drizzled with PV olive oil (2 glsses water)
1.30pm - Fresh mussel salad (2 glasses wtr)
4.00pm - 40gms Protein shake with glutamine and handful raw unsalted almonds
(pre training) (2 glsses water)
6.15pm - Creatine ( special mix with water - shaker)
6.15pm - TRAINING (water lots)
6.50pm - 40gms protein shake + 2 bananas (immedaitely post workout)
9.00pm - Chicken breast grilled - raw veg.

All exercises 3 x 12 (201 tempo) Superset with 60 secs rest between each set.
Reverse grip bent over rows
Incline Barbell Bench Press

Seated wide grip rows (palms facing)
Flat dumbell bench press (palms facing)


My routine is not a random set of exercises and is very carefully chosen to challenge multiple body parts. Muscles do not work in isolation and therefore I prefer to exercise as many of them in unison with one exercise. Obviously therefore, I am very much in favour of compound exercises as opposed to isolation exercises. I use periodisation and as you time goes by you will see I mix up sessions every time with reps and sets, as well as changing routines as often as I need to to keep the body guessing. (I cannot take credit for this design which must go to Alwyn Cosgrove who I consider to be one of the smartest trainers on the planet)

It took me 30 minutes of serious focus and a lot of effort. I feel shattered but thrilled with my performance. (9/10)

I promised to post pics mon, wed and fri, as well as sunday for Adam, so here is day 1.

See ya on the morrow.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Week Ten, day 7

Tomorrow starts a new accountability shred of a different flavour for me personally.
The "Originals" have spoken. Well...some of them have. I asked if anyone would be at all interested in knowing what I am eating on a daily basis...exactly, and there were some positive replies. There were also some requests for my training schedules so I'll do both.
Here is my commitment:

I'll post my training schedule and my eating plan on a daily basis with stats once a week so that we can all guage whether I'm moving forward. But I'll throw in a bonus, I'll post pics on Mon, Wed and Fri and will include a sunday pic for Adams weekly shred as well.

I'm heading into week 11 of my first 12 week trasnformation journey, so this will be a 14 day surge for the final two weeks.

See you tomorrow for "The journey, part 1,The final two weeks."

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Week ten, day 6


Yesterday on the way to the gym for cardio I dropped my car key. The micro chip in the key did not like that too much and decided not to start the car.

OK, stay calm. Phoned the dealer who talked me through a process of immobilising the immobiliser and alarm which by now had neighbours peering through windows whilst this thing was piercing a hole in the ozone with it's wailing.

Stress mounting.

Finally, "OK Sir we'll send someone round to have a look."

By now my schedule is shot and I'm struggling to contain my frustration.

Worse to come.

The agent tows my car to the dealership where I am told "There is nothing we can do now Sir, we'll let you know in the morning." Oh right of course it's 5.03pm, they close at 5pm.

Now my shcedule is completely gone. I can't get to clients, I can't get to my....well actually I can't do anything.

What about my cardio. In the old days I would have blown it off, but I have a commitment to all of you to complete all my workouts and isn't it funny how that immediately popped loudly into my mind.

I have to admit, I wrestled with it for a while. ...10 minutes later I was running around my neighbourhood with gusto having a lot of fun. I'd forgotten how great it was to run in the fresh air and also how hard it is on your legs.

Next morning I got the chilling news from the dealer. "Unfortunately Sir your key is not repairable. We'll have to order a new one from Germany." "Ok," I respond, "when will it get here." "10 days Sir."...." What, 10 ten days. "

All my manifesting", positive thinking, attracting what I think about most, came to nought. The car is off the road for 10 days....MAN.

I am not married, I live alone and I have one car. My mountain bike was looking more attractive by the minute.

Phoned my girlfriend who calmly the smart intelligent woman she is...Ask your insurance company for a loaner.....Next thing "Certainly Sir, what time would you like a vehicle delivered." girl my girfriend.

