Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My twenty week journey back to Perfect Health "THE SUPER CHALLENGE"

Week 5 Day 2

What's going on in Carlos' head?

I have to tell you Dougal,
I have used this Therapeutic "Return To Full Function" Model before,
But never has it been this impressive.

As I read your blog, there was a serene quietness all around
me. And I just had to stop and read it all over again.

And I'm thinking this is an accelerated program.
Accelerated because of the thought and belief influence.
How powerful is this influence.

This, to me leaves open
(for further discussion)
an area that has had much lip
service but very little tangible, record able

Dougal, people need to know how to believe.
(And someone needs to be able to teach them)
Believe with a sense of peace, and trust, and yes

These are some of the things you possess.
But not with mere words, here is the living proof of
what you believe.

If anyone can grasp what has already been done
here, they will have to admit that remarkable
is an understatement.


As I sit here reading these very profound words from Carlos DeJesus and taking it all in I realise how subtly it spurs me on to greater things.

I also come to the realisation by analysing his words, how great a teacher/coach/therapist/trainer/friend, he is.

Whether or not he realises it, he knows me well enough to know what to say to me to motivate me beyond anything I might imagine.

What a gift.

Thank you Carlos.


KaliLilla.com said...

Wow...Carlos is a poet. What beautiful, heartfelt and motivating words.

Marbella said...

Both of you guys are just flat out wonderful. You DOUGAL for putting your heart and soul into everything you do and going full blast. And you CARLOS for being the sensitive teacher/person that you are. It´s just a joy to come here every day and learn from you two!

dougal said...

Lilla, so meaningful to me as well.

Lynda, thank you, I'm grateful that you take the time to visit and comment.

Anonymous said...

Dougal, I do read your blog everyday. I was moved by Carlos' message. you truly are inspirational! You prove everyday the power of having the right mindset to achieve WHATEVER you put your mind to do! It truly is in our mind and thoughts and BELIEFS that make things happen!

dougal said...

Suzette,thank you for reading my blog every day, and I echo your sentiments completely and tomorrows post will take it a step further. The gift of forgiveness. I hope you'll take a look.