Thursday, November 20, 2008

The road less travelled

I threw out a challenge yesterday to anyone that was having trouble dealing with a negative situation.

Lynda said that she was having trouble with her knees and it was bugging her. "Find me a positive in that" she challenged.

Well Lynda, there are a good many upsides in that.
  1. Gives you an opportunity to get your husband to give you a soothing knee rub every other night
  2. Explore swimming as I have. It is a non load bearing exercise and is a good cardio workout as well as being refreshing on hot summer days.
  3. Google a video for the correct form in a squat and you may be pleasantly surprised to find that your form is way off. A squat done correctly places all the weight on your quadriceps and pretty much takes the knees out of it. So give that a try.
  4. Isn't it wonderful that you can walk...I presume without pain.
  5. Next time you see someone in a wheelchair, ask them if they would swop with you. You may make a new friend
  6. Sore knees gives you the opportunity to sit back and rest while your husband does all the grocery shopping...and packing....and cleaning.
  7. Experiment with Glucosomine...exellent for joint relief. Learning about health products is always good.
  8. It's given you an opportunity to learn more about anatomy (google sore knees and see what you come up with.) and there is always an upside in learning, isn't there.
  9. An opportunity to experiment with attitude change which when practiced continuously will definately take your mind off any pain.

So Lynda, that'll give you something to think about.

We should all look for the 'up' and not the 'down' in ANY situation, hard enough and we will find it, sometimes in the most unexpected places.

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Marbella said...

Well now, you really did give me a lot to think about. I really don´t have much of a problem. I can walk without pain, do squats too, don´t get soothing knee massages tho, and pool is freezing cold now. Really my only knee complaint is getting up and down off the floor. There is NO good to be taken from that. All the rest is valid and I thank you for your research. I do take Glucosamine/Chondratin daily too. What I haven´t done is Google sore knees, so that´s next on my list.

Hope you too are doing well. For sure you are one constant dude and one not to be stymied. Am proud of you Dougal!