Monday, December 3, 2007

M2 - Week One | day 4-5-6 | week 2 day 1

I have not disapeared off the planet, for those that are interested....I have been moving house.
OMG - what a mission. 4 days of the most strenuous workouts ever.

The warm up is loading boxes and the real thing is moving a too heavy box to a van 50 metres away X 15 sets. Do the same thing at the destination and you have a serious workout.

Add to that unpacking at the other end and then hanging curtain rails, blinds and then the curtains and so on and so on.

I have not been near a computer for 4 days. I was going to blog at my girlfriends house but guess what...her ADSL was down. No surprise there.

Bottom line, I really have been incapacitated as far as communication is concerned but I'm now happily in my brand spanking new fabulous town house...with a connection and so I'm back.

Adam if you read this...I managed to take my pic but just could NOT get it to you. I will get it to you tomorrow when I can find my mobile phone USB cable.

See ya tomorrow.


Joni said...

Hey, Dougal - stopping by to say Hi because I've been out of the loop for a while as well. Glad to see you have a pretty new house to play in and your internet working (for now)! Hope all is well and your second mission is on it's way! Talk to you soon!

Marbella said...

Hi Dougal,
Good to see you back. Was thinking that you were MIA and we had lost you.....hope that you are enjoying your new condo and all the fun of newness.

Miriam said...

I hope that you do not have to move anything up or down stairs. Moving is a soring workout indeed.

Suzette said...

hope all is well and the move went smoothly. hope to see you back soon.

dougal said...

Thanks everybody, having lot's of fun in my new pad, except for the box unpacking. Part of life I guess.