Friday, July 31, 2009

M2 | SIX PACK | Day 46

I shake my head in DISBELIEF and SADNESS

Anybody who knows me knows that I am pretty cool, calm and collected in most situations and I have lived my life learning to live with hardship and adversity AND in fact welcoming it because it has played a huge part in making me stronger......BUT....

there have been times when I have been known to lose the plot and today is one of those.

I am seriously dismayed at the mere hint of suggestion here in the sphere that the contest was rigged, fixed or in any way unethical or dishonest.

The Judges Adam Waters, Tom Venuto and Carlos DeJesus certainly don't need me to defend them but to even hint at any irregularity is not only churlish but irresponsible and downright thoughtless.

Adam Waters has proved his credentials over and over for years now and certainly doesn't need to resort to cooking the books to get a favourable result....I believe he was more than meticulous in choosing the winners over many many hours of deliberation and days of no sleep.

For anyone to suggest the same of Carlos DeJesus is laughable....I have known that man for only a year but have come to know him through print and personal conversations and I can state categorically that he has more integrity than most anyone I know.

Tom Venuto, I have not met nor spoken to but if anyone thinks that he would risk his considerable reputation as a best selling author and health and fitness professional they are living on another planet.

Finally it is the ultimate insult to our FINE Grand Champions to even hint at judging irregularities. Our Male Champion Dean made an absolutely amazing transformation and certainly looks the part as does Elaine who also did wonderfully well.

These two fine people are both worthy winners and I believe will make great role models for anybody wanting to get their lives together and transform their bodies.

I have to shake my head at some of these comments and think to myself....Sour Grapes is one thing but slander is quite another and sets a dangerous precedent going forward.

We all signed a code of conduct and for anyone to react in a vicious way like this is ........well, I don't know....I have no words.

Well done to all the judges for taking the time to deliberate over many many wonderful transformations and everybody is a champion today.

And...well done to our Grand Champions who take home the BIG prize....Your lives and the lives of others have changed through you fantastic work over just 84 days and I for one am proud to say "I know you, and I walk beside you as a member of our wonderful "Shreddersphere"

Nuff said...Peace out

Thursday, July 30, 2009

M2 | SIX PACK | Day 45

We are not judged by what we begin, but by what we accomplish. Even by ourselves.
Every time we begin something with great expectation and do not complete it we erode our self image and self belief.

Every time this happens a little bit of us gets left behind along with the project we have just abandoned.

And...over time our self image diminishes to the point......where we find ourselves....right here right NOW.

Isn't that funny. I don't mean ha ha funny I mean in an enigmatic kinda way. The reason every one of us starts or started THIS program is because we were unhappy about the way we looked and felt and it was affecting our entire being. Our way of operating, our interaction with others, our feelings for ourselves. Until we get to this point where we say... this far and no further. Last stop before we hit the wilderness.

Well I was driving home last night in the dark from the gym and I was suddenly aware of all the lights that seemed to be so much more intense than usual and that was because for me...there was a message.

The traffic lights.... red, green, amber....the vehicle lights, bright, searing, flashing wildly, those lights that are immediately in your face as a vehicle turns a corner and heads towards you " A veritable cacophany of lights " in your face and your head continuously all the way home. ( and yes I know what cacophany means, I just like the descriptive nature of the phrase because it is almost as if you are invaded by the sounds as well)

Then...Bam....I suddenly got what it was telling me. DO NOT BE DISTRACTED FROM YOUR MISSION BY EVERYTHING GOING ON AROUND YOU.

Now if this resonates with you, cool, if it doesn't, grunt and move on to the next blog....but there are people reading this that are having that problem right now...don't know who you are but....keep your focus. If you feel that it's all getting too much...go sit in a quiet place and remember where you are and why you are doing this. FOR YOU, and what's INSIDE of you.

This may be your last chance. If not this.....then what.

You absolutely can do it, you can achieve your just need to get out of night traffic for a while.. know what I mean.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

M2 | SIX PACK | Day 44

Sorry I'm posting a little late today but I had a top secret meeting with a world renowned AB expert by the name of.....ooops...Oh no, not that easy.

Anyway the girls probably thought I was off crying like a "GIRL" somewhere in the corner because of their latest piccy's.

Sorry to disapoint but I was working through the latest and greatest ab routine direct from ............ himself who happens to be here in South Africa to coach me...Shouldn't be here for more than a few days he re nearly there, he said.

He reckons I don't need much help....I be at goal pretty soon.

