Friday, December 11, 2009

2010 WARM UP

Does visualisation work?

You bet...Every major sporting team on the planet, every serious athlete, every business man worth his salt, every bodybuilder, every INVENTOR....visualises every day.

Do you think Henry Ford would have embarked on the journey towards building the Model T Ford if he hadn't first seen it in his mind.

How do you you think Walt Disney created 'The Happiest Place on earth' and in the process made millions of children happy....He saw his movies in his mind.

Everything starts with a thought and if you are stuck right now...not making the progress you would want to make maybe it's because you can't see yourself any differently from the way you are now.

If you want to be different in every way one year from now you HAVE to see yourself in a different light. You HAVE to that's all there is to it.

As my team mates Saraaaaah and Eric have shown very effectively, visualisation pictures are one part of attaining the body that you desire...They have both posted pictures of the way they want to look and I believe that ultimately they will both get there.

Hank Johnson, a winner in the body for life competition in the early 90's posted a picture of Frank Zanes's body, with Hanks head on it on his bathroom mirror and his subconscious so effectively accepted that image that Hank ended up looking 'better' than Frank Zane's picture, I think anyway.

I have done the same and my visualisation pic is so effective that whenever I look at it I can actually believe that it is me... Not will be, or could be, it is me.

Here is mine

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