Monday, September 8, 2008

My twenty week journey back to Perfect Health "THE SUPER CHALLENGE"

Week 6 Day 1

What's going on in my head?

WHY?.....did I choose the above as the title to kick off my blog every day. Was it a random rhetorical question. Was it just a throw away line or was is carefully thought out to illustrate the way I think?

The latter is the correct answer. What I think about or more to the point the way I think about things is 'the secret' to my state of wellbeing. The way you think is actually the 'secret' to everybody's wellbeing.

I personally guarantee that if I were able to be with one person 24 hours a day for...say three weeks and have them talk out loud about everything they were thinking I would be able to change their lives forever.

Bad thinking is the cause of EVERYTHING that happens in your life. Are you aware that your thoughts good or bad alter the cellular structure of your body. Can you imagine how you can talk yourself into a very big hole if every little irritation is blown out of all proportion by the way you think.

90% of your worries NEVER MATERIALISE. Does it HONESTLY make sense to STRESS out about something that has not happened yet.

" I just KNOW that I'm going to get a parking ticket"
" I absolutely know that my team is going to get whacked AGAIN"
"I KNOW that the taxman is coming after me."

You are attracting that kind of stuff if that is the way you think.

If you happen to get change of season thinking negatively about it you could conceivably talk yourself into a nice bout of pneumonia.

All of the above is minor stuff....Can you imagine the stress in your life if your mind is full of negative thoughs about money, family and health.

Talking about health issues. Most of you know that I've had three genereal anaesthetics in as many think I want another one. That's rhetorical of COURSE I DON'T. Well I might have to because the pressure wound at the back of my head is opening up again. NOT GOOD.

What is my exact thought process with this 'irritation' Firstly I am NOT thinking about it because I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE PLASTIC SURGEON IS GOING TO SAY and I am certainly not going to make it up. I am seeing him this afternoon and we'll see what the verdict is. Until then I have other wonderful things to think about.

WE NEED TO RENEW OUR MINDS. WE NEED TO ,,BE AWARE on a minute by minute basis of what we are thinking. Once this becomes habitual it is realistic to be able to stop a bad thought in it's tracks and supplant it with a different thought....and after a long time of doing that, it IS possible to only think pragmatic, happy positive thoughts. Thoughts that enhance your life and don't detract from it.

I'm not saying that this process is easy. In fact it's way harder than getting fit but I PROMISE you that if you accept this challenge and stick with it and make it a habit....your life will be irrevocably changed...for the better.



Another good training today, but that's because that's what I wanted it to be.
Weights slowly increasing and I'll post again on that next week.


Another few weeks of metablism conditiong and then onto fat burning. I'll be a machine by the end of my 20 week UBER CHALLENGE.


You CAN control your life by CHOOSING what to think. What you choose becomes what you do and who you are. Try it for a couple of weeks..WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE? nothing, but you have EVERYTHING to gain.


Marbella said...

You did it again Dougal. You got me thinking, and have decided to do that Challenge you talked about. Will purposely try and think ALL positive and try to see how much better things will go for me. Good idea, and I thank you for putting it out there so clear.

Hate hearing about the pressure wound. Was so sure it had been fixed. Bummerz!

Made me aren´t taking photos any more. Is all going well? Good luck with the decision making tomorrow, and tell us asap!

dougal said...

lYNDA, I knew you would accept the challenge, good for you. Please let me know how it goes and if I can help at all.