Can't wait to see the results of the first ever RTP-TS contest....I think everybody is on tenterhooks waiting for the PHONE CALL....

I think it has been fantastic and I know the male and female winners and the top ten will make us proud

A huge well done to all of you who participated and posted a contest package. I think it has been a phenominal effort by everyone and I really look forward to shredding side by side with you all for years to come.

It has laid the groundwork for the future of Health and Fitness and we are all part of a revolution that will help to eradicate obesity.

FACT: There are more fat people on the planet right now than starving people. WOW, scary stuff.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

M2 | SIX PACK | Day 43


I have decided not to reveal my secrets to the competition....the girls, Saraaaaaaaaaah! and Sharon, the mad woman Sex Goddess are making great progress and I felt it better not to scare them off by revealing my astounding progress.

So....until I am ready to "show" I am going to put the project under wraps.

I have just returned from the cardio Hiit, and abs day and I'm happy to reveal that "The Beast" came out to play again.

Oooh I am so loving this. Training like a Madman, eating like the world class athlete that I am and resting like a Queen....well maybe a Prince rather.

Mental attitude of a giant and the laser like focused stare on my goal....and day by day I get closer.

Nothing will get in my way.

Nothing will upset my equalibrium and focus

Nothing will change my attitude....

The attitude of a winner.....

who knows HOW to overcome anything that gets in my way.

That's my daily self talk.....How's yours.

Peace out

Monday, July 27, 2009

six pack day 42

For those of you wondering. I havn't been able to post to my blog because of an objectionable content notice.....Say what...


Any way, appears it's been fixed and so you continue.

You may have noticed that I no longer have CONTEST as the header for mission 2, and the reason for that is that I was unable to get travel documents in time to travel to New York so I had to withdraw since I was no longer eligable.

Hige blow for me but I quickly moved on and found myself another challenge. A full blown 6 pack with no stomach fat covering it whtin the next 8 weeks.

I have got 2 girls from the 'Shredderpshere' hunting me down in the same challenge so it's boy V girls...I can't lose this one.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 74

We are athletes

Personally I prefer to think of myself as an athlete and I also believe fervently that "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

So what? thinking this way I imprint into my sub-conscious the attitude of an athlete.

and that goes way beyond training. It starts with the way I walk....with confidence, and filters through the way I deal with people, the way I choose food and of course the way I train.

I look completely different from the way I looked 16 short weeks ago and now my sub-conscious has accepted that I am an athlete and it in turn starts reminding me....are you eating the right food...are you drinking enough water.....what training are you doing today and have you planned it properly.

A little different from 16 weeks ago when what I heard can you be credible as a health and fitness professional looking like you do....even though you have just come out of hospital it's no look like an old crock.

First hand I've obeserved my sub-conscious change because of the new information I have kept feeding it.

and...I love it. This is the way God designed me to be .... us to be...healthy, fit and strong...mentally and physically and we insult Him if we do not honour that...

I am loving my return to strength and fitness and looking forward to life after the contest.
I will continue my Mission 2, but with the contest wrapping up next week my Mission will take on a new name so that in another six weeks I will have completed two missions back to back.

My goal is to keep shredding until I'm happy with the way I look and will probably call it MISSION 2 | SIX PACK ABS.

That'll keep me focussed on the goal...which is obvious.

What are you all going to be doing for M2?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 73

Dealing with what life throws at you…..

When you are routine, system and plan driven like I am things like countrywide network breakdowns play havoc with my intentions and my head.

I am limited to what I can do and I do not like to be out of control of my own life.

However, life is a funny thing, and it sometimes gets in the way of what you think you are going to be doing, on purpose.

The other thing that has had me in a spin is my passport issue.

I have, as we speak three people in three different countries trying to help me get my travel document sorted before next weekend.

I have been working on this every day since I went to the British consulate in Pretoria a couple of weeks ago.

I have a friend in Scotland organizing birth certificates …a friend in Zimbabawe doing the same thing with parents marriage documents and a ‘connection’ in Zambia organizing other birth certificates etc.

Now these documents are ‘ mission critical ‘ and without them I am going nowhere. I have to rely on these people to do what needs to be done whilst I sit here in Johannesburg with network failures and no way of communicating.

So while I’m sitting here applying the ‘circle of influence’ theory which says….Do not stress about stuff which is outside your circle of influence. Narrowed down…I cannot do anything about the erratic networks and I can do nothing about documents in other countries.

What I can do is firstly remain calm and refrain tearing hair out and gnashing of teeth, from smashing things all over the place and getting involved in road rage incidents around Johannesburg which are common.

