Monday, August 17, 2009

M2 | SIX PACK | Day 59

Quick PS to start with. I was trying to post from a remote computer which would not let me in to the 'Shreddersphere' and I did not have my password on me wasn't able to blog over the weekend.

No worries I'm back now and keen as mustard.

The Ab contest continues with the girls...Saraaaaah!, Sharon and Johanna looking awesome and the boys lagging a little in order to keep them motivated.

Tiger Woods lost a major yesterday to a little known korean Player. WHAT....impossible I hear you say if you didn't watch. DID happen.

The Korean pleayer was completely oblivious to the fact that he was playing in the final round of a major golf championship with the worlds greatest player and just had a good time.

A lesson there for all of us. Doesn't matter who you are up against you CAN win... Don't let the company throw you off track with your program just keep doing it and having fun.

And if you are Woods.... don't start believing you are invincible...You're not.

Dream stealers are not welcome....boot them out of your life and keep focussing on your goals...they are yours, no one else's and no one else has the right to try and throw you off track.

If you let someone else dictate the course of your life don'tcomplain when things start going pear shaped. Take resposibility for your actions and don't become a victim.

BE STRONG, and win the game of life...for you

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