Friday, December 5, 2008

The road less travelled

Speaking to the experts

So, at 9.30am this morning I was sitting with Dr Smit a microbiologist who was giving me a lecture on Infections 101. Even the 101 version is really hard to comprehend.

Swabs were taken and results will be forthcoming by tuesday.

At least then, according to her information I will know exactly who my adversaries are and what it will take to remove them from the planet.

There is no guarantee though, that the infection will not return and maybe in a different guise.

It seems that we all, or most of us have a staphylococckyyee infection living in our noses, but we have not broken the barrier which allows it into our systems, which is why it stays in our nose. I have broken that barrier unfortunately, by having a 'full metal jacket' in my head. ( yes I know that's not how you spell staphylawhatever)

No that I have broken the barrier it seems I have unwittingly invited a whole host of nasties into my house to play, should they so choose.

The best I can do is eat clean, train carefully, take vitamins and keep my immune system as strong as possible.

I believe however, that since I happened to be sitting with Dr Smit this morning by way of an extraordinary set of circumstances, this will be somewhat of a breakthrough. How could it not.

If anybody ever had above average motivation to keep and stay fit and healthy, this has to be it for me.

Now please excuse me.....son, pass me that 4oolb barbell and ' get outta my way '


Shari Kraft said...

Great attitude! I love coming here to read about your experiences. I am so glad you found Dr. Smit. I posted a comment yesterday, but not sure where it went. I just wanted to tell you that the good Lord is doing a mighty work thru your life.

Marbella said...

I am so glad to have real news about the latest with you and your infection. Now know a bit more about what is going on. Sounds so good to have someone SO competent helping you solve all this. Such a blessing!

Phil said...

Great Stuff Dougal...I am looking forward to Tuesdays results. I cant spell 'Stafilococuilis' either! Phil

dougal said...

shari, I saw that post and let it through...I have no idea why it didn't show....hmmmm, maybe the infection got it. Thank you so much for your encouragement.

I'm excited Lynda... a microbiologist, I just wish they would speak english. :-)

Phil, thanks for the visit and your encouragement man. Tuesday's the day.

Marbella said...

Dougal, am so aware that tomorrow you´ll have some news. Just hoping that there´s a big breakthru in tell asap.