Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The road less travelled

As we head towards the holidays we are probably worrying about how to stay clean with all the fantastic food around. Making it, eating it, buying it, looking at it...how on earth do we stay on track.

Well, if you are working at a lifestyle and not a diet here's a revolutionary idea for you. The question is - How do I stay away from eating food I'm not supposed to eat. My answer is.......shhh!..... DON'T.

Excuse me.... before you have a coughing fit and swallow your dentures, my rationale is this.

If you have commited to sensible eating for the rest of your life, call that 100%. All the holidays for the rest of your life, which hopefully are a plenty, but if you stack them up against the days that you'll still be sucking air on this planet probably amount to 1%...OK call it 5%, let's be generous.

Eat well for 95% of the year and have a little fall down for the other 5% how much damage do you think you are doing. Right...not a lot.

Personally, I think that most of us have such a long ingrained history of improper eating habits that trying to stay clean is all the time is counter productive...I think you would binge much more if you think you can do the 100% rather than just backing off a little during holidays when family and friends are eating food that you love.

Now slow down there cowboy, I don't mean demolishing the cake trolley before anybody else gets there....I'm talking about eating moderate plates of the same food that everyone else is eating.

Much easier to stay with the program I think...especially for mothers preparing Christmas dinner. Gotta be tough if you are preparing a slap up dinner with all them fixins, and you are planning to eat tuna and green salad.

I mean there are some that CAN do this but your name is NOT Carlos DeJesus, so don't even try.

Take a load of guilt off, relax and enjoy the festive season like everyone else.

However, a word of caution....THE FESTIVE SEASON DOES NOT RUN TO EASTER.

A final word over this time. Let's remember the real reason for Christmas and be thankful.


Carlos said...

I'm looking at my watch again!
(See November 25th comment)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, great post Dougal.. I'm glad to read that you're in a great mood with some very valuable comments! Celina

dougal said...

Thank you Coach

Hey Celina, I got my sense of humour back

Marbella said...

What you said today makes such good sense. Depriving oneself only makes it important to eat, and then comes the pigout. The deal is NOT to eat too much. All in the head!

Ron said...

Thanks for the sound advice, Dougal. I'll be preparing some Christmas goodies myself, and I think it would be very hard if I'm not partaking of the food at all with the family.

Shari Kraft said...

Hey Big D! I love what you said about, " The festive season does not run to EAster!" FUNNY!!!!! But it happens. People just keep putting it off...I'll start Monday, No NEXT Monday!

How you feelin? :)

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Though Christmas and Easter connects...i like your comments...we can all relate that in the past it sure did:-)
thanks for adding a smile to my face. Hope you are doing much better.

dougal said...

Thanks Lynda and Ron, glad it helped.

Shari, D, Glad I put a smile on your face...makes me want to smile.

Margaret2007 said...

So true Dougal!

Something I'm glad to say I've grown into is the ability to designate the "celebration" time, and limit the enjoyment of food/drink to those specific times...not going off the deep-end for endless days!

Here we go...Christmas will be here before we know it!

All the best,