Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mission 2 | Week 5 | day 5

Final training day of this week - Squats - Front 4 x 10 and back 2 x 20 + all the rest. Even though I was wasted I forced myself to do 10 mins Hiit cardio just to make sure that after depleting glycogen through training I elevated my metabolism as much as possible.

Over time through forcing myself to do them and do them properly I have learned to love compound exercises, bench , deadlift, front and back squats etc. Firstly squats are cool because the rack is always free.

Most people are scared of them and increase the pace as they walk past the rack in case they hear it calling " Hey how come you never play with me " and feel guilty.

For some weeks now I have not done any specific arm work and my arms have grown, which just proves to me that if you do a lot of intense compound work, extra arm isolation stuff is not necessary....the arm muscles are very small in relation to the bigger muscles like pecs and quads and so logically do not need a special day of training....I don't think so anyway.

That's not to say I won't ever do skull crushers and db bicep curls etc etc, again. I probably will when I do hypertrophy training.

Right now - FAT LOSS - is where I'm at.

Have a great weekend, See ya monday.

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Mike Groom said...

I too love compound exercises. Not many people in the gym like doing them because they are big heavy exercises. I only see a couple of people squatting at my gym. My current program is based around compound movements, but has a couple bicep, tricep and calf isolation sets as well.