Monday, April 7, 2008


I feel like a new born....with an intellect. In other words all clean and fresh with a new success attitude.

After all this time I need to remind myself that "bad habits" are always hanging around to smack you on the back of the head.

I have to admit that earlier this year I was begining to think that Adam was getting a bit too fanantical and wondering if he had a life. Well a month or two on... Adam is still making progress on a daily basis and achieving incredible things in his life and still where I was...physically.

So a renewed commitment to AW and myself and here I am....kinda day 1 again.

Never stopped training just wasn't maiking progress. (change takes place in the kitchen, right)

Renewed positive attitude and here we go.......YAHOOOOO


Anonymous said...

Hey Dougal, sometimes we need a renewed commtiment to get ourselves back into things at a higher level of intensity. Adam is fanatical, that is why he is so successful as he is. he doesn't quit.
get back up on your horse and get to ridin'!

dougal said...

Thanks Suz, I'm back, but bump trottin's a little painful ain't it.

Yup Adam is inspirational, no question, and while I'm at it, you look unbelievable, wow, well done.