Saturday, April 5, 2008

MISSION 2 - Week 5

Accountability is key...I know it, you know it, Adam Waters certainly knows it but we still...sorry I still make excuses to back out of being accountable to people. Shame on me. I've had a bad eating week coming back from easter and it the way I feel. I feel like I've let a whole lot of people down...especially me.

So... come monday I recommit to the accountability thing. Back to daily blogging, back to visiting my friends and back to focussed eating. My training is cool but bodies don't change without eating properly.

See you monday...I'll be baack.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Dougal! I know what you mean about the excuses.been there done that...and sometimes still do that! we have missed your presence on the shreddersphere. accountability is really a key component isn't it? see you soon!

Mike Groom said...

It will be good to see you back in the game Dougal! I know you can do well.

Marbella said...

Dougal friend! Am so pleased to have you back with us. We have missed you and all you give to us, and heartily welcome you back. We all could use some accountability. Hard lesson to learn.
Take care! You´ll so so well!

dougal said...

Thanks to all of you for your support. I'll be visiting you soon too.