So..... I'm now driving a brand you Toyota Yaris. For those of you who are not familiar with a small, make that very small japanese vehicle, this car does not require a parking bay. I can either take it into the gym with me put it in my pocket or park it in a motor cycle bay.

Truthfully it's quite fun zipping around in it and at least the mountain bike can rest easy for a while longer.

Moral of the story. Always make sure you have eventualities like this covered and keep your commitments no matter what happens.

You'll feel a heck of a lot better about thing if you do.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Week ten, day 5

What Now?

Hmmm...what should I do now. You know that feeling when something has filled your life and all of a sudden it's not there any more. You feel a void and instead of just chilling for a while you must find something to do.

Well I've discovered that the kind of accountability you get with doing something daily is invaluable so I wanted to find out whether anyone was interested in knowing what I eat on a daily basis and if so I'll post that daily for the next 2 weeks which will bring me to the end of my first 12 weeks of this journey.

So post comments if you are interested and I'll do it.

BTW, I'm so used to posting pics that I thought I'd post my pics from 10weeks ago to yesterdays final shred pic.

Let me know what you think.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Week Ten,Day 4


Final, round 1 (07)

WOW! what a ride. I sit and ponder, in is it possible that 14 short days can create so much change in people's lives. Let me attempt to articulate my journey.

14 days ago I was blogging on a regular basis. I had been doing so daily for 8 weeks, now 10. I had committed and was enjoying it. Now, photographs daily...hmmm.

I took up the challenge and found out that:-


It's possible to genuinely make new friends and really get into people's lives. To know that there are still people who trust enough to bare their souls.

To realise that we all need to belong to a community, and that the love and support of those people is paramount to success in any venture.

To believe, again, that we can achieve whatever we want if we just put one foot in front of the other every day. Progress, not perfection...there is no such thing.

How fantastic would it be if we could all meet up for a fabulous get together in a year from now.


Any journey by it's very nature has to come to an end and this one has. I have a sense of sadness knowing that I may lose touch with some of the Shredder Council. "The Originals" The fact is that as time goes on this concept by Adam is going to get huge and if we have all committed to taking future shredders under our wing it's going to be physically impossible to be in regular contact with each other, and that is a sadness for me. Maybe a once a month webcam get together could work for the "Originals"


For the most part I have found that any challenge is doable once the commitment has been placed firmly in my heart. It becomes a living thing within me. I suppose the technology challenges have been the most frustrating thing for me. Getting to grips with the whole camera thing was an issue, but it seems so far away now as to be irrelevent. The band width thingy has been my biggest frustration. Writing my blog, answering comments, reading the "originals" blogs and commenting should be a 30min exercise...for me it has sometimes taken 1.5 hours. In fact I have taken to getting up before to get it all done, and my only saving grace is that I have WANTED to do it. Otherwise it would have driven me nuts.


I have renewed belief in myself. I once again have faith that if I start a job I CAN complete it. I have rediscovered a love and caring for myself that I now realise I had lost. In turn this has allowed me to care about others and that in turn has made my life so much more worth living. I have realised that photographs are the ONLY way to maintain confidence that you are heading in the right direction. Man I can SEE progress in my daily pics now. I would never have thought that possible before. Now I KNOW I'm heading in the right direction and not just guessing. I now know that I have COURAGE. How else would you explain being able to grit your teeth and allow the whole planet to see you as a BLOB at the beginning of your journey. When you have no secrets, no one can have power over you. When people have seen you at your absolute worst with very little clothing on....what else could you possibly be scared of.

So as one chapter closes and a new one opens my heartfelt thanks go out to the entire Shredder Council - "The Originals". You guys got me through. Well done to all of you for also getting through and conquering your own demons, what an achievment. You guys are all fantastic and I love each and every one of you.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Week Ten, Day 3


Already......just shows me that whether we commit to something or whether we don't the time is going to pass why not do it properly.

