Thursday, August 20, 2009

M2 | SIX PACK | Day 61+ SHRED to SHRED day 4

Like everyone else I sometimes get this mistaken idea that I am going backwards. Firstly that's not true but I am also susceptible to "The voice".....which I successfully chase away when I realise it for what it is by asking a simple question...."Is it the truth" and invariably it isn't, so I send it packing.

If it IS true however I am able to do something about it.

I am rattling on about this because I am in such a great position now of having tons of pictures to compare me to me with and sometimes I take a look and am blown away....I also realise that I still have along way to go but it's great to know that my next set of day 1 pics....which will be M4...will culminate in me looking the best I have ever looked in my whole life.......

......... AT 60. amazing thought....that you can be your best at 6o....which I will be on October 1st.

I am so excited about life I just can't tell you....what a great place to be....Wonderful relationships, fabulous shredder friends....some I have got to know better than others.....I could go on and on.

The only blip on my horizon happened just yesterday and serves to show me how tenuous life is and and how we should make the most of every moment.

Going home last night I drove right passed a service station ( strangely enough, the service station where my sister was killed ) which was in the process of experiencing an armed robbery. The robbers tried to steal a car that was being filled with petrol to make their getaway but something went wrong and a 48 year old lady who was innocently waiting in her car was shot in the chest... She died this morning.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls and little animals...PLEASE, Life is way to important to be taken seriously....please, make the most of each and every day...fill them with laughter, love and happiness, health and fitness and don't be heading up to heaven one day saying to yourself.."I could have done so much more with my life."



Margaret2007 said...

To be faced with mortality as often as you have, Dougal, and to maintain your positive outlook on life while on this crazy blue ball speaks volumes of your strength of character! What a gift you've been given, and we've been witness to that.

Continued blessings, Dougal.

dougal said...

Margaret, thank you my friend...Very kind of you to comment..and I really appreciate your visits to my blog.