Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The Semi-Nude wandering minstral

You might be forgiven for thinking I'm trying a new angle to take my show on the road.

Actually I wanted to illustrate that I, like everybody else, have other interests. For you it may be reading...or writing...and by the way those are both things that I love to do...but no, I'm talking about music.

I love music and have done all my life. When I was around 20, in between stints in the bush in the, then Rhodesia I owned and ran a Mobile Disco...Yes they were all the rage even then. I had a lot of fun, made some money, and learned a lot about music.

Nowadays although I love to listen I also love to play....and as you can see in my picture today, acoustic guitar is my thing.

Now, I love blues genius like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Gary Moore and BB king and songs like Parisienne Walkways and Smoke on the water and Stairway to heaven, Hendrix's All along the watchtower and watching him play Hey Joe with his teeth but I also love ballads and of course I grew up with the Beatles.

Music feeds my soul and if I ever feel a bit down music is what picks me up. I go to sleep most nights with music being fed into my ears via Ipod.

It doesn't work for me but I see lots of people listening to music in the gym and that's cool.....

......But I need to concentrate on what I'm doing and whilst I am busting a gut on a very hard aerobic functional training day, I doubt I would even hear a note...unless it was the unpleasant melody of a BIG plate falling off one side of the Olympic bar. these trying times in which we live, find something that is a release for you....apart from physical exercise and clean eating that is.....maybe guitar is for you....Give it a try and let's see if we have another Eric Clapton within our misdst.

Have a fabulously musical day

Thursday, October 22, 2009


What is it about health and fitness........

........ that scares people off. Is it because they think it's going to hurt, or be boring, or too time consuming, or they won't keep it up.

I don't know the answer to that question but what I do know is that once you've made a commitment to transform your body and your mind, by the way, everything changes.

So it ends up not being about a beach body but more about getting your life in order from the top down.

When you have a plan, and you are accountable, procrastination is no longer an issue in your life.
If you are accountable and you belong to a team neither is mediocrity an issue either.

Training in the gym, swimming actually, this morning my thoughts were on the people I am accountable to and how I owed them my very best. I gave my very best and guess what...I had a fantastic session which benefitted...ME.

If we applied these principles to everything in our lives, every day would be so much simpler.

Have a lovely day, your choice.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I LOVE rugby and it's obvious who my team is (The World Champions)....but if you visit me at all you already know that.

The amount of rugby played annually around the world is immense but specifically in the southern hemisphere is crazy.

The year starts with the Super 14.... 14 southern hemisphere teams made up from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa....more than 3 months of super intense rugby. A South African team is the super 14 champion this year

Then we had the British and Irish Lions rugy tour. Which we won.

Then came the tri nations competition....which we won.

Now we are in the middle of domestic rugby...The currie cup competititon which a South African team will definately win. LOL.

And then...............comes The Springbok tour of England.......

ooooh.....shivers run down my spine at the very thought of it.

But getting back to reality....that is the VERY physical game of rugby for almost the whole year with very few breaks in between.

These guys are absolutely world class athletes and train very scientifically with all the latest equipment, coaches and techinical staff and that's how they manage to play at top level most of the time.

We however.....are not...

We need to pace ourselves. If we are to enjoy a lifetime of health and fitness...periods of interval resistance training, strength training, hypertrophy and other forms of training are very necessary and at regular intervals. Rest, I believe, personally to be necessary as well, not only for the body but the mind.

Our minds get bored and tired of doing the same thing day in and day out and the best way to fix this is an annual schedule.

Periodise your training over the course of a year and plan for the whole year ahead. That way you know you won't get bored but you also won't be in the position of not knowing what to do, when a mission is complete.

Plan rest periods, different kinds of cardio exercise and so on...take your time, make it fun...and you'll find that come the end of next will be THE MACHINE you always wanted to be....AND....the lifestyle will have become a habit.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


FORM is everything

I am learning a new skill. I have been pecking at a keyboard for 44 years now and I'm pretty quick...but I make a lot of mistakes and have to go back to correct them all the time. That's inefficient.

So...I decided yesterday to learn a new skill...or more correctly to change inefficient poor FORM.

In other words I'm teaching myself to touch type. See, as well as being a Health and Fitness professional I am a writer....makes sense doesn't it.'s fun.....learning a new skill or correcting poor form turned into a game is great way to accelerate progress and I reckon it won't be long before I am an expert touch typist.

Poor form in resistance training is also a BIG no no and your progress will be severly hampered if you are not sure about whether you are doing an exercise correctly or not.

Let me explain. Barbell Bench press for example is a compound exercise intended to exercise the "Pectoralis major " muscle with the secondary muscle being triceps. Since no muscle works in isolation there are other muscle groups involved but in BB BP the chest is your primary focus and everybody knows that don't they.

Or is it....If you go into the bench press position with your hands too close together all of a sudden it places a lot more emphasis onto the Triceps and the chest does not get the work it should.