This shred has also confirmed how easy it is to get into good habits if you make an absolute commitment to accountability.

The pictures are the key. The camera doesn't lie. You ain't going to get away with it for very long if you are piously announcing to the world how righteous you are when behind the camera you are smashing blueberry pie into your face every day now are you.

As for training is going really well. Am training harder than I've ever trained eating is super clean and well structured and I'm drinking a lot of water.

Now please excuse me, my key lime pie is waiting.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Week Ten, day 2


Your level of happiness and peace depends on how much you are prepared to give.

I'm writing this for one person. I have no idea who you are or where on this beautiful planet you live but I know it's for you.

The only way to live your life completely is to take responsibility. A friend of mine has put a media campaign together in an effort to coax South Africans into caring for others and developing a giving attitude.

It's called LOVE and RESPECT and is a contract you sign with yourself to make yourself accountable (that word again) the message goes like this:-

I ............................ promise to love and respect, myself, my loved ones, my family, my friends, my fellow mankind, and all the people who visit our beautiful land.

By starting with myself, I take full responsibility for my actions, my life and my interactions with all living things around me.


It's amazing how your life changes when you decide that from this second on you are not going to blame anyone else, ever again for anything that goes wrong in your life.

"I'm sorry I was late for the meeting the traffic was hectic" Hmmm, perhaps you should have left earlier.

"I am so busy I don't have time to exercise" My diary is always free 45 minutes before I wake up.

"So and so made me do this" No one can make you do anything, you allow them to.

You get the picture.

We cannot control external circumstances like, the weather, the traffic, rude people etc but we can control the one thing that is MOST important in our lives....what's inside our head and what WE CHOOSE to put in there. Guard your mind closely, it's your most important asset.

If YOU, and you know who you are, are having a down day, take responsibility for the way you feel, for there is a very simple foolproof solution. Pick up your mobile, access your contacts list and scroll until a name jumps out at you. Phone that person and tell them you were thinking of them, you care for them and you just wanted them to know that. You will find that it uplifts you instantly but what you don't know is how much it will do for them.

Go on DO IT NOW....No not later NOW.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Week Ten, day 1

Monday morning, early, 4 .15am, still dark, the sound of silence is deafening. Normal people are still asleep. If they are awake it's because they have an early flight to catch, a deadline to meet, or...they just couldn't sleep. THEY ARE GRUMPY.

I on the other hand, step outside into the crisp pre dawn and breath the country the air is fresh, I can hear the lions growling restlessly at the Lion Park across the valley. The dogs ignore me and continue snoring gently, they could care less that I'm on my way to the gym.

No matter, I AM HAPPY, not just happy but HAPPY...deep down happy, getting up at 4.15am, I am really really.

That's because, I am a certified fitness professional and I'm on my way to a place where I make a difference in peoples lives. Now that turns me a big way. The fact that 9 weeks ago I was horribly out of shape means nothing. I still know how to do the job and I do it well, I have the client base to prove it. In fact it is a bonus for my clients. I KNOW what it's like to be where they are...I CAN relate.

There is another reason I'm so happy...I made the choice....I made the choice to be a fitness professional. I created my own life. I am also a very successful property invester. I created that too. I have the life of my dreams.
Why am I telling you all this.....In South Africa right now it is almost impossible for a white male over the age of 50 to get any kind of employment...Fact..and if I, into my 50's, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, with a messy expensive divorce directly behind me..future prospects bleak, can rebuild from scratch a life that I have created for myself.....that I LOVE.....


If what you do for a living is a reason for getting down, on a sunday afternoon, and the reason why you are looking for excuses to get out of going to work on monday, and if you can't get out of it, dreading something about.

If you see this as condemnation or judgement, don't....change your attitude, then take responsibility for your own life (if you don't who will, no one else gives a damn) and create the life YOU want.

Do it now.........Oh yes you can. Yes you can.


