Thursday, October 1, 2009


What is age.....some people are young at 60 others are old at 30. Age is a matter of deciding how old you are is not about a chronological number it's about's about the decision to make every day count, to make the most of what you are and what you have been given and what you are going to be.

It's about being ALIVE and it's about LIVING

Some of the things I have learned along the way:

Love...You are never to old to fall in love
Patience....You cannot push the river
Balance...the bigger the adversity, the bigger the blessing
Strength....being strong enough does not mean pushing through people
Service.....become a giver ...being a servant is the mark of a leader can only see into the future if you climb mountains
Accountability......even world class athletes have a coach
Calling....the only way to happiness is to understand your calling, and do it with passion
Adversity....the greatest gift there is.....overcome that and you are a giant
Goals.....each one you achieve allows you to climb a higher mountain with same effort
Honour self promises.....when you trust yourself you become the best you can be
Don't read the paper or listen to the'll only upset you
Thank God.....every day for giving you everything you need to be a superstar
One front of the other is all you need to become a champion CAN choose the right one each day when you get out of bed

I have many many others but I don't want to keep you here all day....and, so, why am I telling you all this.

Because today I am
6 0
Have a fabulous day...It's your choice

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