Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The road less travelled

W a n n a b e - F e v e r

That sounds derogatory but I don't mean it to be....no really.

One of the biggest d r e a m s t e a le r s today is not what someone says but what they are.

Glamour magazines crammed full of impossibly thin fourteen year old models. Gorgeous 20's,30's and 40 year old magazine models who have been airbrushed so radically as to be unrecognisable by their own family.

How often I hear..."I want to look like her" Apart from the fact that the bone structure and basic framework may be completely different the model has probably diet'd down for 6 weeks before the shoot. I train a couple of beauty queens believe me I know what I'm talking about.

  1. You can only ever compete with yourself.
  2. You can never win the game of wanting to look like someone else
  3. If you are moving forward you are making progress. The rate doesn't matter
  4. Do not set impossible goals. Around 2lbs per week is optimum for maximum fat loss.
  5. Don't get despondant when a friend loses 10lbs in the first week on some crazy diet, it's mostly water.
  6. Don't try and starve and train like a mad person for a six pack, 4 weeks out from Christmas, ain't gonna happen.
  7. Don't even think it's a given say...12 weeks out from the holidays. Even though it's possible, what happenes if you get flu 4 weeks in...game over..." well I'm done for now, might as well enjoy the christmas holidays (translated to mean let's pig out) until January and start again". Sound familiar.
  8. Learn how to make eating healthy a lifestyle and those little mishaps, or a less than perfect meal on christmas day is OK. Coz you've planned for it. (Little tip I use...ask the question, is what I'm about to put in my mouth going to take me towards my goal or away from it. Kinda pulls you up in a hurry.
  9. Learn to make better BAD choices. If you are somewhere where your food choices are somewhat dodgy, make the best choice you can.
  10. Rather eat something you shouldn't than miss a meal. You KNOW that if you play the hero and miss a meal because there wasn't any healthy food you are going to be ravenous when it's time to eat again and we all know where that leads.

We all slip up and at times eat what we shouldn't, and when it happens remember this...YOU ARE ONLY ONE MEAL AWAY from eating perfectly again. PLEASE get over playing the " I'll start again monday" game if you slip up. You cannot win that one...ONE MEAL AWAY that's all, no biggy if you slip up.

With Christmas looming large why not rather look at setting goals for the year ahead now.

IMAGINE THIS....set a goal to lose just 1lb per week next year and this time next year you will absolutely be in bikini or speedo (kidding guys) shape for sure. 52lbs of fat lost WOW.

1lb per week....ANYONE can do that.

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