Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The Blond one

Was a soldier

A Lifetime ago I spent a lot of time trudging up and down the hills and dales of Rhodesia, as it was then, during what was known as "The Bush War". I was young and it seemed like a great adventure.

When I look back however I realise that NOTHING good can come out of war. On either side. Religious wars, political wars, territory wars, weapons of mass destruction wars......all you are going to get is death on a massive scale and a whole lot of sorrow.

Except....hang on a minute......cities are rebuilt, things are put back together, lifetime friendships between previously bitter enemies are formed, agreements between countries....so actually there is some good in everything but specifically what I'm referring to today is the rebuilding and even more specific....the rebuilding of US, you and I.

It is never too late to start. No matter where you are in your life the despair you feel CAN be turned around in an instant.....that instant of THOUGHT.

When you think ......" I have had enough of living this way, this far and no further, I will not live like this one more day". ..... you have in an instant found your way back.

From that moment of reconciliation with...YOURSELF you have begun a journey, longer for some than others, that will propel you to victory, that most important victory, over yourself.

Everybody has a different way of doing it but from that moment you determine the way forward, the modus operandi will reveal itself to you...Something you see or hear or read will resonate and you'll know that this is the one for me.

If you havn't yet reached that point you will soon.... and that despair you feel now, will evaporate, in that of thought.

Peace and Love

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