Monday, November 10, 2008

The road less travelled

I don't think that Barack Obama's campaign manager will mind too much if I make liberal use of his brilliant campaign slogan YES YOU CAN!
I mean it is just brilliant in it's simplicity and each one of us can apply it to every day life.
Oh I can't do this it's too hard....YES YOU CAN.
Oh I can't do anything right ....YES YOU CAN
I can't be good enough.....YES YOU CAN
I just can't achieve my fitness goals...YES YOU CAN
Block by block, brick by brick.
I think we sometimes think things are a bridge too far because we look at the whole picture. If we break things down into daily action steps or..bite size chunks we can visualise a positive result so much easier.
I havn't asked him about this but I'm pretty sure that when Carlos DeJesus was training for any one of the 39 competitions he entered on the road to the World championship....which he case you have been in a coma for the last little while...., he did not look at the cases of tuna he consumed but he consumed them one at a time with no thought for the next one at the next meal.
He may have been sick of the site of tuna but he knew it was a building block to winning and he did it whether he liked it or not.
ANYTHING can be achieved if you just break it down into small enough steps.
There is no such thing as perfection and there is only one perfect person and he doesn't live on this planet.
Progress my friends, that's what I'm talking about, progress. If I look at my own progress over the last seven months or lack thereof ,in a negative way it could really destroy me since....there hasn't been any.
I've been literally stopping and starting for the whole of that time and as I write this I am pretty much at the beginning again....
But...I am ecstatic that I CAN start again. I got onto an exercise bike this morning for my cardio session and realised just how unfit I am. My thought was...what a great place to be, I can only IMPROVE from here.
I'm doing weights tomorrow and it's the same thing. I can only get better on a day to day basis....that's exciting.
Can I get back to my previous best and beyond......YES I CAN
The good news is - SO CAN YOU.
Can anyone tell me why this post won't format the way I want it too? Appreciate any help.


Carlos said...

This is the mindset I had.

The more clearly and vividly we can picture our desired outcome, (what it will look like, feel like, be like), the more motivated we will be to participate in the process now and keep enduring until our vision becomes reality. –(however difficult, painful, boring, or uninteresting the process might be).

We must also be convinced that the outcome of our commitment will be what we vividly envision and is worthy of the investment of all our effort. (Time, Focus, Resources).

Marbella said...

Such a good post from CARLOS. And you too DOUGAL. I love that Obama slogan. It says so much and something we all can use daily! I think your formatting is because it´s related to Blogspot...and you know what Blogspot does to a blog. Messes up everything it can!
Good luck with your weights tomorrow. Yes You Can!

dougal said...

Thank you Carlos, that's the answer in a nutshell.

Lynda, yes you can too.

~liz said...

Re: fonts. Go into your "edits post" section. Highlight the entire body of the text you want to change then using the "eraser" (it's the last icon on the right on the edit post toolbar) click on that icon while your text is highlighted and it will erase all formatting from your selection. Then while the text is still selected/highlighted drop down the arrow on the "tT" icon and select the size font you desire usually "normal" puts it back to the starting size (you can go up or down in size from this starting point).

dougal said...

Thanks Liz for your help but what I had a problem with was the program elimanating all my spacing and dumping everything into one block of copy...not cool.