Monday, October 12, 2009


10 weeks until christmas....
or at least until most people head on vacation.

That's 70 days to get into shape before you bare all on the beach. Will you be ready.

DON'T say.... I'm so far off I have no chance... I might as well back off my eating and training a bit...I'll never make it. That's just another version of the "I'll start again on monday" syndrome.

That kind of thinking will take you deeper into that black hole that you are digging. You are planning to go to the beach, if you start today you will be a l o n g way towards your goal and you will have made heavy inroads into the extra weight you are carrying.

Isn't it better to look close to your best than to look exactly the same as you are now but carrying a whole lot more mental baggage....No brainer.

So...DON'T put it off for one more day....make your plans...or reinforce that what you are doing is right...and get going.

I have decided to train before my first client in the mornings from now until December and I started training this morning with my nephew. Had a fantastic session and nothing better than the thought of being in top shape 10 weeks from now but also helping my nephew to back into top condition as well.

I am human so I also have to admit to a tiny hint of saitisfaction that I breezed through the session whilst my nephew who is half my age was complaining that his heart was jumping out of his chest..... Kids. LOL


Margaret2007 said...

I'm so glad you broke it down to 70 days, Dougal...I will join you...That amount of time is within my realm of possibilities!

Here's to Day 1 and the kick in the pants I've just gotten!


dougal said...

Good on you Margaret...I'll support you all the way.