Monday, June 16, 2008

THE CRUSADES - by dougal macdonald Chief Evangalist - Day 6

I love golf and I am lucky enough to have been to San Diego, La Jolla and to have walked around the Torrey Pines Golf Course...this years home of the American National golf championship "The US Open".

I dragged myself out of bed to watch the final hour or so of the US Open at 2.00am South African time. Yes, that's how much I love golf.

As I switched on the TV I saw Mr. Woods hit a terrible shot but neither he nor I got stressed about it. Why, because in golf the game is never over until the fat know the rest, and we are talking about Mr Tiger Woods here.

Fast forward and Woods sinks an unlikely...for well most mortals... putt to tie Rocco Mediate to win the US Open. The most difficult test in golf wherever it's being played. the heck does a guy who has not played competitive golf for 60 days, following KNEE SURGERY, which is STILL bothering him, playing BADLY, tie for a WIN in a major championship. And there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he will win the play off today. even if Rocco Mediate plays brilliantly.

Here is the HOW and the point of my post today.

Firstly the guy came out of the womb with a 3 iron in his hand, so clearly he has the skills. But then so did another 100 guys playing in "The US Open"

Tiger Woods has an extra club that oustrips the club that the others also carry and that is the one between his EARS.

As a young boy Earl Woods taught Tiger the etiquette, good manners AND belief in himself. Tiger Woods never doubted for one minute that he was ever going to lose, even with the DRAWBACKS, which I guarantee you, he, embraced and turned into positives.

So what can WE learn from that.

Well for me it reinforces my belief in "AS A MAN THINKETH IN HIS HEART SO IS HE". Other people may have shaped my past, but only I will create MY future. Everything starts in the heart and mind. Think about it. You say to yourself "Ooooh that looks great, I'd love to try that....then your heart goes naaaaa, far too, tough,dangerous,time consuming...pick a word. And we forget about it and move on.

Little victories lead to big victories lead to major victories lead to world records lead to Olympic gold....and so on.
That's how life works.

Start with a BIG dream and a LITTLE action step....and with each action step you are closer to your dream. The more successes you build into your heart and mind the more dreams you will be prepared to take on.

Create positive affirmations for yourself and keep them close. DON'T LET THEM GO. Of course they sound ridiculous the first time you say them. When Trevor Immelman was 5 years old he told his father and Gary Player he was going to be the best golfer in the world. YEAH RIGHT. This year at 28 he won the US Masters at Augusta...and the Green Jacket....the most coveted prize in golf. A massive step closer to his dream.

NEVER LET YOUR DREAMS GO - but never stop doing the small things that will make them real.

Health and fitness is an every day thing...even rest days are part of the plan. Your affirmation should be "I love to exercise and I'm healthy, fit and strong." When you start believing it, you are a winner.


I drove a car again yesterday...just around the block, didn't kill anyone. It felt pretty cool. My family wern't impressed.....BUT.... I HAVE TAKEN BACK CONTROL OF MY LIFE.


Meredith said...

I like your exercise, healthy, fit and strong affirmation. I have never said anything to myself each day consistently...but I'd like to start...mind if I use yours?

Marbella said...

Dougal, what a fabulous post today. One that plan on remembering always. You really know how to say it right, how to feel it right, and how to make it so believable. Congrats on driving again. That´s wonderful...

dougal said...

Meredith, Absolutely you can use that affirmation...I personally guarantee that if you say it too yourself out loud 3 times a day, you will start believing it in about 3 weeks and your life will be forever renewed.GO AHEAD.

Lynda, sincerely thank you, I love the support you give makes me feel fantastic.

julie8430 said...

You must be made of fire. Got something stronger than regular blood in your veins. Plutonium or something! Don't let go of the dream. Wise words for all of us who crave strength. I've been thinking about this is regards to my job as well - I work with a wide variety of people and sometimes think, "what's the point, they will never change . . ." but that's not a very faithful attitude. Sometimes you have to show people their dreams and visions to help them take root. Over and over again. But what a gift.

dougal said...

Julie,today's post is just for you.
Thank you for your comments. A cause that you believe in is enough for you to wake up running every day.