Friday, October 24, 2008

The road less travelled

I've spent the week going back and forth to different specialists to try and figure out a way forward...nearly went back into hospital on an intravenous antibiotic I was feeling so bad.

Changed antibiotics as a result of finding a more resistant strain of infection in my system.
So I've had a fun week.

I got something from Carlos though that really put things in perspective for me and I'm going to share it since I KNOW it will be of great benefit and comfort to a whole lot more people than me.


I have a pretty good idea as to what is happening.
Actually this happens more often than most realize
but most don't have the medical background to
know what took place.

I think you are still healing.

I try to relate the body and its energy system to a simplistic approach.
I tell my patients that the body's energy system is like having a bag of 10 coins.
Each coin representing a unit of energy.
And each activity exacts a coin expenditure.

So, working an 8 hour physical job might "cost" 4 coins. That means you got 6 left for the day.
If your workout "costs" 4 coins, you only have 2 coins left on that day.
When you are healing from surgery or an illness or infection it may cost your body 7 or 8 coins per day.
You see where this is going.
We cannot survive intense workouts which may cost 5 coins if the body is trying to heal at the price of 7 coins a day.

And so that's where we are.

We are in a place where we need to spend most of our energy to facilitate healing.
So it is good news to know what's happening and what needs to be done. So once you heal, you can get back to the intense workouts.
Sound good?


Thank you Carlos, as usual a complex subject made simple by your gentle articulation.

I'll have a clearer idea as to how the surgeons want to proceed once we get blood work and further x rays back from the lab.


Ron said...

Thanks for the update Dougal. I've been praying for your healing. Now I have to pray that you be given a few more coins to budget with.

Marbella said...

So glad to once again have news from you Dougal. Four days with no notice is not pretty when so much is going on. That healing/coins story from CARLOS is wonderful, and so good for you to realize where the importance really is. I won´t forget it either. So, guess all is going just the same. One step up, one step back. Have you thought of going to another set of doctors? Get another view? I know you are doing all you can, and wish we could help you out more. That candle is still burning brightly, and missles shot to heaven daily. Take care. All we want if for you to get better.

Margaret2007 said...

Ya know what? Carlos' observations make complete sense to me too...

I'm still praying for you, Dougal, and I know that you are in Great Hands...our Father's!

Margaret said...

Wishing you perfect bloodwork and x-rays! The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself.

Rest, breathe and let the miracle happen.
Love, Lil

Danny said...

Nice comment from carlos!
Good luck with the x-rays and bloodwork. ALways hope for a miracle.
Shred on mate

Jason said...

Stay positive brother, it may be a slow process but you will get better. As always my prayers are with you. -Jason

dougal said...

Once again thank you to all of you for your love and support, it mean so much to me. There is no doubt in my mind that I'll get through this and get back to beyond my best...soon.