Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The road less travelled

Do you know...for sure...that you will achieve your fitness hopes and dreams?
Why not?

Barring serious illness or...a broken neck...ha ha... what is stopping you.

Slacking on your eating plan, not training with intensity.

Wanting to party rather than focus on your health.

Maybe all of the above.

So what do you plan to do about it.

Why not form a mastermind group in your area and all make a solid commitment to success.
Find someone you know in your gym and commit to each other. Meet once a week, sort of like book club but without the wine. Yes I know how these things work.

Christmas is nearly here...are you concerned about getting through the festive season scot free.
Or are you worried that you will blow your plans right out the water.

Take some time to think about these things and devise a strategy to take care of them.

Everybody is having a slap up Christmas dinner I should think....don't feel guilty about enjoying it...just don't get bogged down until 2nd january 09.

Make your plans to see you through the holiday season, don't bale with the idea of starting again in January.

That's just another nail in the coffin.

Make this the first Christmas that YOU are in control and not food controlling you. Use this time to rest your body if you've been training hard. Your body needs a rest about every 12 weeks or so.

Plan ahead and enjoy the holiday rather than spending every day feeling guilty about getting deeper and deeper into that hole you have dug.

Start planning now, Christmas is almost upon us.


angienicholas said...

amazing post thank you stopping by my blog. and for your wonderful comment. Angie

dougal said...

Thank you angie, I'm glad it touched you.