Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The road less travelled


Dax Moy, probably the best known fitness professional in the UK threw out a challenge on his blog. To write about who we really are and not just the persona that we present here....sometimes, to garner sympathy, sometimes to make ourselves look good, sometimes, because we have nothing much to say.

I have taken up the challenge because:

I believe that if I am not representing myself truthfully in this forum, where in some way I have an opportunity to influence people then I am being dishonest and I do not believe that I am that.

I believe that my life revolves around my core values....those of truth, love, sincerity, generosity, gratitude, service and a correct attitude.

I believe that what you put into this life is not proportionate to what you get out. Good or bad. I think you get much more.

I believe that " As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. "

I believe that there is good in everybody and everyone deserves an opportunity.

I believe that everybody can be successful and happy.

And most importantly I BELIEVE in GOD who is my spritual father and who has given me a complete set of tools with which to make my life a complete success.

And...if I believe that, which I do fervently then how can I fail at anything I set my hand to within my core belief's and values.

Why don't you write your own I believe, it is highly likely to help you better understand yourself


Carlos said...

When someone with wisdom speaks - I always check my watch, because I know it's "time" to listen!

dougal said...

Nice coach, very nice..Thank you.

Marbella said...

Both of you guys are so smart and so in with the world. Am right now thinking of what I believe...
Thanx again Dougal!