Friday, April 11, 2008

MISSION TWO - Week 6 | day 5

Fully committed to my leg session today...I mean fully. The burn just feels fabulous. Heaving chest, clutching at the water bottle, willing the minutes rest to last longer.

Doing a leg session is like bashing your your head against a brick wall...feels great when you stop.

I love it.

Have a great weekend.


Mike Groom said...

Great to see a goo d leg session! I love hearing about other people's pain :) I love it too!

Anonymous said...

intensity is what's all about!

Michael said...

Dougal, how is PFA going for you? I just hit the fat burning stage (after the conditioning phase). What used to seem impossible (hitting 3300 calories) is now pretty easy after so many weeks of conditioning. Glad to see you are still consistent!

Smartphone said...

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Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Hey there Dougal! I'm checking in for my latest Dougalsims. Adam cooking up a Shredder Council 2.0. Swing by his blog to read up on the action.

Marbella said...

Hey Dougal,
We haven´t seen much of you lately, and keep checking in to see what´s in your world. Check out Adam´s blog today at the end. He states that a new M5 is going to begin, and I *think* we are going to be a part of it too. If we don´t gear up to blogging and daily pictures, we are now going to be out of the Shredder Council. Hope you´ll be in it with us!

dougal said...

Thanks everyone for your caring and concern for me..I really appreciate that. Mike read my blog and you'll see how PT is going.
Catch you guys at Shredder 2