Wednesday, October 14, 2009


You CANNOT push the river

Only one thing swims up stream and it's not us. Fish.....The mighty trout/salmon...swims up stream to spawn....and then some of them die.

Not what we would want for ourselves so then WHY do we try and 'push the river'

I don't mean go with the flow necessarily but sometimes we need to because that's how we get to where we are going the quickest.

We have a lot of accidents in South Africa caused by Taxi's colliding with cars. ( taxi's defined as minibuses in SA) Johannesburg is an absolute cowboy town and often Taxi's will simply drive against the flow of traffic in the wrong lane to get their fares to a destination expeditiously during rush hour...or any time really....and accidents occur. Sometimes weapons are drawn and a 'gunfight at the OK corral' happens.

I'm sure research would show that the taxi's don't actually get their quicker than anyone else...that's if they make it at all.

And so what has this to do with health and fitness. Well...there are certain times when it is NOT advisable to exercise.

When you have FLU matters not whether it is in viral or bacterial stage, if your heart rate is up.....DON'T DO ANYTHING.

When you become bacterial however and an upper respitory tract infection rears it's ugly head....use the opportunity to chill in bed for a couple of days....and let dad/mom do all the work.

Certainly no can easily damage the heart muscle and cause serious if not permanent damage my messing with it.

You are 'outside of your circle of influence' rest up...that's what you should be doing.

Do not think about work....the kids....preparing food...etc, just plain old rest. Allow your mind get stressed out about the dozens of things you have to do and you'll get worse.

Let mind and body work together to heal you and you will get better when you get better.

Don't try and 'push the river' Leave that to the fish

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