Thursday, October 30, 2008

The road not so less travelled today

For seven months I have been trudging along a lonely road, a road on which I seemed to be the only traveller. That can be tough since everyone wants to be part of a community including me.
Travelling alone means a lot of things....Being alone at night when the lights go down. Having no one to share your feelings with when you need to, eating alone, keeping the pain to yourself, willing yourself on when you are exhausted, and so on...but in the last few days I have noticed other travellers on my road, people who look and behave just like me, the road has widened and the noise gets louder I realise that I'm feeling happy about the cacophony all around and I suddenly realise that the people are not like me...I am like them and those travellers that used to wish me well from other roads adjacent to mine and who used to pray for me are now walking along my road, which has now become their road as well. My solitary journey is almost complete.

Taking the road less travelled is a choice. I have always chosen the hard way the way that toughens me to my core, my whole life has been about choosing to tough things out, my journey on the road less travelled is no different and it's almost as if I have been training my whole life for the last seven fight a war against an unseen enemy.

Today, for now, I emerge victorious. My blood work shows no trace of infection, my x-rays show that the titanium hardware in my head is stable and I believe that I'm at the end of my journey on ' the road less travelled '.

I imagine there are not many of you who have not read or seen 'The Secret' and whilst I have put my own spin on it I believe in the concept of Quantum Physics and God as a partnership in conjunction with the Universe as God created it..

I absolutely believe in the Law of reciprocation and manifestation in my life because I have seen it happen in a very positive way too often over many years and long before The Secret ever came down the pike for it to be a myth.

Call it what you like, I call it faith. I am a trainer/success coach because I believe it is my calling and for many years I have not advertised for new clients in my training business because I rely on faith. When I need a new client or a few I simply ask God for help or in "Secret" terms, the Universe. Because I am a giver and give freely God has always honoured that and new clients just seem to walk in the door.

It happened again this morning. I had a client finish up in my 7.00am slot on wednesday and the first thing I did was ask God for a new client for that slot. I went to see my Neurosurgeon Carl, remember him, this morning to get results of the blood work etc and at the end of that meeting he said to me I'd like to come and train with you but my times are very limited. I said when can
you train. You guessed it, Carl starts with me 7.00am next monday, and he wants his daughter to come along as well.

It works BIG TIME in my life, why don't you try it in yours.


Carlos said...

It is what you have learned on this road that had added to your wisdom. I would dare say not many have consciuosly made this choice. Yet by providence may find themselves on this road. As a result, how you think, believe, and act can seem cryptic or mysterious- unless you continue to share your journey. Because sometimes clearly defining your experiences can help others understand the dynamics of this path of illumination.

juli gets happy said...

Doagal, you are a true inspiration!

I must learn to ask for what I need, I noticed it again. Furthermore I am so happy for your that your blood-tests are fine y now and that no infection is thretatening your well-being, you are on the road to complete healing.



Ron said...

Great to read that you've completely recovered from your infection! God does bless those who do good to others.

dougal said...

You understand, Carlos, because you are the same as me...we are drawn to "The road less travelled" and hit it head on at speed.

Juli, that's all you have to ask.

Ron, right on brother..thanks for visiting.

Margaret2007 said...

I'm so grateful for your test results Dougal! My prayers were answered with a "Yes"...for your health, well-being, and continued work for others!

Coincidentally, my dreams have been restless and anxious lately...due to work stress. This morning, I had a dream that helped me waken with renewed hope and desire to focus optimistically on the day!

God is good.


dougal said...

Hello Margaret, fantastic, keep that dream alive and have the best day ever

Adam Waters said...

Hi Dougal, mate you have such an awesome way with words. You have the ability to make your words jump off the page and hit you between the eyes. I agree wholeheartedly with you too. Take care bro, Adam

Marbella said...

Your news is so wonderful, and makes one truly believe that we are loved and watched over. I was so worried for you, and am relieved that you are now in perfect hands to travel the road again. Good for you Dougal! You are so deserving of all the good out there and wish you all the best. I know all of us that prayed and hoped for you are relieved that Old Dougal is back. Now we can enjoy all the fun that you give, all the sage comments, and will watch you progress go higher and higher.
Remember to listen to your General Carlos. Do what he advises, and have the best life ever.

dougal said...

High praise indeed from someone whose been there, another warrior, fighting alone...and winning. Thank you Adam, and thanks for taking the time to pop in. Your support means a lot to me Bro. I'll be back shredding along with the rest of you in no time flat.

Lynda, God is in control, no question and I really believe I'm free to climb any mountain that I choose now and that's where it starts. To reset my goals and win that game. Come for the ride with me.

Shari Kraft said...

I believe "The Secret" IS faith. I had absolutely NO DOUBT that you would have those results. God is working his miracles thru you so that the rest of us can see and believe. :)

dougal said...

Hey Shari, I love that you see it that way...ministry by blog..pretty cool.

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Thanks for sharing your personal journey with us. I was moved and encouraged by your post today and agree that if we don't activate our faith to live then we're limiting ourselves to living our best lives.

dougal said...

Thank you Diane, and thank you for visiting. We have everything we need to be everything we can be.

dougal said...

Thank you Diane, and thank you for visiting. We have everything we need to be everything we can be.