Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The Semi-Nude wandering minstral

You might be forgiven for thinking I'm trying a new angle to take my show on the road.

Actually I wanted to illustrate that I, like everybody else, have other interests. For you it may be reading...or writing...and by the way those are both things that I love to do...but no, I'm talking about music.

I love music and have done all my life. When I was around 20, in between stints in the bush in the, then Rhodesia I owned and ran a Mobile Disco...Yes they were all the rage even then. I had a lot of fun, made some money, and learned a lot about music.

Nowadays although I love to listen I also love to play....and as you can see in my picture today, acoustic guitar is my thing.

Now, I love blues genius like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Gary Moore and BB king and songs like Parisienne Walkways and Smoke on the water and Stairway to heaven, Hendrix's All along the watchtower and watching him play Hey Joe with his teeth but I also love ballads and of course I grew up with the Beatles.

Music feeds my soul and if I ever feel a bit down music is what picks me up. I go to sleep most nights with music being fed into my ears via Ipod.

It doesn't work for me but I see lots of people listening to music in the gym and that's cool.....

......But I need to concentrate on what I'm doing and whilst I am busting a gut on a very hard aerobic functional training day, I doubt I would even hear a note...unless it was the unpleasant melody of a BIG plate falling off one side of the Olympic bar. these trying times in which we live, find something that is a release for you....apart from physical exercise and clean eating that is.....maybe guitar is for you....Give it a try and let's see if we have another Eric Clapton within our misdst.

Have a fabulously musical day

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Margaret2007 said...

LOVE music too Dougal...and find that now that cardio workouts are a regular part of life, rather than the former cigarettes...can really enjoy singing again! Can't believe I wasted so much breath on those filthy things when I was young and stupid!
Glad you keep up with the playing too, although it is a challenge to find the time for all that life has to offer! How blessed we are.

All the best,