Saturday, September 13, 2008

My twenty week journey back to perfect health - ' THE SUPER CHALLENGE'

Week 6 Day 6

What's going on in Carlos' head?

Following on from my comment about reducing weights and being more deliberate with the movement I received this from my coach Carlos DeJesus.

During any specific exercise, you form a direct link between the muscle being worked and your brain. The greater your concentration, the greater the result its that simple. Get negative thoughts out of your head, in and out of the gym.

As you perform each exercise concentrate on the muscle being worked. Form a mental picture of the muscle being worked. Imagine seeing them getting bigger and better. Feel the muscle grow and shape.

Train with a relentless drive and determination as though your very life depended upon completing each exercise, and watch your muscles bulge with shape and size. Nothing is impossible for you to achieve. Flawless symmetry, contouring lines of shape, dense muscularity.

Think the ideal physique into being, think nourishment to the muscles when eating, see the muscles transform as a result of the nutrition and exercise. Set in motion the chemical reaction that will cause CHANGE to take place in your body, through the mind by the power of thought. Positive thought (faith) has the power to change even the body chemistry, to affect the total outcome of the evolution of your physique.

Concentration intensifies the workout. intensity makes the exercise harder if the exercise is harder, it doesn't always have to be heavier!

I for one 'think' I will take this advice to heart and prove Carlos right.

Take heed, if there any 'secrets' to attaining the body you desire..these are they.


Marbella said...

Great DOUGAL! That was a terrific blog today, and one that went straight to me. Today out walking (6 miles BTW), I thought for a little while about my leg muscles, but now that I know how important it is, will really put in an effort to *think* as CARLOS says.
Thanx so much for sharing. Love all that Carlos tells you as it always hits me perfectly too.

Have a good Saturday. Am waiting for Monday...

Michael said...

Mind-muscle connection stuff is amazing dude! Carlos has it all down. The principles are so simple. Follow them and they lead you to success. I am working a full body routine Carlos gave me and dude, it is killer. I'm amazed at the progress I made in just one week doing 1 set per exercise.

I am so glad to see you motoring along.

juli gets happy said...

So true. Thank you for sharing Carlos' email with us. Juli

Marbella said...

Am wondering how the plastic doctor went today. Tell us asap. Hope all´s well.

Marbella said...

Hi´s now Wednesday, and still no word from you. Guess that doctor´s meeting turned into a doctors operation. Am sending you vibes to get well, feel better, and get back asap.
Seriously, this has got to be the LAST time for this!

Shari Kraft said...

What fabulous advice. in the gym just not concentrating on what they're doing! If you focus on the muscle and the exercise, I bet injuries will also be minimal.

Bob said...

Hey Dougal how are you? you today's post has inspired me and I have also thought about the fact of "mental muscle building representation" and concentration. In my pt of view, Break down our own records day after day isn't the better way for muscle gain (you decrease you mind representation). Stress is also an important factor which could limitate any progress.

Nice post Dougal!