Another good example is Tricep pushdowns. The correct form in order to isolate the tricep is to stand up straight with your shoulders down and back before you extend your arms downwards. But you'll see all the 'big boys' bent right over the bar using the whole stack and pushing down with the uppers lats and deltoids, otherwise known as back and shoulders..Yes the triceps are getting work but nowhere as efficiently as they should.

The message is....don't do what the monsters are doing and....make sure that your form is correct all the time....if you are going to spend time in the gym every day....make it worthwhile.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


You CANNOT push the river

Only one thing swims up stream and it's not us. Fish.....The mighty trout/salmon...swims up stream to spawn....and then some of them die.

Not what we would want for ourselves so then WHY do we try and 'push the river'

I don't mean go with the flow necessarily but sometimes we need to because that's how we get to where we are going the quickest.

We have a lot of accidents in South Africa caused by Taxi's colliding with cars. ( taxi's defined as minibuses in SA) Johannesburg is an absolute cowboy town and often Taxi's will simply drive against the flow of traffic in the wrong lane to get their fares to a destination expeditiously during rush hour...or any time really....and accidents occur. Sometimes weapons are drawn and a 'gunfight at the OK corral' happens.

I'm sure research would show that the taxi's don't actually get their quicker than anyone else...that's if they make it at all.

And so what has this to do with health and fitness. Well...there are certain times when it is NOT advisable to exercise.

When you have FLU matters not whether it is in viral or bacterial stage, if your heart rate is up.....DON'T DO ANYTHING.

When you become bacterial however and an upper respitory tract infection rears it's ugly head....use the opportunity to chill in bed for a couple of days....and let dad/mom do all the work.

Certainly no can easily damage the heart muscle and cause serious if not permanent damage my messing with it.

You are 'outside of your circle of influence' rest up...that's what you should be doing.

Do not think about work....the kids....preparing food...etc, just plain old rest. Allow your mind get stressed out about the dozens of things you have to do and you'll get worse.

Let mind and body work together to heal you and you will get better when you get better.

Don't try and 'push the river' Leave that to the fish

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Standing on the shoulders of giants.

Why are there so few giants...Lack of confidence...maybe maybe not. Laziness maybe....maybe not.....No desire, maybe... maybe not.....and what makes a giant, Zest for life...absolutely....wanting to learn...definately, being the best unequivically.....and quinetessentially...all of those.

What am I talking about. YOUR LIFE is what.

If health and fitness is important in your life you make that MUST become a giant.
Why....because there are so many methodologies, some right some wrong, so many nutrition programmes some good some bad and so many ways of doing things some sane and some off the wall that shouldn't you at least know what you are doing and why.

Questioning is always the best way to learn and so is teaching.

So...what on earth am I talking about? I hear you asking with wrinkled brow and turned up eyes.

KNOWLEDGE....reading, learning and applying the knowledge you have, to being the best you can be. There are so many people globally who are doing so much scientific research on biomechanics and the way the body works and the knowledge that has come out of that, that it no longer makes sense to be training according to a the old bodybuilding routine. Split body parts....Chest, Back and Biceps and Shoulders, legs and Triceps. Why ask...the monsters still do that today....How do you know...have you ever seen one.

Today most of us are NOT bodybuilders, in the truest sense of the other words, we are not competing on the stage...So why are we doing what we do. become fit, healthy and strong. SO.....split body part routines are not for us because....Body parts do NOT work in isolation. Every muscle works with another muscle to provide a biomechanically sound movement. The way a human body moves is a miracle and should we therefore not assist it by training for life function rather than simply size and aesthetics.

What I mean is....Mom's should be simulating movement that equates to picking up kids, or moving a shopping cart around, or picking up shopping bags or cleaning house and doing washing etc.

There is even a name for it...functional training. Training for function and the theory of 'specificity' has been around a very long time. It says if you play basketball, train for basketball...don't be running 12 miles a day because you are wasting your time.

Supersetted Interval training with weights and a cardio component is the most efficient way to get strong and fit at the same time...and let's face it time is something most of us don't have enough of. Add in a fat loss, strength and hypertrophy component to the mix and you have all you need to get the results you want.

Think about what you are doing and if it's not working for you...change it, oh, and if you don't believe what I'm telling you....GOOGLE it.

You are worth your OWN research, not someone else's

Have a nice day

Monday, October 12, 2009


10 weeks until christmas....
or at least until most people head on vacation.

That's 70 days to get into shape before you bare all on the beach. Will you be ready.

DON'T say.... I'm so far off I have no chance... I might as well back off my eating and training a bit...I'll never make it. That's just another version of the "I'll start again on monday" syndrome.

That kind of thinking will take you deeper into that black hole that you are digging. You are planning to go to the beach, if you start today you will be a l o n g way towards your goal and you will have made heavy inroads into the extra weight you are carrying.

Isn't it better to look close to your best than to look exactly the same as you are now but carrying a whole lot more mental baggage....No brainer.

