Sunday, December 13, 2009

2010 warm up


It's 5am ish, sunday morning....wouldn't want to wake the neighbours.

Feels like a quiet dreamy day here where I live...A dense suburban area chock a block full of town house complexes.

There are no cars around to pierce the silence and pollute the air and if I had to venture outside, the only sound I would hear, would probably be the slap slap slap of Nike's on the pavement and the familiar raspy breathing of someone out for a run with his Silver Wiemaraner.

My patio door is open and a fresh cool breeze drifts into my living room....The sky is clear and blue and it's going to be a beautiful day.

It's going to be shorts and a T shirt as I impatiently wait for 7am when the gyms will be open and I can head off to swim.

It's a rest day for me today but I am SO FIRED UP that the concept of not exercising is unthinkable, well today anyway.

After I swim, I'll sit in the Gym's lounge and sip an espresso to get my metabolism firing and people watch for a while.

I love watching people of all shapes and sizes hit the gym in a sincere effort to regain their health and self image along with it.

I quietly shake my head at those people who will circle the gym 10 times to find a parking outside the front door and then run on the treadmill for half an hour.

I cast an amused glance at the " DISABLED TOILET" and wonder why they would put a toilet in a gym that doesn't work...silly I know, but hey it's my sunday.

Life is just so wonderful if you allow it to be...and small pleasures like being able to exercise...and the coffee... and thinking fondly about close friends in far away places make it all worthwhile.

Find what whatever it is that makes life work for you and do some of it every day.

Happy Sunday

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