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Week Nine, day 7


Hey Council, how're we doing on this gorgeous, sunny, warm South African sunday morning. Sorry readers from the US, I know it's getting cold, but you did just have your turn.

Got a whole bunch of fun things to do today so won't waste your time on some nonsensical drivel of a dissertation about the health and mating habits of a South American subatomic irquian sub-saharan green eyed sixteen toed mollusk....

Don't worry I AM ok, just in playful and somewhat foolish mood.

Heading off for a pleasant outdoor cafe type lunch with a statuesquely elegant, ravishingly beautiful woman, where I'll be looking for a restaurant that will serve me a delicate white china plate, lovingly placed on a white linen table cloth and filled with finely sliced fresh game carpaccio.

Garnished with slightly drizzled pure virgin olive oil, a few sprigs of fresh rocket, a soupcon of thinly sliced parmesan and washed down with a crystal glass filled with ice cold sparkling perrier delicately tinged with a hint a freshly squeezed lemon.

Oh yeah.... I'm good to go.

See ya monday.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Week Nine, day 6


Adam Waters...G'day mate, was talking about discipline in his latest video (which took about 1 hour to download - I'm not kidding).

My take on this enigmatic subject is this. The amount of discipline you require, to accomplish a difficult task is directly proportional to the level committment you are prepared to devote.

And, the level of committment you are prepared to devote is directly proportional to, how close you are to rock bottom.

My personal experience related to this subject is like this. As the years went by from the time I started training, I would make a committment on a friday evening to start a transformation on a monday morning, having thought about it for a few days. Come monday, go through the motions for a few days, or even weeks, and then completely lose the plot at a party over the weekend.

So, whilst I, in my confused mind, thought, Ahh it's OK, I'm an experienced trainer, Heck, I'm a fitness professional, I'll just bulk a bit more and start cutting for the summer season on the beach.

What...(self talk) after a few weeks of this, "You idiot, what are you doing, you are just getting fatter."

My committment to the "lean project" at that time was clearly not matched by my discipline. In other words, I had not yet reached rock bottom. It was more pleasurable for me to party than it was to feel the pain of failing yet again and staying FAT.

At the same time I would tell myself " Dude, you are fat, and getting fatter, you have lost control." The more I said this the more it happened. (I happen to believe that you attract what you think about most.)

At some stage this has to change, if you really desire change.

For me it was a case of "when the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear". How prophetic was it when I stumbled across Adam Waters amazing blog. I can't even remember how that happened.

What I do know, is that at that point 9 point nine weeks ago, I had reached rock bottom, but I needed support and a mechanism to help me climb back up that mountain that I had fallen off.

Adam suggested blogging for accountability. I saw the benefit but was cautious. I have an extremely busy life and this was just another THING to have to do.

At least I was smart enough to realise that "the teacher had appeared" and I committed. Guess what: It wasn't that hard. I found that I enjoyed being accountable to, well, pretty much whoever wanted to visit, on the planet. Which they have.

Then came the shred. Again, WOW, ANOTHER THING. But again as Adam has alluded to, as you get used to the disciplines you take on they become easier. And I now love it. I have made wonderful new friends, to whom I feel very close and I'm never even met them.

This has taught me so much about myself. I used to be a procrastinater. Now, I am forced out of that pattern because I have committed, and I honour that.

Now, I do what has to be done when it has to be done, and that is my lifetime affirmation.

This project has taken me wayyyy beyond, fat loss. It has changed my life.

For that Adam Waters, I thank and Salute you my friend. You are my teacher, and I thank you for appering, when I was ready.

Friday, November 2, 2007


I'm feeling FANTASTIC today...Think it shows?

Week Nine, day 5


What has surprised me.

At the start of this shred I knew, because of the overwhelming popularity of Adam Waters' blog that there would be a number of people wanting to participate in the shred. What has surprised me is, that given the number of people viewing Adam's blog on a regular basis, there were so few people willing to take on a challenge. I have also been surprised at the stickability of the "Faithful Shred Council". The people involved in this shred are people living in the "real world" and are "real people". People with integrity, values and principles. People that I'm certainly very proud to be associated with. Making a committment means something to all of us, and once started will definately be successfully completed.