I can also accept total responsibility for this and accept that if I had started this process months ago like I should have, I wouldn’t be in this mess.

I can also keep on chasing my ‘ connections’ to make sure they don’t let too much time pass whilst organizing the documents necessary to renew the passport.

The only other thing I can do is a lot of positive visualization, manifesting that the passport is going to be ready and asking God to make a way where there is no way.

I am also training flat out and eating super clean as if nothing was wrong. Also, the ONLY thing to do

So…. out of adversity, I have learned a few lessons, had a few reminders and challenged myself to remain calm under extreme pressure.

I’m happy….and….LIFE GOES ON, whether it works for me or it doesn’t.

How bout you? Do you deal with stuff life throws at you in the right way or do you lose the plot.

Monday, July 13, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 72


Don't head off to your study to check the dictionary definition, there isn't one. At least I don't think there is one, nevertheless we all know what it means.

When ever there is a bump in the road some of us get down on ourselves and quit or we sabotage our efforts.

I want to share an amazing story with you that will encourage you to become a winner permanantly.

At 244lbs and 49% body fat Pam Brown had battled obesity for years. Her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumour and food was of enormous comfort to her. As you can see it worked.

She was depressed, suffered migraines, high blood pressure and generally was not in good health.

She came across the BFL program in 2002 and it seemed to resonate with her. She decided to commit to the program. Almost a last chance I guess.

In her own words " I didn't take it one day at a time, I took it one minute at a time. " At the end of 12 weeks she had lost 35lbs. She started a second 12 weeks and got her bodyfat down to 25%.

By the end of her third 12 week program she had lost 96lbs of body fat and gained 16lbs of muscle.

Now I don't know about you but to me this is a remarkable story of a woman succeeding against all odds.

If you are overweight, or obese and their is nothing physically wrong with you, then take heart because ' YOU CAN DO IT'.

Don't let E X U S E - i t i s get in your way. Ask yourself....If this amazing woman can do it....YOU CAN TOO

Sunday, July 12, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 71

Glass tanks are ....FOR FISH

As I think about what to write I am looking at a whole bunch of fish swimming around in a tank.

Are they happy...well obviously I have no idea, but it strikes me that if I were to be contained like they are I would slowly die. Mentally, emotionally and physically.

Why then do we confine ourselves. And I can hear you saying "Speak for yourself" but the fact is..part of the cause of obesityis inactivity.

Life just gets in the way. Get up in the morning...sort out the kids, get them off to school, get in the car go to the building where we work, sit on our butts all day filing meaningless reports for the insurance company we work for. Get up go to the vending machine..grab a java to keep us awake and a pack of m & m's coz they taste good. Pack up our desk at 5, and sit in the car for half an hour driving home....of course stopping at Mickey D, for take out. Head home tell the kids to help themselves and head for the couch...where 4 hours later we fall asleep until 2am whereupon we head for bed.

Hit repeat x 5 days and....our week is done.

Cynical maybe....but them's the facts. Of course not for us...but there may have been a time when this vaguely resembled you...or me.

Why oh why then, do we look out of the window at the beautiful blue sky, smell the fresh air, are surrounded by walking, running,cycling trails, lakes, trees and exercise areas and parks.

I think it's because it's easier and we get lazy...our only contribution to exercise is to don our brand new nike's when we settle down to watch monday night football, or F1 qualifying or rugby.

Getting and staying fit is hard...let's not kid ourselves and some people hate it, is a no brainer to say that it is not only necessary but critical to good health and productive longevity... and, whilst there are more fat people on this planet than there are starving people's fantastic that WE in the sphere are doing something about that ourselves and in so doing become passive role models for those out there who havn't yet found 'The Shreddersphere'....our home.

And for those out there who don't exercise...Get off the couch....couches are for dogs.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 70

The Olympics....revisited

Interesting scenario. South Africa had a disastrous Olympic games in terms of the medal tables, however we more than made up for it in the Para Olympics (which by BTW means parallel olympics and not paraplegic olympics and the reason is to create parity between the two and not make the latter look like the poor cousin.) by standing number 5 in the medals.

This got me thinking about the athletes. Why would we think that the para olympians are any less worthy than the able bodied. Why would the able bodied get way more viewership and TV ratings than the wheelchair warriors.

Is it because the able bodied athletes look more graceful and athletic or is it because it's too hard facing up to our own mortality.

