Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My twenty week journey back to perfect health - 'THE SUPER CHALLENGE'

Week 9 day 3

What's going on in my head?

The fact that I've been out of action has felt very strange., almost like something is missing from my life. It seems that my computer is healthy again and on we go.

Writing for yourself is very cathartic, writing for others is downright scary. You put your self out there for people to jump all over if they want to. The upside is that you make a whole lot of great friends and...if you are writing in an attempt to help others, you don't take it personally if someone disagrees with you. So to be out of touch is very strange

Lynda, Margaret, Juli, Debbie, thank you for your concern and I appreciate your support, you are good friends.

I'm feeling pretty good for the first time for quite a while since my last op. I felt that I wouldn't train this week until I had finished my antibiotics but I felt so good yesterday that I made a gentle start back to weight training and I feel fine.

There is so much going on in the world....the bail out plan being rejected in the US, the UK and parts of Europe in recession, South Africa swearing in a new President that it's easy to get a bit down and feel that you are sinking into the quicksand of negative thinking. DON'T let it sink you.

Always ask yourself how the situation is affecting you. For example, here in South Africa we are experiencing an exodus of families who are emigrating to places like Australia and New Zealand because of crime. Dinner party talk centres around when you are leaving the country. The interesting thing is that when you delve a little deeper people are leaving based on heresay. Oh I read about crime in the paper....or, Oh my friend got hijacked. Nothing has actually happened to them. Talk about living in the future. How can you make a major life changing decision based on something that hasn't happened.

Remember that your reality IS different to your neighbours....don't throw the baby out with the bathwater...take stock of what is true in YOUR life and make positive things happen FOR YOU.

Your reality is in YOUR HEAD and the truth is, you can create whatever you want for yourself, and that includes the body you want and the health you deserve.

Don't allow depression to stop you from any situation that is getting you down ask yourself one question about your thoughts. 'Is this the truth'. The answer is generally NO and you can then get on with your reality.

STAY FIT AND STRONG through whatever is happening it will help you stay sane.



Margaret2007 said...

Well said Dougal! We can certainly encourage each other, being grateful for the blessings we can see each day!


juli gets happy said...

Dougal, thank you for your very meaningful words. Yes, it is only a season.

I am happy that your computer is fixed and that you are back on track.


eric said...

Very well said. Live your own reality.

My fitness challenge has helped so much through this. Although no one is moving away, here in the states. No one is moving. As the owner of a building materials company, makes for a rough go of things. Every day I have started taking my employees (at least the ones at the main branch) for a walk. It is amazing the change in mood from just 20 minutes of movement.

Shred on!


dougal said...

Margaret, absolutely, we all have so much to be grateful for.

Thank you Juli, it's good to be back.

Hey Eric, thank you for the visit. Hope you don't mind me using your story in today's post.