Monday, November 2, 2009


Those were the days ....1989

But these are the days too.

I think we all look back thinking that it was so much easier and things were so much better and it was so much more fun.

What we forget is that WE create all that. I mean, it is only 'we' that are responsible for the way our lives go.

Across the pond in England it is winter right now and some people hate that, but as Saraaaaaah says it's an opportunity to wear beautiful winter clothes and with the work she has put into her health and fitness I'm sure she looks sensational and feels sensational.

Point is...there is upside to anything and everything, we just have to find it. That is a choice we make.

We can spend our lives whining about how tough things are or 'make a decision' to have a fabulous life filled with fun and laughter and opportunity, all created by our state of mind.

It really is a 'choice'.....a decision.

So.....wherever you are on the planet today, as you sit up and put your feet over the side of the bed..what sort of day are YOU going to have.

You get to 'CHOOSE'

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