Saturday, September 6, 2008

My twenty week journey back to Perfect Health "THE SUPER CHALLENGE"

Week 5 Day 5

What's going on in my head?

Fortunately I have a perfect opportunity to show in REAL LIFE how I deal with negative situations.

I spent the night at my Lady's home last night with the intention of training some clients early Sat morning (today) and then myself and then back to her home for the weekend. It's out in the country and it's like going on holiday, wonderful.

Up early, headed to the gym did what I had to, trained myself and then my intuition told me to go home.

Opened the front door of my townhouse and........THE PLACE WAS FLOODED, and I mean flooded. The whole place was an inch deep in water. The Kelim carpet was drenched, the curtain bottoms were drenched, under the kitchen cupboards were flooded. I mean, GUSTAV had just taken a tour through my home. I lose my temper, get angry with everyone, shout and scream , and on top of it now I'm late to meet my girl.......

First of all I didn't flush the Loo properly when I left yesterday and the valved remained open allowing the water to overun the tank and onto the obviously did this the whole night.

How do I deal with this kind of situation which IS highly frustrating, no question.

So, time to clean up. Whilst I'm doing this I'm thinking.

  1. I get an opportunity to practice taking 100% reponsibility for what happened. It's not "the stupid valve, or the idiots who fitted the toilet, it's THIS IDIOT who didn't check it when I left.
  2. I'm thrilled that my intuition is intact and I had a chance to test it 'real world'
  3. I get a chance to do an unexpected 'cardio' workout because believe me this was PT.
  4. My tiled floors got the best cleaning they have ever had.
  5. Got a chance to wash out my 'Kelim' and another carpet
  6. Saw that the tiled floors of my new townhous are properly level
  7. Affirmed that my attitude is in the right place

You see any situation's solution is about 'FOCUS'. What I mean by that is...If your focus is in how grumpy you are because this thing has to be fixed...because you cannot leave it, you HAVE TO CLEAN UP and you really don't feel like it that's going to be your emotional state.

However if your FOCUS is on "What is the upside of this"...and there is ALWAYS one in any situation then that's what you're going to feel.

Throught this whole thing, start to finish I did not feel any negative emotion...I automatically 'FOCUSSED' on the upside, got the job done and moved on. DONE DEAL.

Why don't you try an experiment. Imagine this was you. Visualise how you would feel with this situation and whether you would be reactive or proactive. If the answer is negative, try and role play how you could turn it into a positive and see how you would feel.

This is a simple technique that becomes habit if you practice it often enough and can be used in any situation....


TOMORROW - no blog....I'm out of action because my girl's ADSL line is down and I have no connection. UPSIDE - I get to spend more quality time with my girl out in the beautiful sunshine.

SEE YA MONDAY - BEAUTIFUL WEEKEND, Tell someone close to you that you love'll make BOTH of you feel fantastic.


Marbella said...

I do hope you had a marvelous weekend with your Lady, and you got to rest and enjoy.

As to all that sitting here wondering how in this wide world did you get that water out? Not with only a mop bet. Alone? Didn´t that hurt your neck? Cardio and more cardio.

Glad you are strong as can be now. Do find some way to fix that pesky loo so it won´t happen again.

The end of your blog was just the kind of thing I love to read...and especially coming from a man. Good going Dougal! Lucky is that girl you have!

dougal said...

Yup Lynda,me and a squeegee, that's it. Took a whole lotta work but 'no worries' it got done. My girl is a queen no question.