Tuesday, October 6, 2009


AFTERMATH what a weird feeling.

The week after the weekend after my 60th birthday.....and I feel feverish, headachy, and all the other nasties that happen with flu...Except that I also feel a little out of control, disconnected from the world, wanting to withdraw, a little fear, and a whole lot of other feelings that I am struggling to identify.

Maybe it's that getting to that milestone is an exciting place but when the day is done and everyone goes on about their business and you suddenly realise that....hey you are actually 60...wow ok what now.

Maybe you suddenly realise that there are more years behind you than there are in front of you...maybe it's that you find you are attending more funerals than weddings and that you are having to repeat yourself more often with some of your friends.

Maybe it's the feeling of being a little less tolerant of certain things.....getting a little irritable when things aren't as you would want them and so on.

Now I know myself and I know that these feeling will pass in a day or two and I also know that I am fit and healthy and strong....which means what exactly

We all have to get through times that feel unfamiliar to us whether we like it or not....for some of us...introspection is not really necessary...it's just a matter of riding it out.

For me.....I know that the sun will be shining...tomorrow, or maybe the next day...

...and if you hapen to be where I am...I hope will for you to.

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