Thursday, December 3, 2009

2010 warm up

2010 warm up

The thing about planning

I loved what 'STOMPER' team mate said the other day.

"My plan for today is written down, that's what it says" to paraphrase.

There is NO negotiation dude....the plan is written, who am I talking to in my head. There is NO discussion here...if it has been planned then it gets done. THAT'S IT.

The fact that the plan has been written negates any discussion whatsoever.

This is SO powerful that I plan to steal it from Eric...I know he won't mind coz we are team mates...and if I use it to STOMP all over the Inner Circle then it's 'all smiles' right.

Most of us negotiate everything we do...'I'll go to the shops on the way home'. On the way we say " Ahh I don't feel like stopping now, I'll do it later'...or 'I'll do my tax return next week.' Next week creeps up with speed that would do an F1 justice and its, 'Oh well, there is always the day after tomorrow' and so we go, bashing our self image to pieces because we can never keep committments we make, to ourselves.

Once you start doing that internally it's one short step away from doing it to others, and worse, family.

Eventually 'I'll see', is met with raised eybrows and the unspoken comment....yeah, we know what that means OK see ya.

That's why a written plan is so powerful...There is NO negotiation. Think about plans carefully before you commit to them, then when it comes time to DO....JUST G E T I T D O N E

Upper body tomorrow....can I wait .....HARDLY...ROLL ON 5AM


Anonymous said...

I love this. Writing things down. Planning ahead. Wow. What a difference. Thank you for the reminder. My 'forgetter' is ever happy to help me neglect what I already know to be true.
And, I am happy to discover you. I like your attitude.
Arlington, VA

dougal said...

Hey Desiree, thanks for popping in and leaving a comment. Glad it sparked something in you.. Come back soon