Wednesday, August 29, 2007, why did I get here and what am I going to do about it.

Adam Waters is responsible for my being here. You know that saying "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear" well it is completely relevent in this case.

Talk about parallel paths, the only real difference between AW and myself is my age...I'm 58 in a months time.

Going through a really tough time in my life in 1999...divorce, business problems etc..I happened across the Body-for-LIFE website. Lucky for me I had hit rock bottom and the website SCREAMED out at me. I rushed out, bought the book, read it cover to cover and started training.

I hadn't a clue what I was doing and bumbled my way through 12 weeks with absolute commitment. I did every session, every cardio routine, ate every meal and spent my life at the EAS South Africa offices making an absolute nuisance of myself asking a million questions.

At the end of 12 weeks I was hooked. I rested for a week and completed a second 12 weeks, rested again and did another 12 weeks. All in all I've done about 7 challenges.

I even had great results... 2nd, 3rd, 2nd in my age group in South Africa.

I fell so in love with weight training and the concept of a healthy lifestyle I even started helping people do the same thing. Full time.

Slowly but surely, insidiously, whilst feeding my soul, through helping others, my own body starting deteriorating.

At first I didn't even notice. I was weight training on a regular basis...well sort of, and pretending to myself that I was eating properly...after all I do know how this this thing works, geez I'm teaching others how to do it successfully...hundreds of them.

By the time I woke up and stopped conning myself that I was "bulking" I weighed 105kgs at around 20% bf. I was FAT.

Then came the pain and anguish, the false starts, the falling it was tiring..well not was, has been tiring, actually, exhausting.

So, Adam Waters, enough is enough. Rock bottom, is where I am now and I have had ENOUGH.

I am, and will continue to bare my soul within this blog whilst taking MASSIVE ACTION towards regaining my self respect. This is hard to do but truth is the only way.

Monday 3rd September 2007 will be day 1, of 84 days, of my "journey" back.

Join me for "The Journey"

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