What are my personal milestones

Considering, like Adam, the number of times I've unsuccessfully started a challenge, reaching the end of 9 weeks and 8 days of shredding are personal milestones that I am overjoyed to have arrived at and past. Onwards and Upwards.

What victories have I posted

The simple act of seeing through a committment like this is a big victory for me because of my history of failure in this aspect of my life. Call it like it is Dougal "Failure". However, I'm starting to believe in my own integrity again, and as the days go by, I start to love and value myself more and more. As I do that my relationships get better and better. These are HUGE VICTORIES for me.

What challenges have I faced

Isn't it easier not to take on a challenge than make a big committment, and it is a big committment. Taking daily pics and getting them ready for the blog on a daily basis is not some small thing. Those reading this, who are not part of the shred, don't underestimate the complexity and time committment given to this challenge. For me personally it wasn't the shred so much as the technical issues such as: How am I going to shoot these pics (I have no digital camera), how am I going to make them consistent. When will I find time. (I, like all of you, am really busy.)
How will I meet my support promise with the ridiculous constraints of my broadband service provider.

At the end of it all, I am reminded however that any challenge, difficulty, irritation is do-able if you have the will to want to.

I am reminded that "I can do anything I want to" and that this brilliant idea that we can credit Adam Waters with, is simply a metaphor for this thing we call Life and living.

And.....I love LIFE.

AND....The pic indicates how I feel today.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


By the way...whilst we are all shredding like crazy I thought it might be interesting for you to see where I started my journey 9 weeks ago. It seems like yesterday and I can't believe that I actually looked like that.

Week Nine, day 4


Hard to believe we've all been at this for a week. I feel like we've been communicating forever.

Yesterday I felt like I was going backwards, today I feel great. I suppose that kinda mirrors life. Reaction to these feelings is what ensures happiness...or not.

Personally I've learned over the years to be grateful for anything that is thrown at me. Good stuff is cool, bad stuff I can learn from. I've also learned that I would not appreciate the beautiful warmth from the sun if I hadn't experienced nights alone in the bitterly cold bushveld of Zimbabwe, and that, completely relates to LIFE.

LIFE is good and I LOVE LIVING

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Week Nine, day 3

RTP GROUP SHRED DAY 4 err, no 3, umm oh no sorry it's DAY 6

Hey guys...I'm still around. Refuse to let some minor glitch make me quit. Absolutely not.

So here is day 6.

Thank you to all of you for your continued support. Don't give up on me I'm still here.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Week Nine, day 2

Firstly an apology. Every intention was to reply to and support everybody that is on the shred. I really do appreciate the support and do not want to be seen to be selfish or uncaring.

Broadband in South Africa SUX. From early am until late in the evening it is mindbogglingly difficult to keep a connection.'s a scenario. Access the comments, choose to publish, hit send. Drop the connection. Try again. ahhh, connected...write out comments for all the shredders (half an hour) and hit send. Wait 10 minutes for data to transfer. THEN THE CONNECTION GETS DROPPED AGAIN....Grrrrrrrr. Start again and repeat at least 3 times. By then I've missed 3 meals.

OK let's visit shredder blogs. Same story x 10. I mean, I can have two of my one on one clients come into the gym, train and walk out without me even knowing they have been (well not really, but you get my point.)

At the end of all this I GIVE UP. It takes me an hour and a half to do something that in the US should take no more than 15 minutes.

I am going to try and find somebody with a serious connection so that I can chat with all of you.

In the mean time - oh look, I've got an hour spare (ha ha) let me quickly post my day 5 pics.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Week nine, day 1


Monday morning and first thing I'm thinking about is my day 4 shred pic...boy how life has changed. This has become a big focus for me but in a good way. It's brought everything into sharp focus as well. Am becoming more committed to doing other things in my life with focus as well.

