Friday, August 14, 2009

M2 | SIX PACK | Day 57

I do HAVE A brain IN MY HEAD

Do I have a brain in my head...Yes I do and so I use it as often as possible...There are times when it doesn't work so well but most of the time it functions pretty normally.

So what? ......I love weight training...does that make me a dumba*@#, hardly, I consider myself a reasonably intelligent fellow. I am well read, I am articulate, I am interested in what goes on around me, I thrive on interesting conversation with stimulating discussion.

Get to the point Dougs......OK why is it that a lot of people think weight training is for morons....whoaaa, slow down there sports fans....I can hear the 'fall out' from here.

They do....Oh no, I do cardio, I could never go into that sweaty place where all those large foul mouthed men hang around making a big noise clanking those dumbell thingy's all over the place and telling rude jokes...oooh no not for me.

Wow what gym are these people going to....or is it just a perception, or is it actually real.

A bit of all of the above I suspect.....But the fact still remains that we HAVE to do weight training with as heavy weight as possible...Doesn't matter where we do it, we have to do it.

Women are at risk from Osteoporosis, men are at risk from....dare I say it....flabby gut syndrome...weight training alleviates both these conditions.

You cannot look good and be healthy on 2 hours of cardio and three lettuce leaves a day....all you will end up being is a thin fat person...great in clothes but ....not to good when the lights go out.

Don't take my word for it....Any amount of research will tell you the if you are unsure of where to go from here....whatever you do make sure it always consists of a weight component, a cardio component and a broad based eating plan to get you there.


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