Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My twenty week journey back to perfect health - ' THE SUPER CHALLENGE'

Week 8 Day 2

What's going on in my head?

Ever heard of a democracy in Africa where the head of state resigned voluntarily. Well now you have. Our president Thabo Mbeki resigned on sunday and a new president will be sworn in on Thursday. Talk about swift action WOW. Normally in Africa it's either 'ignore the results of a general election if they don't go your way' or a military coup d'etat.

Can you imagine George Bush, stepping down 9 months before his term of office is complete. No neither can I.

Anyway the point of this is knowing when to quit or change the plan. You have to stick with something long enough to know it's not working before you shoot off in a different direction.

Health and fitness is pretty much like that too. Plans, routines, whatever you choose to call them need structure and a way of evaluating wether they are working.

Particularly...when working with a trainer be sure to agree goals and understand how the training plan will help you get there. Same goes for eating plans. Understand WHY you are doing what you're doing. Do Not blindly accept that something is going to work.

Do your own research and always be comfortable that you are on the right track. I'm definately not saying chop and change but DO be sure you agree with whoever you are working with that what you are doing will work, based on his or her experience and training and then stick with it.

Then watch your life change day by day in a positive direction.


juli gets happy said...

hey Dougal, I hope you are feelig better day by day.

I like the little "kick" in your today's post. I think it is a bit "risky" to think that "Mr. Track-Suit" Jakob Zuma is the better choice, ;-). But with the rest of you post I fully agree!



dougal said...

Hey Juli, Mr track suit is only going to be elected in 2009. We will have an interim president until then but it WON'T be him. Exciting times in SA.