Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Week five of my conditioning eating plan and back in the gym after the easter break. Had a great upper body w/o...feeling good and in the groove. Looking forward to the fat burning part of my eating plan.


Michael said...

Dougal, glad you are sticking to PFA. It is pretty amazing what happens when the calories go up to a good level. You are going to see massive changes in your body!

Your grateful cyberfriend Christy said...

Hiya Dougal! Glad to hear the training is going well. I've been busy getting back into life, but I've been losing a little weight and increasing my walking on land instead of in the pool. I sure miss seeing more Dougal photos, but then getting those taken sure was labor intensive and it's probably good to put that work into the workouts. I guess that's kind of shallow of me, to go to the blogs for the photos (especially when I post the least photos ever). You would LOVE the weather in Los Angeles, but hate the smog.

dougal said...

Hey Christy, thank you so much for visiting, great that you are still on top of things. I'll be posting pics soon so keep coming. Smog...hmm I spent some time in LA a while back and actually saw a guy running with an oxygen tank on his back, so I know what you mean. Great place though. I was living in Rancho Palos Verdes.