Saturday, October 25, 2008

The road less travelled

There is NO doubt in my mind

thatBold I will be back beyond my previous best in the not too distant future.
I have absolute belief in myself, faith in my creator and trust in my coach and mentor C DeJ.

What am I learning in the meantime.
  1. Patience. " You just cannot push the river" This thing will go at its own pace and cannot be hurried.
  2. Gather information. It is incumbent upon me to gather as much information as I can in order to arm myself for battle and to make informed decisions. I mean I am fighting a war here. I have got good guys fighting the bad guys inside my body...weird concept.
  3. ABP - always be positive. I cannot allow myself to get negative...when that happens, the war is lost. I have much toBold be grateful for and I focus on that 'ALL THE TIME'
  4. Stay Happy - the best way to do that is to make other people happy. I set goals each day to do something small for others. That way two people have a great day.
  5. Know that the end is in sight - This war will not last - The enemy WILL be defeated and I will march on victorious.
  6. Always walk with an attitude of love - the best way to avoid stress, which by the way is a massive killer, is to greet everybody and talk to people with love. Not in a namby pamby way but in a way that demonstrates interest and concern in and for those with whom you interact daily. This is the absolute best way to heal yourself of anything.
  7. Stay honest. Finally, get real with yourself. I have been feeling really lousy but I'm not looking for sympathy so when people ask, I answer "Oh just fantastic thanks" "Phhh, yea right." What's the point, if they can see it in your eyes. The feeling isn't going to last longer because you admit to feeling terrible.

I'm actually feeling pretty good today and am thinking...I'm going to hit the weight room come monday and see what happens. Not a whim but a comeback strategy.

Just gotta watch my coin expenditure though, wouldn't want my banker Carlos calling me to tell me I'm in overdraft now would I.


Marbella said...

You are such a positive person, and such a pleasure to read your posts. Each day you blog I learn something, and see that each day we have is such a gift. So glad that you have lots of little warriors helping you to fight your WAR. Count on me for helping out in the *sending mental reinforcements group*. Your General CARLOS is the best you could possible have. Hope this will be a special weekend for you.

juli gets happy said...

Please keep up being so positive! You rock! Juli