Obviously I have more than a passing interest in this topic because of my own near death experience, but I sincerely believe that the wheelchair warriers are far more courageous, dedicated and committed than the able bodied.

Before you shoot me think about this.

Michael Phelps wakes up in the morning very early. Leaps out of bed, maybe chugs down a protein shake made by mom, grabs his tog bag and heads for the pool in his sponsored Lexus SUV. (give a little licence here) Gets to the pool, and starts training.

Oscar Pistorius wakes up in the morning very early. Leaps out of bed....and takes 10 minutes to afix his double prosthetic legs. Makes his own protein shake and grabs his tog bag after making sure that his racing prosthetics are in the bag and heads for the track, driven by a friend. (well maybe not) Gets to the track, laboriously removes his street legs and puts on his race legs. Starts training. Spends the rest of the day fighting the authorities as to whether he is legally allowed to race in the Olympics. Gets the all clear....eventually but doesn't make the qualifying times. Natalie Du Toit one of our swimmers, raced in the able bodies games AND is now churning out gold medals in the OTHER version.

How much more stressful are these peoples lives than an able bodied person. A lot but it doesn't bother them. They get on with it with good grace a great attitude and a big smile. WOW.

Don't get me wrong..I'm not saying they are better athletes, I'm saying that they have a harder time training, racing and living but their commitment to living a full life is unquestioned and they have got like that BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN GIVEN A SECOND CHANCE.

Natalie Du Toit was a world class swimmer before she was knocked over by a car and lost her leg. Did she lose her will to live. NOT A CHANCE, she determined to STILL swim in the Olympic games...and this year she did. WHAT A CHAMPION.

Why moan about how unfair life is. Don't wait to see if you get a second chance. Get out there now and get as fit and healthy as you can, so that you CAN survive if you are ever unlucky enough to get cut down in the prime of your life.

Friday, July 10, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 69

Are you tweaking the plan?

I remember years ago when I started the BFL program, I used to spend a lot of time in the offices of EAS, sponsors of BFL, generally making a nuisance of myself and soaking up as much information as I could about bodybuilding since that is what we are all really doing.

Doesn't mean you are trying to be Arnold, just means that you are building your body.

So....even then I used to listen to the EAS experts talking to people who were asking if it would be beneficial to add this or take away that, or this many more reps and so on.

This was a major source of frustration for the guys and girls because the Body-for-Life program was born out of years and years of nutrition and training experience by seasoned competitive bodybuilders and make no mistake Bill Pillips knows what he's talking about.

I mean hundreds of thousands of people have been through the program as is...and it works. Simple.

Why, because there are basic fundamentals that apply to everyone on the planet...big, small, male and female.

The same applied to RTP-TS.....Adam Waters like Bill Philips has perfected his program over time and experience...and there are enough variables to make sure that it will suit everyone from the very fat to the very thin and everyone in between.

Further to you honestly think that the program would be endorsed by the likes of Tom Venuto and Carlos DeJesus if they felt it was fundamentally deficient...hardly.

So.....most of us in the 'Sphere' are inexperienced lifters and unskilled in the art of a 'nutritionally correct' eating plan.

Why we suddenly become experts and start playing with the system. How can we think we know better.

Contest aside...the first 12 weeks is critical to our learning experience and I believe should be the book. Thereafter I also believe that one should have enough knowledge..just, to start making changes that suit you.

Although it doesn't end there. The RTP program will have continual changes to suit any bodytype and any building or cutting goal making it the most versatile program I have ever seen.

With Tom Venuto and BFFM as back up...Wow, what a win.

Research, read articles, check out success stories, learn as much as you can....but for the first 12 weeks or 84 days....hey, don't tweak the system.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 65

Your level of happiness and peace depends on how much you are prepared to give.

I'm writing this for one person. I have no idea who you are or where on this beautiful planet you live but I know it's for you.

The only way to live your life completely is to take responsibility. A friend of mine has put a media campaign together in an effort to coax South Africans into caring for others and developing a giving attitude.

It's called LOVE and RESPECT and is a contract you sign with yourself to make yourself accountable (that word again) the message goes like this:-

I ............................ promise to love and respect, myself, my loved ones, my family, my friends, my fellow mankind, and all the people who visit our beautiful land.

By starting with myself, I take full responsibility for my actions, my life and my interactions with all living things around me.


It's amazing how your life changes when you decide that from this second on you are not going to blame anyone else, ever again for anything that goes wrong in your life.

"I'm sorry I was late for the meeting the traffic was hectic" Hmmm, perhaps you should have left earlier.

