Monday, November 3, 2008

The road less travelled

The world has never been in a darker place, the world has never been in a lighter place.

If that sounds confusing it's not. The world has never been in a darker place, well that's pretty easy to understand, look what's happening around us. On a global scale our success scorecard is not too clever. In fact it's never been worse than it is right now.

On the other hand the world has never been in a lighter place. Huh....yup, in the history of the planet we have never had an opportunity to create positive change, to be more fantastically creative than ever before, to do and invent things that have never been done before.

The theme of living today according to best sellers on the New York Times list, on etc are personal development books expounding practical theories on how to make your life great. On how to change the drab humdrum life we live and hate.

I happen to subscribe to the theories not because I read the books and believe the theories but because I happen to believe that we have a responsibility if not to our Creator then to ourselves, our families and the people within our circle of influence, to be the absolute best we can be.

How do we do this. Go somewhere quiet, somewhere where you can THINK undisturbed and examine your life. Are you fullfilling your potential, are you prepared to take the road less travelled to pay the price to be the best, or are you happy to drift along in a sea of mediocrity allowing the tides of change to drag you where ever they will.

Becoming a champion is done one step at a time. One small step in a day every day and you will be amazed at what you achive in a year. Everybody can do that.

Ask the incredible Adam Waters...look what he has achieved by building a plan and then executing it by putting one step in front of the other.

I heard a fantastic one liner today. " If each person swept his own front step no body would have to clean up anything."

If each person took responsibility for their own lives their would be no obesity. That simple.

There are no excuses...none at all. Only we can make our lives happen the way we want them to, no one else.

On tuesday American history will be made when Democrat Barack Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States. Why don't you choose that day to make your own history. Make the choice to get fit and strong once and for all time...create a plan and work step at a time.


Marbella said...

Such good plans you put out there today. Love that challenge you said to make our own change. I could use some of that. Would love to change, and because you said it, I just might do it! Will sit in my corner and see what I can come up with. Thanx Dougal!

dougal said...

Be great Lynda