Thursday, August 27, 2009


Back on the upcurve

I feel like I'm getting 'back to the future'. Although I have been doing everything right my computer melt down has made me feel like I am way behind the curve...Weird feeling.

However, I started my new program yesterday and it invloves a three day a week routine to start with full body followed by metabolic cardio training..Kind of a break in thingy.

I'm excited about new things but I'm really excited about seeing where this new program can take me...I have committed to the program until december and we'll see what sort of progress I have made up to that point.

I am full of energy today after finding myself exhausted come evening for the last two days and since we have a 'swine' flu strain running around South Africa I thought perhaps it had popped through my front door. I think that since I havn't been acting like a pig lately it is probably just some work pressure.

I have worked that through mentally and feel recharged today.

It is a beautiful day here in South Africa and I feel for all of you going into winter...I suppose the good news is that come summer again everyone is going to be saying...Whoooaaa where did you come from, look at you. we head into another weekend I wish you all love, peace and gratitude for being here and helping others as well as yourself.


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