"I am so busy I don't have time to exercise" My diary is always free 45 minutes before I wake up.

"So and so made me do this" No one can make you do anything, you allow them to.

You get the picture.

We cannot control external circumstances like, the weather, the traffic, rude people etc but we can control the one thing that is MOST important in our lives....what's inside our head and what WE CHOOSE to put in there. Guard your mind closely, it's your most important asset.

If YOU, and you know who you are, are having a down day, take responsibility for the way you feel, for there is a very simple foolproof solution. Pick up your mobile, access your contacts list and scroll until a name jumps out at you. Phone that person and tell them you were thinking of them, you care for them and you just wanted them to know that. You will find that it uplifts you instantly but what you don't know is how much it will do for them.

Go on DO IT NOW....No not later NOW.

Monday, July 6, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 64

I believe in before you roll your eyes and head your mouse in the direction of something more interesting like "" this is NOT a religious dissertation and you might actually find an AHA moment or two right here.

Because I believe in God I believe, like gazillions of others in statements like
"As a man thinketh in his heart so is he". There are many references to the fact that God has given us a whole lot of neat stuff without us even asking for it. Stuff like "A Spirit of Power, Love and a Sound Mind." WOW that's huge. He has also given us well, kinda whatever we want, UP FRONT.

Now if you look at universal laws contained in the realities of Quantum Physics, (and no this is not new agey.) you will find that this all works together.

Gravity is gravity...whether the Queen or I drop an apple, the thing is going to fall to the ground. The law of reciprocation is the same and so is the fact that you can have, be, or do, whatever you want....I mean WHATEVER.

NOW, here is the great bit. YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN GIVEN WHATEVER YOU WANT. All you have to do is decide what IT is and accept that you ALREADY have it and start running towards it.

Opportunities start apprearing in front of you. People start bumping into you saying "Oh yeah I can help you with that." Coincidence is not coincidence it is just God....or the universe, if you so choose, conspiring to make you into whatever it is that you have manifested.

Afirmations whilst unrealistic and ridiculous sounding now become reality sooner than you think.

Don't pooh pooh it, don't think about it, just accept that it's true and give it a fair trial. YOU WILL BE AMAZED.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 63

The Mark of Champions

Clearly I wrote this before the Beijing Olympics and I think that on the eve of the 'Contest' it's worth posting it again

8 days from now the biggest sporting event in the world begins. We are going to see world records being broken, medalists dq'd for drug use. Heartbroken athletes not achieving their potential and so on.

At the Athens Olympic they were still planting grass during the opening ceremony, by contrast the Beijing Olympic stadium was finished a year ago.

What I'm getting to, is why some win and why do some lose.

There are many reasons but one of the biggest is, winners plan. China does not work on 5 year plans...they have a thousand year plan. In so doing they can focus on the job in hand and get rid of ego since by the time the job is complete they will have been dust for a very long time.

Athletes also have plans....and the champions are the ones who do not deviate from those plans. They are often not the most talented but they are the most dedicated.

To paraphrase the great Carlos DeJesus...Everything you do should revolve around and take you towards the fruition of that plan. From what you eat to who you associate with and what magazines you read should take you ever closer.

However a plan is no good without 100% comittment. If you can't climb inside and live the plan until it's done. Then my friend your goal is not right for you. I write today, I look forward to watching the games with interest and observing which athletes not only had the best plans, but those who inhabited their plans for four years or longer...Those will be the ones clutching gold, silver and bronze.. and some of them, won't be the most talented.

How many of us contest participants have been able to 'live inside' our plans for 12 weeks....there are only 3 to go...make them the best of your life

M2 | CONTEST | Day 62

Can you imagine what a great place the world would be if we put as much into supporting others as we do within this safe place. The 'Sphere"

I personally spend a lot of time here because I want to help people get and stay healthy. I enjoy it...I love interacting with you all and I have made special friends here.

It is the most amazing thing, that we can develop bonds with others that we may not be able to create on the outside.

Why is that? Is it because this is so safe or is it because we don't have time in the real world. Or is it because we all serve a common purpose in here which is what ties us together.

It is no secret that I believe that part of the medicine that we take in here is giving to others and helping them to find offering valid advice to others we learn...thus the old learn something well teach it. People asking questions for which we have no immediate answers are easily solved by '' Doogling " it.....sorry " Googling" it....(a weak attempt at humour)

The interesting thing fo me is also the different personalities all with similar but different goals. In other words we all want to get healthy but to differing degrees and within different time frames.

