Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The road less travelled

The Phone Call that made my day

Hi Dr Smit How are you? Dougal Macdonald here. Oh yes hang on a minute let me get your file.
Hmmm, this is very good news. You DO NOT have a " superbug " or M.R.S.A otherwise known as a Medicillan resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection. What you have is a basic Staphylococcus aureus infection. Since it is not very resistant we can neutralise it with blah blah antibiotic. You do not have any presence of it in your nasal cavity.

So...there it is folks....it seems that we can take this one out fairly simply and it is really good news that I don't have the very resistant strain.

Another 14 days of antibiotics and I will be right as rain.

Boy am I looking forward to my vacation.

I am going to post for another couple of days and then vacation time. I will be back on the 12th January 09 or maybe a bit sooner.

I am not going to have connectivity and so will not blog over this period.

I hope you won't abandon me. I will be back with lot's of ineteresting things to say on health and fitness in 09 and of course you can follow my own road back to complete health strength and fitness.

I am sure that you are all looking forward to a break as well and a well earned rest from the stresses and strains of daily living.

Keep looking forward, don't look backward unless you want to go in that direction.


Marbella said...

Thank the Good Lord for blessing you Dougal....am just so pleased. An early Christmas present for you and your loved ones, and now you can stop worrying and begin to live easily again.
Merry Christmas to you and a healthly New Year. I trust that this one will be one of the best of your life and so deserved.

We´ll be here waiting for your return and to find out how things are going.


Margaret2007 said...

Was sitting here and realized IT'S TUESDAY...DOUGAL WILL HAVE NEWS...and I rushed over...So grateful to find you with this happy news!!!!! Blessings abound!!!!!

Merriest Christmas Ever!

Ron said...

Great news, Dougal! I know many people (including me) have been praying for your health, and we are all happy for you.

Enjoy your vacation!