So...DON'T put it off for one more day....make your plans...or reinforce that what you are doing is right...and get going.

I have decided to train before my first client in the mornings from now until December and I started training this morning with my nephew. Had a fantastic session and nothing better than the thought of being in top shape 10 weeks from now but also helping my nephew to back into top condition as well.

I am human so I also have to admit to a tiny hint of saitisfaction that I breezed through the session whilst my nephew who is half my age was complaining that his heart was jumping out of his chest..... Kids. LOL

Friday, October 9, 2009


How is it MY FAULT...

I belong to a fantastic Health and Fitness forum called 'The Shreddersphere'...more like home really and I post into my 'Sphere' blog on a regular basis as well, which is why I post pictures of me in next to nothing in case you have been wondering. the single most motivating factor, for me to make progress and the reason why most people make progress.. I believe...

Next part of the picture is that word RESPONSIBILITY. Everything within our circle of influence is OUR responsibility. Of course it's your fault if you get fat and out of shape....Did someone else hold you down and force a 'BUD' or six and 3 burgers down your throat.

The fact that you didn't plan your meals last night and consequently downed three chocolate bars before anyone could see is whose fault exactly....

And so back to 'The Sphere'.......RTP-TS the health and Fitness program designed by Adam Waters, creator of the Sphere, sponsored a global physique competition a short while back and now that it is over things seem to have gone a little quiet in there.....

.....and the question is....what's happened in here and why is it so quiet?

The answer came from someone who has claimed absolutely amazing results on the program and is not afraid to call a spade a the nicest way possible of course.

If we want the Sphere to be the vibrant exciting supportive home that it was, then guess what...WE HAVE TO MAKE IT SO.

We are what made it in the first place. Adam provided the shell and we are what's inside the shell...WE need to take responsibility to make it hum again.

So my friend Saraaah has pledged to recommit herself to making a difference within the sphere and I do the same.

I will take daily pictures and post a blog Monday to Friday from now on. My Mission 3 has 38 days to run and I really want to see what progress I can make in those remaining days before I move onto mission 4.

Join me on the journey and perhaps I can be of service to you, in your journey to find superb Health and Fitness

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Get your HEAD on straight dude

Just a BLIP on the radar

As a I was explaining to a good friend yesterday...I cannot in all good conscience share the good without the bad.

I am certainly not superhuman and although most are great days...some aren't I wouldn't want to create the impression that they are.

So I choose to share my feelings with you when things are wonderful but also when things happen to be a bit off.

HOWEVER, sports fans.....the sun is shining again....the dark clouds have moved on and it's a new day...

Life is good.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


AFTERMATH what a weird feeling.

The week after the weekend after my 60th birthday.....and I feel feverish, headachy, and all the other nasties that happen with flu...Except that I also feel a little out of control, disconnected from the world, wanting to withdraw, a little fear, and a whole lot of other feelings that I am struggling to identify.

Maybe it's that getting to that milestone is an exciting place but when the day is done and everyone goes on about their business and you suddenly realise that....hey you are actually ok what now.

Maybe you suddenly realise that there are more years behind you than there are in front of you...maybe it's that you find you are attending more funerals than weddings and that you are having to repeat yourself more often with some of your friends.

Maybe it's the feeling of being a little less tolerant of certain things.....getting a little irritable when things aren't as you would want them and so on.

Now I know myself and I know that these feeling will pass in a day or two and I also know that I am fit and healthy and strong....which means what exactly

We all have to get through times that feel unfamiliar to us whether we like it or not....for some of us...introspection is not really's just a matter of riding it out.

For me.....I know that the sun will be shining...tomorrow, or maybe the next day...

...and if you hapen to be where I am...I hope will for you to.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


What is age.....some people are young at 60 others are old at 30. Age is a matter of deciding how old you are is not about a chronological number it's about's about the decision to make every day count, to make the most of what you are and what you have been given and what you are going to be.

It's about being ALIVE and it's about LIVING

Some of the things I have learned along the way:

Love...You are never to old to fall in love
Patience....You cannot push the river
Balance...the bigger the adversity, the bigger the blessing
Strength....being strong enough does not mean pushing through people
Service.....become a giver ...being a servant is the mark of a leader can only see into the future if you climb mountains
Accountability......even world class athletes have a coach
Calling....the only way to happiness is to understand your calling, and do it with passion
Adversity....the greatest gift there is.....overcome that and you are a giant
Goals.....each one you achieve allows you to climb a higher mountain with same effort
Honour self promises.....when you trust yourself you become the best you can be
Don't read the paper or listen to the'll only upset you
Thank God.....every day for giving you everything you need to be a superstar
One front of the other is all you need to become a champion CAN choose the right one each day when you get out of bed

I have many many others but I don't want to keep you here all day....and, so, why am I telling you all this.

Because today I am
6 0
Have a fabulous day...It's your choice