For some the contest is everything....FOR NOW....and I'm one of 20 days though it will all be different and new Missions will be inscribed in stone.

For others, the contest is not important and finding your way in a slower more forgiving fashion is the order of the day.

Both modus operandi are absolutely fine and as long as you are doing what works for you, then good and well.

I think problems arise when you take on something that doesn't fit with you and this causes internal friction. Our personalites do not resonate with what we are tring to do and we start rebelling against what we ourselves have put in place.

This outwardly manifests in what sometimes apprear to be 'dream stealers' within the 'sphere' but I don't believe that to be true.

My personal belief is that every single person in here is supportive to differing degrees and when a seemingly controversial comment is made on a blog it is made with the best intentions in the world.

If we are secure enough withing ourselves and we are being true to our PRW's nothing said here should cause doubt in our minds or unease in our hearts for ultimately we are all here for the same reasons.

These are my personal views and I mean them with love since I know personally that whatever I write in here and whatever comments I post on the blogs of other are meant with the best intentions in the world.

Friday, July 3, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 61

Funny how time seems to race

With 20 something days to go, it seems that time is just getting quicker and quicker...for me anyway...and that's cool coz every day is fun and I'm enjoying life to the max.

Challenges, I have a few, but that just makes life interesting and even with those what's the point of tramping around the planet if we are not going to enjoy it.

Something else that's so important is to own a sense of humour. Everyone has one but some peoole hide it away in the closet and only bring it out for special occasions.

One of those who doesn't is my friend Gloria Jean. She is both talented and funny and reading her blogs and looking at her graphic interpretation of stuff is both hilarious and eye raising at the same time...I mean she is SMART.

So today is dedicated to Gloria Jean....thank you for making us laugh and thank you for helping us find our sense of humour when things aren't so funny.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 60

Does RTP-TS really work?

Is a question on a lot of lips at present both inside and outside the 'Shreddersphere'

I think that I can safely provide proof positive that it absolutely DOES work and proof can always be found in pictures

The pictures above tell an amazing story.

Mission 1 Day 1.... Just come out of hospital and not exactly in the best shape of my life
Day 43...Making progress, but still not looking terribly slick and also the first day of the contest
Day 84...Last day of Mission 1...The day I became a Transformer. Great results but obviously not where I want to be ultimately so I continued training now for the Contest which became mission 2.
Mission 2 Day 60...there is an overlap here but in essence this is now my contest shred

I remember when I started seeing big results and realising that my metabolism after a year of being really sick and in and out of hospital had started burning fat BIG TIME.

I was thrilled, it was really starting to happen and it drove me to do better and better every day. My PRW's also helped but really it was the pictures that tell the real story.

Never underestimate the value of accountability via daily pictures..that is your real road map.

There are three weeks and a bit left for the contest to run and I believe I have planned it perfectly. I will be ready for judgement day and every day has been incredible.

My total compliance from day one to now has been 100% and I'm pretty stoked about that.

Point of all this is ...You absolutely CAN do whatever you want in terms of your health and fitness, all you have to do is find the correct program and be ready to make the commitment.
RTP-TS is definately the right program and The 'Shreddersphere" is unlike any other place I've ever been to. Support is incredibly important and this place gives us all we need, while we are building a new life.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. If I can go from here

To here

to here

in one short year


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

M2 | CONTEST | Day 59

Just start writing.

When in doubt about what to write, my advice to myself is...just start writing and that's precisely what I'm doing today.

What is important to me today....what can I do today, now, to act as be champion.

I can....train as if my life depended upon it
I can...think champions thoughts throughout the day
I can ensure super clean eating throughout the day
I can be responsible for my own feelings and not let circumstances dictate how I feel
I can...think about how I can help shredders keep going in order to hit their goals
I can visualise and imagine all the things happening to me that would happen to a champion
I can analyse negative thoughts, turn them into positives and move on

So these are some of the things I can do today that will help me focus on my goals...all of them, not just here.

See...thinking is a critical part of wisdom...Thinking helps sort out the rubbish from the good stuff..Thinking helps get to grips with tricky issues, thinking solves problems but sometimes letting go brings solutions as well.

I've often lain in bed at night before going to sleep and wondered about a problem that I have no answer for and I will awake in the morning with the solution right in front of me. It's uncanny how that happens.

Think about ways to be better at what you are doing and make a note of them...Act on them and you'll find that each day you become better and better and more of a champion.

Imagine how incredible you will be one year from now.