Friday, October 9, 2009


How is it MY FAULT...

I belong to a fantastic Health and Fitness forum called 'The Shreddersphere'...more like home really and I post into my 'Sphere' blog on a regular basis as well, which is why I post pictures of me in next to nothing in case you have been wondering. the single most motivating factor, for me to make progress and the reason why most people make progress.. I believe...

Next part of the picture is that word RESPONSIBILITY. Everything within our circle of influence is OUR responsibility. Of course it's your fault if you get fat and out of shape....Did someone else hold you down and force a 'BUD' or six and 3 burgers down your throat.

The fact that you didn't plan your meals last night and consequently downed three chocolate bars before anyone could see is whose fault exactly....

And so back to 'The Sphere'.......RTP-TS the health and Fitness program designed by Adam Waters, creator of the Sphere, sponsored a global physique competition a short while back and now that it is over things seem to have gone a little quiet in there.....

.....and the question is....what's happened in here and why is it so quiet?

The answer came from someone who has claimed absolutely amazing results on the program and is not afraid to call a spade a the nicest way possible of course.

If we want the Sphere to be the vibrant exciting supportive home that it was, then guess what...WE HAVE TO MAKE IT SO.

We are what made it in the first place. Adam provided the shell and we are what's inside the shell...WE need to take responsibility to make it hum again.

So my friend Saraaah has pledged to recommit herself to making a difference within the sphere and I do the same.

I will take daily pictures and post a blog Monday to Friday from now on. My Mission 3 has 38 days to run and I really want to see what progress I can make in those remaining days before I move onto mission 4.

Join me on the journey and perhaps I can be of service to you, in your journey to find superb Health and Fitness

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