Monday, February 9, 2009

The road less travelled

The EAGLE has landed

Not your average Mechano set

This is what they pulled out of my head.
The infection was so bad that it has
lubricated some of the nuts, which had
come loose and were floating around
inside me.

I'd be a shoe in for a part in an axe murder
movie don't you think?

Hey Mr Macdonald, great to see you back. Excuse me...The only time those words don't make you feel good, is when you are walking back into the 'orthopaedic' ward of your local hospital to have operation number...ummm, oh yes, number 5 in 9 months.

However, after being checked into a private of the perks of everyone knowing you in the ward...all the nurses came in to say hi, I settled in and waited for wednesday morning.

6.00am, take this Mr.Macdonald. 10 minutes later the edges wern't so sharp and I was in a really relaxed frame of mind...happy, cheerful and not a care in the world.

Being wheeled into theatre didn't even bother me..I felt at ease and philosphical about the outcome. I had asked God to guide the hands of the more to be done.

I chatted to the anaesthetist about how the op was going to unfold and .....I was gone.

Next thing I knew I was in recovery and half asleep but feeling fine. 6 hours later.

I even amazed myself, for later that afternoon I was able to get out of bed, make sense of the myriad of pipes sticking out me and into a drip machine and together with the machine walk to the bathroom unaided. The nurses of course were horrified when they saw me out of bed.

I have got through the hospital recovery part of the op so much better than last time and within a day or two I was wandering around the hospital chatting to everyone.

Fast forward 10 days and I am recovering at Karen's gorgeous place out of town, which I plan to do for a week and then I'm back into it.

I have been told that I am only to swim for the next six months with bi-lateral breathing, to strengthen the neck which is now standing on it's own two feet, so to speak, and perhaps a little stationary bike. NO WEIGHTS for now.

Considering I was probably a little gung ho last time I'm going to take my time to get back to full health.

I want to do a 'shred' however and details of that will emerge during the course of this week.

I'm back. I'm feeling fabulous and looking forward to the fresh chance I've been given.

Wonderful to be back with all of you and I'm looking forward to catching up with you this week.

THE E A G L E has landed.

5 comments: said...

YAY! Welcome back Dougal!! So happy you came through with flying colors!!! :D

Margaret2007 said...

Amen Dougal!!!! How wonderful to have you back!!!!

Yes, follow the course of rehabilitation...What a miracle and I think you should start on your book during this time of healing to share the story!


Anonymous said...

OMG.. you're such a tough strong guy... respects to you Mr. Dougal... you make everything sound so easy... God bless you, here's to your fast recovery! Celina

Bob said...

Frightening picture Dougal WoW..but happy for your come back!

Anonymous said...

welcome back! glad you are back and strong!!! take it easy! Edna