Thursday, August 13, 2009

M2 | SIX PACK | Day 56

Winter is done and ....the LEAN SEASON is here

The weather is's getting warmer, the days are getting light earlier and the atmosphere seems more positive...a feature of the approaching summer I think.

I am always amazed at how the seasons mirror our own attitudes. Although the winter in South Africa is not as harsh as other parts of the world it is what we are used to and people seem less communicative than when it's warmer.

I notice people on the street are more friendly and willing to communicate.

Winter of course is a great time to get in shape because we can hide what we don't want people to see until we are ready...It's been happening to me recently.

I'm able to wear a T shirt to the gym now and people are saying, what happened to you boy you've changed...what drugs are you on etc etc.

It's interesting though the amount of people who never change. They spend years in the gym but carry on eating as though there were no tomorrow and wonder why nothing has happened.

We all have to be mindful of the 'lifestyle' change...rather than a short term plan.

I was chatting with some new clients only yesterday and asked how it was that they got to where they are now.

In unison...."Fast Food" was the reply. So how you going to change that pattern I asked and they really wern't sure. That's why a plan is so important.

We will never get anywhere unless we have that plan which will keep us on the straight and narrow...permanently.

Too many times I see clients who have left the nest as it were to go on their own only to end up back where they were or worse.

We cannot get in shape and go back to eating 'cheescake', we have to make that lifetime comitmment.

Once we have done that, it is so rewarding to wear the clothes we want to...go to the places we have avoided and visit with the friends we havn't seen for a while.

And...occasionally, we can still have the cheescake...if we want to.

Peace Out

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