However I will always remember " Progress not perfection, there is only one perfect person, and he does not live on this planet."

Group shredders, give it your best today. GO TEAM, have a great week.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Just coz it's sunday thought I'd drop in a pic of me taking
the man and woman of the year..... my precious little people to lunch. See ya, tomorrow.

Week 8, day 7


Sunday - nice lazy day day today...ummm, actually not ...leap out of bed, throw on some threads, jumps into the wheels and head for the gym....why?

Coz it's photo day - that's it day 3.

Thought I had this thing covered but when it came to putting pic 3 where pic 2 used to be I started getting confused.... again. Well I'm just a simple lad, got it down eventually.

So pic done, I'm taking my kids to lunch.
THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR AWESOME SUPPORT. IT REALLY HELPS KNOWING THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE ALL OVER THE PLANET SHOUTING FOR YOU...AS I AM FOR ALL OF YOU. KEEP GOING , 11 more days. I wonder how many of us will keep going. It certainly does keep you on the straight and narrow.

Have a fantastic sunday...see ya tomorrow.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Week eight, Day 6

RTP Group Shred - Day 2

Now to get these darn pics side by side. Step one take day 2 pic. Ok done, piece a cake compared with yesterday. Just made a few adjustments to the height of the camera and the angle etc. Shot the pic. Oooops, looks a little different. Hmmm..shows what happens if you don't mark everything properly.

Anyway..since I don't have time today to reset the whole thing again, I'm sure you get the picture LOL.

Don't know how I'm going to get this thing done tomorrow since I live 20 mins from the gym where these were taken, but I WILL make a plan.

Well done all of you in the group shred, and big up for the courage it takes to expose yourself, literally when you/we are not in the best shape. But guess what, before we know it we will be

Friday, October 26, 2007

Week eight, day 5


Christy - this is especially for you. Here's how Dougal got his pic done in time.

No camera, no tripod, no person to take the pic, 3 hours to deadline. And I just know Adam is standing waiting with a big whip.

Hmmm....Oh I know, I've just got a new mobile with a pretty cool camera. OK, where the heck is the manual. Oh right, ok, self we are getting somewhere.

Find an empty room in the gym, lock the door and go to work with "Prestik" (a kind of maleable putty) Stick the prestik on the window of the solitary room, standing around in my underwear, feeling really foolish. If only you could see me now.

Stick the camera to the window, set the timer, press the shutter, step back and smile. Cliiick, great let's have a look.

Hmmm, great pic of the garden outside. I had the camera the wrong way round. Ok..again. Set it up, Click...

Superb pic of half of my size 10 feet. Ok, can't send that.

Fast forward one hour and here is the result. Not the best pic I've ever taken but it'll get better.

Now to edit the thing and get it onto this post.

Another hour - hey I'm a finess professional OK.

Anyway Adam, here is day 1.

Committment complete - now about tomorrow

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Week eight, day 4


So Adam Waters group shred starts tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. It seems that this blog has allowed me to be less cautious of committment. When one plans to do..well, anything it's a question of starting. That's it, just start.

So, that is exactly what I'm doing with this challenge. My thought process has been...can it help me get to my goal quicker..and the answer is a resounding YES.

So I got my head around it, made the committment - to Adam, and now I need to work out the logistics. Like, I live alone most of the time and stay at my girlfriends place a couple days a week. I do not have a tripod, do not have a digital camera and am not about to ask a passing person every day to take a shot of my semi nekkid sirree.

I'm still not comfortable undressed in front of strangers so going public will be a real stretch for me but I will do whatever it takes to get the "lean for Life" job done.

I WILL work out the details because I HAVE MADE THE COMMITTMENT and I will absolutely honour that committment

So check back tomorrow to see how I plan to get the pics done. Right now I don't even know.