Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The road less travelled

If you are one of those who believes that everything happens for a reason and nothing happens by accident then you are going to love this story.

This morning I was chatting to one of our clients in the gym about my continuous infections. Now this fellow knows a bit about infections since his sister, who was a quadraplegic suffered for a long time with them.

What you need, he said, is to speak to a pathologist. Pathologists are experts in identifying bacterial infectious strains and analysing what antibiotic works and which ones are ineffective because of resistance.

I don't suppose you know one, I said. As it happens I do and she just happens to be the head of the biggest laboratory in South Africa.

I don't suppose I could chat with her, after all I'm certain that she is very busy.

Two minutes later I was explaining my situation to her on the phone. She promised to help me get to the bottom of my quest for a killer antibiotic to destroy my infection.

Now it would help if she knew me don't you think..after all why should she help someone she had never met, after a two minute telephone conversation.

By the way, she said, on the way out of the conversation, what happened to you.

Broke my neck in a surfing accident at St Francis Bay (St Francis Bay is a 12 hour drive from where we both live in Johannesburg), in April of this year I said....silence on the other've got to be kidding she said, I know who you are, I was actually on the beach at the time waiting for my son who was also surfing, I saw your accident happen. I was the one who went to find the emergency ambulance for you. I actually spoke to you while you were lying on the sand. How are you?

Well, now I think I have a good chance of getting the expert help I need.....don't you. Pure luck, I don't think so.


Marbella said...

WOW Dougal. That is just mind-boggling. Yes, I do love that story, and it only goes to show that someone is out there watching over have a pack of angels on your shoulder. Am so pleased that you now just *might* have some excellent help from the best person ever. Am pleased and happy and have confidence that something big is going to happen. Good luck!

~liz said...

ok now that gove me the goose bumps

Anonymous said...

Dougal, that is so awesome!! The Lord works in mysterious ways. Ways we don't comprehend nor understand. God is Good!

Margaret2007 said...

OH MY GOD...and I mean that sincerely!!! I must tell you that I know you are being looked after by God and He keeps proving it over and over! What a miracle!!!

Dougal, no person on Earth could write a story such as yours...In fact, it would be an awesome story to tell others.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, your post.. wow, I felt goose bumps also! Celina

Carlos said...

To the unbeliever there is never enough proof. To those who believe-there will always be enough evidence. Count me in as one of those who believe in Intellegent Providence.

B said...

Unbelievable. This will be the answer to solving your infection. Its meant to be. Bec

Marbella said...

Have you gone any further with this? Have you made an appt with the doctor? Any news about your infection that you can share?

dougal said...

Count me in too Carlos.

Hey Bec, thank you for visiting, I think it's meant to be, absolutely

Lynda, today's post answers your question

Anonymous said...

Hi. I don't often post here unless it is something witty and clever- hence the lack of posts! I did want to say that it was refreshing hearing of this thing we like to refer to as a co incidence.... Personally, I think the whole thing smacks of Margot- the angel on your right shoulder.

We all wait to hear your good news.


dougal said...

Thanks buddy, and thanks for popping in...she's all around me, all the time.

Brian said...

A devine appointment miracle! Praise God for you bro!